Friday Letters

Dear Dad,
So you are still in hospital…Mum’s lost without you & it is definitely weird not being able to ring your house phone and hearing you on the other end of the line. I’m going to try and visit you today, providing they don’t transfer you to the other hospital without telling me!
Dear Emily,
It was great spending time with you yesterday, we should do it more often.
Dear Teresa,
It was great to see you this week & Jack adores you! I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that he hasn’t started saying Auntie Teresa yet but he did start saying Nanananan today…
Dear Mum,
I know it is a little strange without Dad at home but remember that I’m here, okay?
Dear Laura,
Have you disappeared off the face of the earth?
Dear people who are critical of my mum tum,
Bore off. You’re starting to get on my nerves now. I even had a little Twitter rant about you kind of people yesterday evening. 9 months on, 9 months off and all that…
Dear Jack,
You are changing before my eyes every single day! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and that you’ll be attending your first baby birthday party this very weekend!
Dear Bailie,
Happy 1st birthday for this weekend, lovely!
Dear Michelle,
Sorry I didn’t get to see you on your birthday – promise I’ll make it up to you!
Dear lady who did my passport interview,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I now no longer need to worry about the holiday as I now hold my passport in my own hands… I was beginning to worry that you didn’t want me to leave the country or something!
Dear Steve & Jack,
Four weeks to go! Eeek, so excited! Rome won’t know what has hit it!
Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures

No pictures this week, I’m afraid. It’s been a weird one…Steve’s Mum had to go in for an operation on her back this week, my Dad kept having dizzy spells and went to the doctor – it turns out he has diabetes and has had to be admitted to hospital as he’s got an infection and they need to calm it down before he can come out.
Needless to say, taking pictures hasn’t really been at the forefront of my mind.
I shall have plenty next week though, I may be making my very first vlog!
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far!

Friday Letters

Dear Jack,
You got your big boy car seat yesterday and boy, do you love it! So much so that you fell asleep in it just minutes after it has been fixed in to the car! You were so patient as Mummy & Daddy looked for the best one for you, so you deserved the new toys you got too. I can’t believe how big you’re getting too!
Dear Dad,
Why couldn’t you have listened three years ago? You’re lucky that it’s all being sorted now. Love you.
Dear Phil,
Thanks for being the best brother there ever could be. No matter what, you always check in to see if I’m okay and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
Dear Emily,
The vlog idea is a must! Who wants to see me & Em from Emma’s Channel? Let me know!
Dear Anon,
Thank you for giving me my first ever hater comment…I was wondering when it was going to happen but wonder no more shall I. Anywho, please show yourself out – I don’t care for Anon’s round here.
Dear Twitter,
Why must your app on my phone break so goddamn regularly? Don’t you know I’m addicted?
Dear British weather,
Are you actually going to give us Summer now??
Dear GB Olympic athletes,
You, simply put, are inspirations. Amazing people and to be able to share the atmosphere at the Olympic Park last week was just incredible.

Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

Like A Kid In A (Cyber) Candy Shop

Scribbled out my address in Paint – don’t want it all over the internet, of course!
I must admit, I was getting just a tad envious of all the bloggers that I had seen sampling various goodies from Cyber Candy, so you can imagine my surprise and joy when I found a lovely email from the amazing Libby, asking if I’d like to review some of their wares…Well, I didn’t need asking twice…Chocolate? Yes please! 

Cyber Candy specialise in selling those cult confectionery products that are hard to get hold of here in the UK.Don’t be fooled though, they also stock extreme foods such as scorpion lollipops(!!) and cricket sweets for the more daring amongst us.
She told me to let her know what I’d like to try and she’d get some samples sent out to me.
This is where the first problem came in – Steve came to have a look too – and no word of a lie, he sat, browsing all the different items for ages before whittling it down to a shortlist of ten. That’s right, TEN.   In the end, I had to email Libby the shortlist and ask her to pick a few from the list, as we just couldn’t decide amongst ourselves! I was secretly hoping for the M&M Coconut flavour and I know Steve would have been happy with a packet of Reese’s…so what did we receive?
I’d heard a lot about Hershey’s Milk Duds* over the years, from various sources. Friends who had been to the US, various blogs and US TV programmes that constantly name check them. I was pleased to see them included, as these have always been on my to-try list. They weren’t unlike Rolos – just a different shape. Super yummy though!

Reeses Pieces* are one of those strange products – you can sometimes find them in the UK, other times not – I think it all counts on being in the right place at the right time, as I know these are extremely popular both sides of the Atlantic! These were Steve’s favourite out of the three, especially as he got to scoff almost all the bag to himself! As I’m not a fan of peanut butter myself, I was happy to let Steve munch his way through them but I did want to try just one to see what they were like. Considering I can’t stand peanut butter at all, these were actually quite pleasant. Definitely a must-have for peanut butter fans!
Yes, M&Ms Coconut!* As you can imagine, I was over the moon to see these included! They were absolutely heavenly, a real treat for a hot summers day. I definitely want to have these again, they are by far the best flavour M&Ms do!

I must say I am suitably impressed with everything Cyber Candy have to offer. Libby was extremely friendly and answered any questions I had efficiently and quickly. The service was quick, I received these within two days of sending Libby my choices and as you can see, they were packed well to prevent any damage! (I loved the colourful packaging, they themselves reminded me of sweets-perhaps that’s the point?) 

I am planning to have a little spree on the website over the next couple of days so I can have the opportunity to try out a few more of the products on my wishlist! All I have to do now is persuade Steve to let me use his debit card…do you think the promise of Reeses will sway him?

Have you ever tried anything from Cyber Candy? What did you think?

She’s So Lucky: Recent Beauty Wins & Mini-Reviews {Photo-Heavy}

If you’ve been following me for a while (and especially if you follow me on Twitter), you’ll know that I am a big fan of competitions and enter them regularly. I’ve recently won some amazing goodies such as a £50 Simply Beach voucher (what I bought with that isn’t shown today as it is in the wash), a fashion goodie bag and a beautiful bracelet amongst other things. 

This Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer was a surprise win which popped through my letterbox a couple of weeks ago now. I was extremely happy to win this, as I had been thinking about purchasing it for a while. It seems quite a few people won one of these, Victoria from Victoria’s Vintage included.The primer itself is quite creamy and provides a smooth and subtle base upon which to put your makeup.

I was also lucky to win some Collection (formerly Collection 2000) products too.

The Fix Me Up Long-Lasting Makeup fixer isn’t a product I would have picked up myself but it seems to do the job for the basic makeup I have been wearing recently. The spray is watery, as would be expected, but I can’t help but think it possibly doesn’t do as much as I think it does.

The Primed & Ready Smoothing Makeup Primer now brings up my primer tally to 6 – considering I’d never used one before starting blogging, it shows what enablers blogs can be! I wasn’t expressed with the texture of the primer, it felt a little odd but it created a smooth enough base, sorting out my pores, so I have no real complaint here.

The Colour Match Foundation in ‘Ivory’ almost didn’t feature in this round-up. I am so fiercely loyal and dedicated to my usual foundation (Rimmel Stay Matte, if you’re interested), I didn’t want to try another foundation until I’d at least used up my current tube. However, I tried it out and….wow! This foundation definitely gives my usual go-to a run for it’s money. It leaves my skin looking dewy and full of life – I think I shall be facing a problem when it comes to repurchasing a foundation over the next few months!

Have you ever tried any of these products?
Do you like to see posts about my recent competition wins?