Boyfriend Challenge

Boyfriend Challenge

Rachel over at Life of A Sweetaholic has recently been doing a ten day boyfriend challenge, which I said before I went on holiday that I would do. However, since I cannot promise to post every day due to work issues, and pregnancy appointments, I am going to do it all in one go here! I have taken a look at the Tumblr page where Rachel finds her challenges, and I will certainly be doing some, but they will probably be as whole posts, rather than a daily thing, as I don’t want to make a promise I cannot keep.

Feel free to post this challenge yourself, but please make sure you link back to Rachel, thank you πŸ™‚

 Where did you meet your boyfriend?
This is a strange story. I worked in both my local shop and my local pub, and Steve worked in the pub next door, so we kind of knew each other through the pub trade. However, we became friends on a street corner… Don’t laugh, its not what you think! I was chatting to my friends Gaynor and Kirsty at the end of my road, and Steve was walking down to work. He stopped to chat to us, and before we knew it, an hour had gone by. After that, we would always make the time to stop and chat in the street, or if we were drinking in the pub the other worked in. The night we got together however, it was a Friday night (our busiest night) and I was working.

My boss had the night off, and being a friend of Steves, was sitting with him. Steve asked to buy me a drink, and I said no.. this is because I was working. My boss, however, decided it would be fine for me to drink behind the bar, because I was getting fed up with my colleagues who seemed unable to complete the easiest of tasks! Fast forward to the end of the night and I was slightly tipsy (the band playing were awful, so the bar staff had a few more drinks to make them sound better!!) and my friend who was meant to be walking me home had disappeared! Steve offered to walk me home, and when we got to my door, he kissed me. We spent every day together after that, however, being the bitch I am, I did break up with him twice, and I have no idea why now :S – Just being melodramatic, perhaps.

 Favorite picture of your boyfriend

He looks so innocent here! (Yes, I have cut me out!)

Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

I wish the ribbons weren’t in the way πŸ™ This would be an awesome picture if they were! I still love it though πŸ™‚
 5 facts about your boyfriend
*He’s three years older than me.
*He has five names… it gets confusing.
*He has so many skills (i.e job skills), its pretty impressive.. Carpenter, butcher, barman, driver, salesman…
*My dad ADORES him
*He is like a best friend to me

 Make a list of the things you like about your boyfriend
Hes kind, sweet, loving, generous, smily, treats me well, buys me River Island handbags..(love him for this), hes going to be a great father!

 What did you do the last time you hung out?Well, we live together so we hang out all the time.. But I’d say pub quiz last night πŸ™‚

What was the last movie yah’ll saw together? We haven’t been to the cinema in ages, but we watched Legendary with John Cena on DVD the other night.

What do you guys do often?Spend a night in with a takeaway and a film or a comedy dvd. Or we go out for a meal. Simple things.

Give your definition of loveSomeone being there for you through thick and thin & your most difficult times, and coming out the other side with you. Knowing your faults and flaws and loving you all the same.

Write a letter to your boyfriend
Simply put, I love you. Thank you for being there through some of the darkest times of my life, and coming through them with me. You will be a wonderful father, and I can’t wait for our little one to be born, just so I can see you happy, smily and playing games with him or her. You’ll be amazing.
Thank you.

Bex xxxx

I loved writing this post! Its a bit different to my normal posts, but it was refreshing! What do you think?

For now,


I’m Back!

Sorry for the long absence, I did in fact get back last Saturday, but I have been so ill over the past few days I have not been able to stand being on a computer for too long.

So…My mum being my blog photographer didn’t work out all that well…

Pregnancy certainly didn’t agree with me whilst I was away. I felt frumpy and nauseous most of the time, and did not want pictures taken of me, which is disappointing. I have one of me in my new maxi dress from Ethel Austin at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens which I’ll upload later, but thats it πŸ™

I have also found myself with writers block, not being able to think of anything to write about. Sure, I could write about my holiday, but I have barely any photos to back it up, and I think it would be quite boring! I will be putting up a post about my day at Thrigby Wildlife Gardens though, so keep tuned for that. Last night, however, I found an amazing post about writers block, and I urge any blogger with writers block to take a look at this post here . Alycia hits the nail on the head, and whilst its a simple post with pretty obvious ideas, its great for when you’re really struggling to find something to write about!

