A Catchup

Hey guys & girls,
It has been absolutely ages since I’ve written a catchup post. A lot has happened in the past couple of months as you will know from recent post and numerous tweets on Twitter.
Jack was finally born, ten days late, on the 4th of December, weighing just over 7lb. He actually arrived the morning I was due in for an induction! We arrived at the hospital at 3.30am and since I was due for my induction at 8am the same morning and was almost in established labour, they kept me in.
For pain relief, I had gas and air. Then pethidine. Then an epidural. None of them really worked, although they almost had to prise the gas and air out of my hands once it was all over, I was definitely using it as a comfort thing aha!
Unfortunately, I caught an infection and had to go on antibiotics for a week, which would have made my blog posts non-existent had I not scheduled some posts! I had to stay in overnight (for someone who hates hospitals like I do, this wasn’t easy) and was so glad to make it home the next day.
The rest of this month has been spent establishing a routine with Jack – or at least trying to – and attending various postnatal appointments. We also visited our caravan in Camber Sands, spending Christmas down there – and we’re also moving out again.
We get the keys on the 4th of January and are moving in on the 6th – once our furniture and Virgin Media has been set up, of course.
Looking to the year ahead, I’m hoping to shift this baby weight, commit to making this blog the best it can be and generally enjoying Jack’s milestones…he’s already started smiling, and can support his own head for a few seconds which is quite unusual (but not unheard of) at this young.
What have been happening in your lives of late?

2011 Conclusion Challenge: 10 things you want to say to 10 people

To Jack, you’re so worth the nine months of horrid heartburn and backache- even when you’re screaming the house down!
To Steve, thank you. For giving me a beautiful son and for just being you.
To Mum and Dad, thank you for all your support over the past few months – it truly is appreciated.
To Michelle, for being such a brilliant friend – I am truly grateful. You kept my pregnancy quiet for so long when no one else knew, and I really appreciate you being my sounding board during the early months.
To the Clintons girls and boys, for making work fun and for helping me out during the final few months of my pregnancy – thank you.
To Charlotte, you have become a great friend over the past year – I cannot wait to meet you!
To Phil, for being a fantastic brother all year round.
To Laura, for being like a big sister to me.
To Emily, for providing me with plenty of laughs over the past year!
and finally to Dunky, who pretty much became part of the furniture at my old house  – thank you for being a great friend!

Festive Food

Festive Food
I thought that instead of posting up a picture of my presents (which would be very short, since everyone bought for Jack luckily!), I would post a picture of the yummy food I enjoyed on Christmas Day. Steve did a great job of making his first Christmas dinner, and he’s definitely the chef in the family!
Gammon, roast spuds, roast parsnips, peas, yorkshire puddings, ham gravy and of course, the obligatory alcoholic beverage 😉
Yummy banana crumble (served with Walls vanilla ice cream…mmm!) – going to post a recipe up very soon!
Cheese, crackers and Dairylea… Christmas tea 🙂
What Christmas munch did you indulge in?
I would have taken a picture of the Celebrations, but I scoffed the majority of them!