Well, as you know, I went to a family meal earlier on, and decided beforehand I was going to take a load of pictures to put in my album – and finally fill it up after three years! (See, I told you that you had to be special to be in it!)

Unfortunately, my camera decided to give up the ghost and wouldn’t even turn on for me to take pictures. So now, all I have is a couple of pictures of me, my Mum and my Nan, rather than the whole family 🙁
I’m really disappointed in it to be perfectly honest, but at least it means I can pester S to buy me a new one!

I was going to write a long post tonight, however, I’m in the mood to curl up on the sofa with a good book (I’m currently reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella), in front of the fire, with either a glass of chilled Lift lemon tea (it’s so yummy!) or an Options hot chocolate – I’m slightly swaying towards the hot chocolate at the minute! I’m also going to take the time to finish putting my photos that I recently got printed from Photobox into my album.
If you haven’t tried Photobox, I’d take a look – it’s certaintly one of the cheapest places around to get your photos printed, and the range of photo products they do is amazing! Once me and S move into our own place, I will be investing in a small canvas of us two for one of the rooms!

What do you like to do on a Sunday evening? Feel free to comment & let me know!

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Sunday Rambles!

Sunday Rambles!

I finally got myself another one of those bags from Boots, it’s a Celia Birtwell for Shapers lunch bag. It costs £1 and 41p of that goes to Macmillan Cancer Care.
I almost always venture into Boots for my lunch, and Macmillan Cancer Care (as mentioned in previous posts) is very special to me, so anything that helps them is fine by me!

How gorgeous is this little thing? And if you don’t want to put your lunch in it, its perfect for just putting in the little essentials such as purse, keys, makeup, phone etc, and using as an albeit slightly smaller day-to-day bag.

“Through their long-term partnership, Macmillan Cancer Support and Boots UK want to improve the lives of everyone affected by cancer.”
(Quote taken from official press release)

Also, Boots are also currently running their £5 No7 voucher deal if you spend over £5 in store. Its a great offer that runs sporadically throughout the year, and you’ll regret it if you don’t snap some vouchers up.

As the picture says, don’t forget to spend it! I constantly end up with at least two or three in my purse after the end date – I really must stop spending so much money in there!

This is quite a short post today, but I shall post later on – this afternoon, I’m going for a family meal, so expect a picture heavy post and a lot more rambling 🙂

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Five Favourite Things.

Five Favourite Things.

I’m thinking of introducing a guest post on my blog, where other bloggers tell me their five favourite things, and then explain why they’re so special to them.
Would any of you be interested in reading that? Or would any of you like to contribute?
All I ask is that if you do contribute, you link your guest post to your blog too 🙂

I shall start with a post of my five favourite things, and if you wish to contribute, please just click the ‘Five Favourite Things’ tab at the top.

1. S and my family – Pretty obvious why, and also pretty obligatory. They mean the world to me, and are always there for me, and I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve S. Yes, we have ups and downs like most couples, however, he’s perfect for me, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

2. My photo album – This holds 1000 photographs and I’m currently trying to fill the last twenty-odd pages up with all the pictures off my Facebook! Obviously, as time goes on, people change, and there have been the odd few removals from the pages of this album, however I do have a box full of photos from school, of me and friends that I’ve grown apart from. You have to be pretty special to make it into this album! There’s pictures of my Nan who died in 1999, taken in the 1960’s, yet theres also pictures from about a month ago of me and my girls! Apart from S of course, this would be the first thing I would save in a fire because it means the world to me.

Dream, Believe, Inspire. This is the quote on the front of the photo album, and I love it. So heart-warming.

3. My girls & boys – There’s not many of them, but they know who they are. The people who’ve been there through thick and thin, and come out the other side with me, still standing by my side. I have many acquaintances, but these people I’m proud to call my friends 🙂

4. Entering competitions – My Nan and Dad used to encourage me to enter competitions when I was younger, but I always used to do so half-heartedly. However, recently, I’ve had a new urge to enter them, and although I haven’t won a great deal, nothing beats an unexpected win through the post.

5. Homeware –As some of you may know, me and S are looking to move as soon as we can, and buy our own place. So, even though we haven’t found anywhere just yet, you can often find me looking at websites such as Ideal Homes, and I often pick up a copy of Your Home magazine, generally to get some ideas, and to be nosy and look at the readers homes! I can’t wait to have our own proper place that we can finally put our own stamp on.

So there we have it – my five favourite things. What are yours? If you’re interested, just click on the tab above.

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Charity Shop Finds!

Charity Shop Finds!

Hi there, everyone!
Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, a few things have been going on in my life that needed sorting out.
Anyway, today I got paid! RESULT! So I decided to visit the local charity shops and see what I could find.

To be honest, there wasn’t much around to be honest. I bought two books, ‘The Interpretation of Murder’ by Jed Rubenfield, a book set in Manhattan in 1909 (looks pretty interesting!), and ‘A Woman’s Courage’ by Jacqueline Gold, the woman who began the Ann Summers chain. This definitely looks like it could be an interesting read and I can’t wait to start reading it.

However, my favourite buy of the day was a scarf I found in Scope for £2. I’ve been wearing it down the pub tonight, and quite a few people complimented me on it. It looks pretty expensive, but I’ve only just noticed that its from Primark! Its absolutely gorgeous though!

How gorgeous is the print on this scarf though?

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it! I know that considering the scarfs from Primark, that it may have cost little more than what I paid in the charity shop, however I had to have it when I saw it – so I did!!

Sorry about the picture, please excuse the fact that I had just got in from work, and was heading down to the pub to meet S and his golfing buddys after their golf competition this afternoon.

Talking about scarves, I was reading another blog the other day, and the blogger was talking about how they’d found a copy of the famous Alexander McQueen scarf in River Island for a fraction of the price. She also went on to say that the adult seemed too long, so she’d opted for the young girls version. I took a look on the River Island website, and needless to say, I have now got 1 girls scarf winging its way to me from the River Island warehouse!
If you haven’t seen it, this is what it looks like:

(Picture sourced from River Island official website)

I love it! I seem to be in a scarf phase at the minute, I can’t get enough of them! What are your current obsessions?

I’m planning to do a post on my birthday haul over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!

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My Top 5 Blogs of the moment!

Just a quick note about some blogs you need to check out:

1. The Only Exception I check this blog everyday, perhaps once or twice, maybe even more times, for new posts. It is written by my good friend Charlotte, and is a wonderful mix of personal life, reviews, fashion, makeup, giveaways etc. The information is always up to date, and fresh and I absolutely adore her blog <3

2. Mairead Clabby Fashion This blog is perfect for all your fashion needs, and host some great giveaways. Mai wants to work in fashion herself, and is slowly but surely building herself up a reputation through this blog.

3. Super Lucky Di This blog was recently featured in The People, as part of an article on Di Coke, the author. I always make sure to check out this blog for new competitions, as Di is always in the know about any new competitions that come about. If you can, take a look at The People’s website and read the article, she truly is super lucky!

4. A Little Bird Told Me I only discovered this blog a couple of days ago, and I must say I’m already hooked! I wish I could look as good as Jen does – she always manages to look amazing, and her blog is always chatty and refreshing to read!

5. Brittany Love Another favourite fashion/beauty blog of mine. Honest updates on Britts life and very readable. Definitely one of the best beauty blogs around!

All these blogs are definitely worth a read. What are your favourite blogs? Comment with your links 🙂

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