My Little Place Of Happiness.

My Little Place Of Happiness.
Whilst I’ve been ‘nesting’, ready for babys imminent arrival, I’ve made some changes around my bedroom, both baby wise and non baby wise – (expect a post coming very soon) – however, I recently placed a few things on my computer desk to remind me of the people I love and to keep me motivated when it comes to blogging.
Not the greatest picture I’m afraid. But this reminds me of the people I love and the people who love me. There’s a picture of me – I love this picture and it’s my boyfriends favourite too – it reminds me to be confident like I was when the photo was taken; a Me To You Special Friend snowglobe from my friend Sophie for my 21st birthday – reminds me of the friends that are always there for me; my boyfriends golf trophy from the memorial day held in memory of our friends baby daughter – this reminds me how lucky we are to be here, and to be welcoming our own baby into the world; a picture of me and Steve from 2009, not long after we started going out – just because; a Rottweiler statue – I may not have pets of my own, but my brother owns a Rottweiler called Benn and used to own his gorgeous mum named Skye – she was almost like my dog, so loving and caring. They’re pretty much my dogs too, and this statue reminds me of them, and also of my brother who is there for me 24/7.
Where is your little place of happiness? I’d love to read about it!

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 39 & 40

Well as we finally hit week 40, baby should be making an appearance soon!
Baby should:
Weigh an average of 7 1/2 pounds
Have unfused skull bones as of yet – to make sure baby is able to ‘come out’ easier – this is normal and temporary
Baby is now full term!
A sweep or induction could be done if the baby decides not to make an appearance on time
As this post is scheduled due to my due date being the 24th, I have no clue of whether I have given birth or not (if you’re interested, check my Twitter for updates!) so I could be having a sweep or induction anytime soon if the baby isn’t here!
I’m going to miss writing these pregnancy update posts, but I now have plenty of baby updates to look forward to! Would you be interested in these?

Ten To Follow.

Well, my due date has finally arrived.
Whilst I’m currently either a)looking after a newborn baby b) in labour or c) about to go overdue, why not check out these lovely blogs that I love to read?
Some of them I’ve only recently found, others I’ve followed for ages, but here you’ll find a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and books. Why not take a look?
Whose blogs do you like reading? I always like to find new, interesting blogs – so leave some links below!

Pregnancy Update: Week 38

I know, I know.
By the time you read this, I’ll be onto week 39 and I’ll actually be two days before my due date.
Anything could have happened in the time since I’ve written this to when it gets posted… if you’re interested to know how I’m getting on, check my Twitter here.
Now I’m at week 38, what exactly is happening with my baby in the final few weeks?
  • My baby is ready to meet the world, although still building a layer of fat to help control body temperature after birth.
  • All my baby’s organs are fully developed, the lungs being the last to reach maturity.
  • I’m apparently meant to be suffering with feeling huge and uncomfortable in these final weeks – this is definitely true!
  • My hospital bag should be packed and I should have a birth plan ready, should I go into labour, (Be proud of me, I actually got this done!!)
  • I should have discussed pain relief and my birth plan with my community midwife – this has also been done.
Not much happening now really, is there? Seems just like a waiting game to me!
Now that it’s all so near, I can’t wait to meet them – although the prospect of me being a mother is still quite daunting in itself. However, I have a great support network – having such a large family certainly helps. I’ve also got friends with childrens, friends who’ve not only had children but work as or have worked as midwives, friends who are nursery nurses, friends who have plenty of experience with children. I also know that there’s a few bloggers that I can ask for advice if needs be, too.
Not much left to say, except…wish me luck!
& I will let you all know very soon 🙂