List Love – Ten Authors

List Love – Ten Authors
You may have seen by now that I like lists. Perhaps not as much as Bee from Vivatramp does, but I still like lists a lot.  I’ve recently been thinking about including a weekly list feature on my blog (not including my separate Bucket List feature, and today I decided I’d start it!
The first in this series is about my top ten favourite authors. These are the writers that keep me coming back for more… (I’m also including a suggestions section, telling you the books I think are their best)
Agatha Christie. I’ve mentioned this love before – her books, tv shows, films – everything about her I will watch or read. I adore her books because even though many were written as long as eighty to ninety years ago, she still has such a wide readership, young and old. Her mysteries keep me on the edge of my seat, and some of her books I’ve re-read four or five times.
Suggestions: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Murder On The Orient Express, Cat Among The Pigeons
Cecelia Ahern. I love Cecelia because her books are chick-lit, but with a difference. She includes all the elements of chick lit in her novels, but adds something a little different and sometimes quite peculiar to her stories.
Suggestions: If You Could See Me Now, Where Rainbows End
Lee Child. This author is on my list purely because of my boyfriend. I’d never heard of Child before meeting Steve and I doubt I would have discovered his work for myself – however, I am glad to have been introduced to his work as he is definitely one of the finest writers I have ever had the pleasure to read.
Suggestions: Echo Burning, Killing Floor
Martina Cole. I never used to be a fan of Martina Cole when I was younger, but as I’ve matured, I’ve grown to appreciate her work. My Aunt is a massive Cole fan and always passes on her copies to me, which has led to my love affair with this woman. Her hard-hitting and often violent novels may not appeal to all but Cole is definitely one of the best novelists of the past twenty years.
Suggestions: Hard Girls, Close, Goodnight Lady
Roald Dahl. Here’s where my inner child appears. Dahl’s stories are often dark and completely loopy, but there is a certain charm about his books which enthral his readers, myself included. The stories keep you both entertained and in awe and I remember making my Mum buy me every Dahl book she could find when I was younger – definitely obsessed.
Suggestions: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, Matilda, The BFG
Lindsey Kelk. One of the best authors to emerge over the past few years, Lindsey keeps me entertained with her wonderful stories and sense of humour.  Her books may not be hard-hitting Tolstoy, but her own brand of chick-lit is entertaining and fresh.
Suggestions: The I Heart series
Dan Brown. Simply put, one of the finest authors of the decade. Each time I start a book of his, I cannot put it down until I have read it all – each one keeps me gripped and wanting to know what happens next now. Although the films aren’t necessarily completely true to the novels, they’re also a great sideline – read his novels, watch the movies – you won’t regret it.
Suggestions: The Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress
Sophie Kinsella. Possibly my favourite discovery of the past ten years, Sophie’s books are unoffensive and happy – something that most authors fail to achieve. Chick-lit at its best.
Suggestions: Can You Keep A Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess
Jacqueline Wilson. Another childhood favourite. Although the stories often seemed very strange compared to real life, strangely Jacqueline’s books also portrayed real life very well. I used to love The Illustrated Mum and Double Act for the real-life issues they portrayed that other children’s authors wouldn’t dare to or dream of writing about. Plus, the illustrations by Nick Sharratt were always fantastic!
Suggestions: The Illustrated Mum, Double Act, Girls In Love series
Kate Morton. A fairly recent discovery of mine, Morton brings you novels that really draw you in. Each time I read a story by her, I feel like I’m there with her characters, experiencing what they themselves are going through and feeling what they feel. It is very rare to find an author nowadays that can provoke such an emotive response from me, and I love her for this fact.
Suggestions: The House At Riverton, The Distant Hours
EDIT: Just realised I’d left J.K Rowling off the list – how could I?
So make this a list of my top 11 authors instead, aha!
Who are your favourite authors? I always like new reading material and being introduced to new work – so leave your suggestions below!

