David Charles Childrenswear | Review

We were gifted this item for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Olivia loves wearing dresses. Whenever she is wearing a dress, she loves to spin around and show it off to whoever is nearby. She has a lovely collection of dresses – some we’ve bought, some she’s been gifted from friends and family and others have been passed down from friends. But recently she has had the most beautiful addition to her wardrobe – this orange floral summer dress from David Charles Childrenswear.

I’d seen a little about them in recent months and had been in awe of the beautiful children’s clothing they have on their site. I opted for a beautiful dress from their Spring/Summer range – the orange floral summer dress.

The collection of designer children’s dresses in their Spring/Summer range is absolutely beautiful and this dress itself is no different. This dress is exclusively available to David Charles and is vibrant orange in colour with a beautiful seasonal flower motif. It also has a pleated tulle ruffled bodice hand-finished with ornate jewels – simply stunning.  With a beautiful sash bow and a concealed zip fastening, this is the perfect dress for all occasions.

Washing wise, this needs to be washed on a cool hand wash or dry cleaned. I’ve washed it a couple of times since it arrived and it washes well. I chose the dress for age 2 because Olivia has just turned two and is still quite small for her age – 18-24 clothing still fits here meaning she should get plenty of wear out of this dress over the summer.

Last summer, we headed into our local Bluebell woods for a photoshoot with my photographer friend Em and I feel like this dress would be the perfect outfit for the shoots we have planned in the upcoming months. It is beautiful, epitomises summer and really suits Olivia.

Whilst I don’t buy many designer dresses (for myself or Olivia), this is a great addition to Olivia’s wardrobe and I would definitely consider buying more from their designer range, especially the Spring/Summer collection.  A beautiful dress is something every girl should have in their wardrobe, don’t you think?

How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

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A beautiful piece of jewellery can make any outfit, whether it be a work-suit, or a cocktail dress look extra special. If you’ve been given an antique piece of jewellery, or if you have purchased a statement piece of jewellery from your favourite designer, here are some tips on how to take care of your jewellery so it remains in pristine condition:

  1. Store it safely

To prevent your jewellery pieces from getting damaged or becoming dirty, keep them in a jewellery box. There are numerous styles of jewellery boxes some specifically designed to store certain types of jewellery such as watches or rings. Plus, they come in different materials, colours and patterns so there is a jewellery box to suit all needs and styles.

2. Clean it regularly

If dirt and grime are allowed to build up, it can embed itself into the jewellery. This makes it incredibly difficult to remove.  You may even cause damage to the jewellery through excessive washing and rubbing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wipe down the piece of jewellery after each use with a soft cloth.

3. Don’t use chemicals

There are numerous products on the market that state they are good for cleaning jewellery. However, a lot of these contain chemicals which over time may damage the jewellery. The best way to clean most jewellery pieces is with warm soapy water which is applied with a soft brush or cloth.

4. Get specialist advice

Certain types of jewellery need to be cared for in a specific way. For example, pearl necklaces need to be laid flat when being stored to prevent the thread from stretching. Plus, they must be periodically restrung so the thread they are held on doesn’t snap. Getting care advice from a jewellery specialist will help to keep retain its condition.

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5. Protect it

Even if you are storing your jewellery in a jewellery box, you can protect if further by placing it in a zip or drawstring back which is made from soft fabrics like velvet or cotton. Storing it in bags will prevent scratches occurring that may be caused by it rubbing against other pieces of jewellery.

6. Keep jewellery out of sunlight

Certain metals like gold and aluminium and some gemstones will start to fade if they are kept in sunlight for prolonged periods. So, the best thing is to keep it out of sunlight!

7. Don’t wear it all the time

If you’ve got a piece of jewellery that you particularly love, you may want to wear it all the time. However, this increases the odds of it getting damaged. If you do wear it on a daily basis, make sure you remove it before partaking in any sports, particularly swimming. Plus, take care to remove it while you are getting dressed, as it may easily get caught on an item of clothing.

These simple but effective tips will help to keep every piece of jewellery, whether it’s a pair of diamond earrings or a pearl necklace in perfect condition so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.

First Rhyme Mom by Leanne Stoneley | Review

I was gifted a copy of this book for review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion.

I don’t read much poetry anymore. When I was younger, especially when studying English Literature at GCSE and A-Level, I used to read poetry voraciously but I seem to have gotten out of the habit in recent years. When offered the chance to review a book of poetry about being a mother – deemed a poetic journey through pregnancy and early motherhood – I had to agree. After all, it would be nice to read some poetry that I could actually relate to.

