TV shows I’m loving

Taking inspiration from Laura’s recent post, I thought I’d give you an insight into the tv shows I’ve been loving recently!
Proper geeky choices here, eh? I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the new Two and a Half Men – Ashton Kutcher just isn’t Charlie Sheen! & who saw that ending coming in the Misfits series finale on Sunday? 🙁
Do you watch any of the above shows? What do you think of them?

Now Thats What I Call Customer Service

Having recently become a mum, I want what is best for my child and myself- no matter what. So you can imagine my disappointment when on three separate occasions recently, I have encountered some major flaws with some products we have been using.
What would you do in this situation? Rant and rave until something gets done, or write a polite email, detailing the problems with the products and hoping something gets done?
Believe me, I wanted to do the former, I mean – my son is two weeks old today, and I’ve already had three separate problems? Not exactly great, is it?
The first fault we encountered was Huggies nappies. We rceently bought two packs and one was fine – the other, however, was not. Each and every nappy we used leaked, resulting in a ton of washing and a lot of frustration for Mummy & Daddy. I contacted the company and received £7 in vouchers for any Kimberley-Clark product, but I did feel the tone of the reply was slightly patronising.
I digress. This post is about fantastic customer service, which is what I received from Boots. Both the products I had a fault with were to do with me – a maternity bra and some disposable maternity breast pads.
The problem with each? The maternity bra arrived with a broken strap. The breast pads had been purchased on the premise that they were ‘extra absorbent’. I had originally been using the normal pads, however needed a product that would cater to my needs a little better. When I received them though, and tried them out, they were less absorbent than the normal pads – if that was even possible!
I contacted Boots and was astounded by their great level of customer service. Not only are they sending me a replacement bra but they are also adding £4 worth of points to my Advantage Card. Not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but great nonetheless. The tone of their reply wasn’t condescending in the least, and made me feel like a valued customer. I will definitely keep using the company.
The point of this post is that if you have a problem with a product, COMPLAIN! Companies and brands need to know if their products aren’t performing as they should!
Do you complain? Or do you ever contact companies to tell them how great they’re doing?

REVIEW: Clearasil DailyClear Perfectawash

Clearasil are an incredibly well-known brand, and the top selling skin care and acne medication orientated brand on the market. I recently received (as part of the Glamour magazine reader panel) the brands latest product – the Clearasil DailyClear Perfectawash. 

Described as an ‘Automatic face wash refill’ with ‘superfruit extracts & Vitamin E’, this product is the latest in a long line of brilliant skincare products from the brand. Although not widely available as of yet (predominantly available in the US), I predict big things for this product. The new product has a beautiful design and is not a product you’d be embarrassed to have on display in your bathroom. However, there is one design flaw.
If you follow me on Twitter, you may recall me posting a picture of the above dispenser and asking you what you thought it was – most people said a soap or handwash dispenser, and I can see why you would think that! I wanted to keep this in my bathroom, but my guests kept trying to use it as a handwash instead (this would be the one flaw)!  Perhaps a more prominent brand name across the front of the product would deter people from making the same mistake. The product has a convenient on/off function which prevented me from running out of the facewash prematurely – although plenty of my friends had fun playing with it – overall, a big hit!
Enough of the aesthetics, to the product itself.
The product is not only designed as an acne treatment, but also doubles up as a cleanser and moisturiser for the skin.
I have been an avid user of Clearasil since my early teens –  although I do not suffer from acne, I have been battling dry skin for most of my teenage life, and have been using a range of moisturisers over the years to combat this situation.  I cannot comment on the prevention of spots (as aforementioned, I rarely suffer from them), but can say my skin has felt much more refreshed and revitalised than before. I have also found that this product is a fantastic make up remover, however it stings like hell if it makes contact with an open wound!
The facewash is very fruity in scent, and foams up rather nicely, to make applying it to my face easy and a pleasurable experience, and the motion sensor allows me to apply the perfect amount every time, ensuring the product lasts for its full 100 dispenses (the product is said to last roughly 7 weeks, if used twice a day). The sensor works by placing your hand under the tap-like feature, and expels a set amount of product into your palm. The dispenser is hands-free which also means no mess when applying your product.

The Clearasil DailyClear Perfectawash will be available for retail in the UK as of January 2012, retailing for a price of approximately £12.99. I do not know which stores, other than Superdrug, which will be stocking the item, and I am also uninformed of where you can purchase/how much the refills will be.
What are your thoughts on this product? Could you see yourself using something like this on a daily basis?
I personally see this as a product of the future, and a must-have for most teens who care about the condition of their skin.

A Little Thank You.

As most of you know, I was finally booked in for an induction after going ten days overdue, and being in agony. These eight girls above, either Twitter or blogging friends, were so kind during that time – constantly texting me, messaging me, commenting on my blog, tweeting me – you name it – offering support and love, which meant so much to me.
I just wanted to post a little thank you to them, because they really helped me get through the days when I was becoming seriously fed up of everything, and doubting my own abilities as a mum. These girls reassured me everything would be fine, and I am so grateful to them.
Another reason I wanted to post this is because a lot of people say you can’t trust people you’ve met online, but with these girls, I would trust each and every one of them, and I hope to meet them all at some point (okay, I’ve met Katy for two minutes, but that doesn’t count as a proper meetup!). What are your thoughts on making friends in real life with fellow bloggers? I say go for it – you can meet some amazing people like these girls above!