Week In Pictures/Little Haul

Week In Pictures/Little Haul
I’m coinciding a week in pictures with a mini haul this week – mainly because most of my pictures are of my purchases aha. I don’t have many pictures this week, but enjoy.
Oh, the joys of being pregnant! My mum seems to like buying me chocolate recently as I reach the final stages of pregnancy – and who am I to complain? I shared the Matchmakers, but I have to admit I scoffed the lot when it came to the Guylian chocs…they just aren’t for sharing!
My second Latest In Beauty sample box arrived. This time I chose two samples for me and one for Steve so he could try something out! He’s already wearing the Hugo Boss fragrance, so that may be something to put on the possible presents list for him for Christmas. As you can probably see too, he wasted no time in ripping the packaging to get the sample out – like a typical man – even though he knew I wanted to take pictures – awkward boy!
Here’s a sneak peek at the samples I received in this months box:
  • Sasy & Savy Lavender hand and nail cream – I’m not normally a hand cream type of person, but I thought this would be worth a try – I really should take more care of my hands, especially coming into the winter months.
  • Dr Bragi Age Management moisturuser gel – Some people may say I’m too young at 21 to be thinking about age management products, but my aunt is always nagging me to take care of my skin now before its too late – and it works for her – her skin looks nowhere near her true age!
  • Hugo Boss for men sample – I already mentioned this in the above mumblings, but this was a little treat for Steve to try. He seems to love it though, so this definitely may be worth a purchase.
Lastly, my mini haul. I also bought two beautiful books in my local WH Smith from a local author – they’re for young children and have the most beautiful stories and illustrations (and the author/illustrator even gave me some colouring sheets for the older children) but I didn’t want to post about them on here in case the children’s parents see, as I’m giving them as a surprise.
So what did I actually buy?
  • More Awkward Situations For Men by Danny Wallace & How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran – I’ve heard great things about the Caitlin Moran book and I’ve read a few of Danny Wallace’s books and enjoyed them, so with both of them at a third off in my local Waterstones, I had to buy them. I also pondered over about ten other books before my mum finally dragged me out of there. Also, for those of you don’t know and who love to read, Waterstones have launched something to go alongside their Waterstones Card. It is basically like a coffee shop card – every time you spend over £10 in store, you get a stamp, and once you’ve got so many, they give you a free £10 gift voucher. Obviously, you’re spending money in order to get that voucher but if you buy a lot of books (like me), it’s a great idea!#
  • New fluffy boots, £8, Primark – My fake Primark Uggs finally bit the dust yesterday, so I desperately needed a new pair of boots when looking around town. I felt pretty uninspired but then I saw these. They aren’t exactly what I was looking for, but I do like them a lot. I also fell in love with a bag in Primark, but I resisted – I told my mum she had to buy it for me for Christmas though (cheeky mare!)
  • Scene Of The Crime, Keech Cottage charity shop, 25p (down from £2) – Anyone who knows me knows I love a good murder mystery whether it is on the tv or in a book. I also love reading about real-life murders, trying to work out the psychology behind the people and why they would commit such heinous acts. This book talks about the settings for numerous murder mystery shows and novels, talking about what landmarks and buildings inspired some famous stories. It isn’t everyones cup of tea, but it is certainly mine, and I’ve already started it. Also, because I got the book for a bargain price of 25p, I bought a couple of the charity lottery/raffle tickets – Keech do a wonderful job and I’m more than happy to support them.
Have you recently posted a Week In Pictures or a haul post? Leave me the links 🙂

Five To Follow

Some of these bloggers you’ve probably heard of, these are the five that this week keep me coming back for more…
  1. Vintage Vixen – I adore this woman!
  2. It’s Em – She bounced back from a breakup with a new look and is back to her blogging best.
  3. A Slice Of My Life – A fairly recent discovery of mine, I always look forward to Leanne’s posts.
  4. Makeup Savvy – Fee’s blog is just absolutely stunning. Savvy, she truly is, seeking out the most affordable makeup treats she can find. Having spoken to her a fair few times on Twitter too, I can honestly tell she is one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve ever spoken to.
  5. Little Chief Honeybee – I look forward to every single post of Kaelah’s. I love her outfit posts, her posts about her business and her Honest To Blog posts – she isn’t afraid to say what she feels, and I love that in a blogger. Plus, she’s also absolutely gorgeous!
Do you have any new favourite blogs that you’ve discovered?
Let me know!