Since I’ve been gone for so long, I have missed out on quite a few posts. I did try and keep up with Google Reader but my phone was a tad useless and I do know I’ve missed out quite a lot! I aim to catch up over the next couple of days though!

Whilst I’ve been away, how have you all been? Don’t hesitate to comment letting me know about the past fortnight for you!

For now,


Primark & Boots haul

Primark & Boots haul

Hey girls, how are we all? What amazing weather we’ve had today! Hope you were all out enjoying yourselves!

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending the last of my money getting some clothes for holiday, and as I now need to accommodate my growing bump, I had to buy a couple of sizes bigger for most items.

Skirt, Primark, Β£5

Denim shorts, Primark, Β£5

Vest top, Primark, Β£2

Dress, Β£4, British Heart Foundation (originally George at Asda)

I also bought another vest top in nude from Primark, however the picture seems to have disappeared off my computer!

I also bought these gorgeous things:

I bought the offer at Boots of two Dove deodorants with a free Nails Inc nail polish. There are two colours to choose from,  Havana(the one I got, pictured above) or Copacabana, a bright coral colour which I decided against, having far too many coral varnishes!

I also received my free purple eyeliner from Helen E Cosmetics, a great freebie which I heard about last week. The company is planning on doing another free giveaway soon, so make sure you like their Facebook page here and their Twitter page here to be in the loop when they next give away some freebies. Unlike some ‘freebies’, this gorgeous little company actually means free, meaning you pay no postage and packaging costs either.

Here is the eyeliner I received, and a quick swatch:

Not the greatest pictures, I know, but they were done late last night when I just wanted to go to bed! As you can see though, it really is a vivid purple, and I shall be posting pictures up once I start wearing it!

Only 4 days to go until my holiday, don’t miss me too much!

For now,




Time to be honest with you all, the reason I’ve been so bad at blogging & perhaps maybe a little bit sick would be because of this little thing….

Due 24th November 2011.

Hope you all understand my reasons for not blogging as much now πŸ™‚
I shall hopefully be blogging a lot over the next week to makeup for the fact I’m going on holiday in 6 DAYS! I cannot wait!

For now,


A (very late) May Favourites.

A (very late) May Favourites.

Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Colour Vibrant Shampoo and Conditioner
With the amount I’ve been working lately, I’ve unfortunately not had the time to get my hair dyed again. I suppose I could buy a dye and do it myself, but I find the results are just not the same. This shampoo and conditioner give my hair shine, and although the colour has faded a lot since I had it done, I do believe thatο»Ώ if I hadn’t used these products, there would be no evidence of dye at all.
The Pink Cow ‘Ginger Bread’ – A Very Warm Bath & Shower Gel
ο»ΏI picked up this little beauty in my local Boots not so long ago, and I must say the first time I tried it, I wasn’t impressed. The smell of ginger bread seemed overpowering, but luckily enough for me, I decided to try it again, and its now made its way onto my favourites! I think that the strong scent when I first used it was simply because it had just been opened, but I adore using this when I’m in the bath now. As you can see, I use it all the time, and I have nearly run out! I will definitely be buying this again, and looking into the other gels in the range.
FCUK Polished Sugarscrub
ο»ΏI was bought this as part of a set for my 21st birthday in January by my former manager Lauren, yet had not got round to using it until last week. However, I am now addicted to it, and cannot bear to part with it! It really feels like you’re rubbing sugar into your skin, and it smells divine! I have never really been one for body scrubs, but after my great experience with this and reading Fee’s amazing post ‘The Scrub, The Bad, The Ugly’, I’ll definitely be researching the best ones around & trying them out!
And finally…
Cuticura cucumber facial scrub
ο»ΏWhat can I say? Simply amazing. I had seen some good & some bad reviews around, so I was a tad wary about buying this (and I can’t remember where I bought it from – think it was either the 99p shop or Poundland…) but I love it. The smell is fresh and your skin feels silky smooth afterwards! Definitely a worthy investment, and I shall be including this in my Holiday Essentials bag for my holiday (12 days to go!!).
Have you got a May/June favourites post up on your blog? I would love to read it – just leave me a link in the comments!
For now,