Pregnancy Update: Week 35…almost 36

Pregnancy Update: Week 35…almost 36
Yes guys and girls, we’re nearly there!
I hit 36 weeks tomorrow(this is a scheduled post, tomorrow actually means Thursday 27th October!) –  (where has the time gone?) –  and the little munchkin is definitely making its presence known more & more as the days go by.
My bump has ballooned over the past couple of weeks as the baby tries to engage in the position it will stay in until birth.
I’m actually hoping that the baby doesn’t engage just yet, or if it does decide to, it turns around! That would be because the baby is still breech and I would love to have a natural birth in the midwifery led unit at my local hospital, however if the baby is still breech, I have to go into the main maternity area, and possibly even have a caesarean. It is possible to have a breech birth naturally, however a breech baby cannot be delivered in the midwifery led unit in case of complications.
I am going for another scan at 37 weeks to see if the baby is still breech, and if it is, me and Steve will be visiting the consultant to discuss our further options – he is talking about a certain procedure they can do to try and turn the baby around – however, my midwife has said that this can sometimes be uncomfortable and if this proves to be the case, and they cannot complete the procedure, I will most likely have to have a caesarean..
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t have to!
Here’s my bump (clothed in its favourite maternity top, Mr Bump!). I have developed even more stretch marks over the past few weeks as my bump has ballooned and my baby brain gets worse and worse. I do apply my stretch mark cream, but being the complete bird-brain I am, I also often forget to do so until Steve tells me off!
At 35 weeks, the baby is said to not have much room to maneouvre – although him or her won’t be turning somersaults inside me, I can still expect the level of kicking to stay the same. Most of the basic development is complete – the kidneys are fully formed and the liver can process some waste products (How lovely!). The baby will spend the next couple of weeks putting on weight.
At 36 weeks (which I hit tomorrow!), the baby is still ‘packing on the pounds’, putting on an average of an ounce a day. The baby is considered full-term (eek!) at the end of this week, and should be engaged in the head-down position. If not, an external cephalic version may be scheduled to try and coax the baby to turn head-first from the outside (basically what I may need to have, and apparently involves a midwife or consultant trying to turn the baby around by slightly pushing my bump!)
I can’t believe its getting so close now! I can’t wait to meet my little boy or girl now – although we still don’t have a definite name for a girl! I’m going to pack my hospital bag tomorrow, better to be prepared.
Are you pregnant and writing updates as your pregnancy progresses? I’d love to read them! Leave your links below!

REVIEW: Garnier Daily All-In-One BB cream (light)

REVIEW: Garnier Daily All-In-One BB cream (light)
The release of the Garnier BB cream a couple of months ago sent the blogging world into a frenzy. The product, available from a variety of retailers from as little as £7, had posts springing up everywhere on the internet – some praising the product, some downright trashing the product.
I didn’t really get involved with the hype back then, and I’m afraid to say I don’t really get the hype right now.
I recently a received a couple of free sample sachets of the product to try, and I must admit I was not impressed. So unimpressed in fact that I am only showing you the swatches of the product on my hand – the product itself is very sheer and left the imperfections on my face that I wished to cover looking untouched. From some other (positive) posts, I had been gullible enough to think that the product would work for me like it had for them, however, I found myself firmly in the negative bracket, feeling like the product had done little to my skin at all.
I have to say I did not feel covered or illuminated by the product, in all honesty.
I received the light sample, and as you can see on the sachet above, it is described as a Miracle Skin Perfector. I don’t deny that some people may find this product is near enough exactly that, however I’d have to state that I am not.
Being a sachet sample, I found there wasn’t a great amount of product within, and after viewing the application of one sachet with no noticeable change, I also applied another – still no change. The above picture is of the contents of one sachet – it didn’t exactly come out easily either! The cream looks quite dark in the picture, but I did find that it truly was the light cream as stated, as I felt like I’d applied a layer of nothingness.
Perhaps I just ordered a sample of the wrong shade, however I’m generally a light or ivory shade when it comes to BB creams, foundations or concealers. Unfortunately for me, this BB(Blemish Balm) cream failed to cover even the slightest blemish, and this left me extremely dissatisfied with the product.
Have you tried this product? Did you find it worked for you? Or do you have any idea why it may not have worked for me?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!
As stated above, this item was received as a free sample from the Garnier webpage. All thoughts in this review however are completely my own and I will always be 100% honest with my readers