First Rhyme Mom {affiliate link} is Leanne’s first collection of poetry, with more to come. The poems contained within are inspired first hand by being a first time mom. The poems talk about the ups and downs, the thoughts and feelings that come with being a mother.

What I loved about this collection of poetry was that there were two sections: Inside and Outside. As you can imagine, one stands for pregnancy and the other for life after baby makes their way into the world. As a mum who has been through the birthing process twice now, the poem Scream really spoke to me. The poem Forty Weeks also really reminds me of the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Jack, just before I became a mum for the first time. I remember all those thoughts and feelings so well.

They say that nothing can prepare you for the rush of love you feel when you become a mum and that is so true, something Leanne has captured perfectly in her poems about the baby and it’s life on the outside. She doesn’t sugarcoat things – she tells it exactly as it is. Being a mother, especially in those early day, definitely isn’t easy by any means but the love you feel for your child is ever so hard to explain.

One of her most powerful is (Re)Birth – she only needed just a few lines to perfectly convey the point. Overall, I was very impressed with this collection of poetry and can’t wait to see the future poetry Leanne Stoneley puts out – I’ll definitely be buying it! I really enjoyed having poetry that I could relate to and that spoke to me.

Author BioImage and video hosting by TinyPicLeanne has worked as an English Language teacher for fifteen years and spent the majority of her twenties living in Japan and Spain, as well as in London, Birmingham and Leeds, UK. She has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Now in her mid-thirties, motherhood has taken her on a whole new adventure and is one she absolutely had to write about. Leanne now lives back in her home region of the West Midlands, UK, with her husband and daughter.

Degustabox | March

We were sent this box for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

It’s that time of the month again where I talk about all of the goodies sent to us in this month’s Degustabox. This month’s theme was Spring & Easter so I was interested to see what was in the box. You can get your first box for just £7.99 (usual price is £12.99) with shipping included. Just use this code WDGX9 on the website here (the code gets you a one time discount of £5).

With the theme, I assumed there would be some chocolate included and I was right. Here’s what we received in this month’s box.

Costa Signature Blend Coffee Ground For Cafetiere & Filter – £3.70

We don’t actually drink coffee in our house so this is going to a good home; my in laws. Nevertheless I have heard good things about Costa’s coffee.

Forest Feast Preda Fair Trade Mango 30g & Milk Chocolate Mango and Coconut Fruit Balls 30g – £1.29 each

These were a perfectly delicious treat. The perfect bit of indulgence without any of the guilt. These didn’t last long in my house at all.

Weetabix On The Go Strawberry – £1.49

We’ve tried these before although I am not sure if they were from a previous box. We really enjoy these so this was very welcomed.

Moose Juice Passionfruit – £1.59

We try not to have energy drinks too often in our house but sometimes do, Steve more than me. Steve liked this and said it was the best energy drink we have had in any of the previous boxes so high praise indeed.

Red Red Super Stews Black Eyed Beans & Tomato – £2.99

These are made with natural plant based ingredients and inspired by Africa. Unfortunately I could see that neither Steve or I would probably eat this so we are donating it to our local food bank rather than it languishing in our cupboard until it passes its expiry date.

Ballymaloe Original Relish 

Rich in tomatoes and made using all natural ingredients, this relish was definitely a positive addition to the box. We use a lot of relishes and chutneys, Steve especially, so he was happy to see this. It’s gluten free, suitable for vegans and tastes great.

Jubel Alpine Beer cut with Peach – £1.80

We haven’t actually tried this yet but were super intrigued to see it in the box. It is a lively lager with the zest of freshly ripe peaches, gluten free, naturally infused and vegan too. Can’t wait to see what its like!

Green & Black’s Praline bar and Truffle bar – 89p each

I never used to be a fan of Green & Black’s, I mostly associated them with dark chocolate which I wasn’t a fan of. As I’ve got older and my tastes have matured, I find myself enjoying dark chocolate more and now I also realise that Green & Black’s do milk chocolate too. These are made with ethically sourced chocolate and contain no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These were absolutely delicious.

KIND Snacks Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt – £1.35

These are a tasty and nutritious snack bar which we were very happy to see in the box. These are gluten free and naturally high in protein and a great option to slip into your handbag or pocket for an afternoon snack.

Chum Fruit Bites Apple & Strawberry – 79p each

These are made with 100% fruit, high in fibre and vegan. These also did not last long with my two kids – they devoured these quickly and really enjoyed them. They are delicious and we will certainly be buying again.

Willie’s Cacao single state chocolate Passionfruit – £1.99

This slab of chocolate only just made it out of the box before me and Steve shared it between us. These are made using only natural ingredients and this was super tasty, a nice treat that we could indulge in that we didn’t have to share with the kids for once.

Overall I was fairly impressed with this box. There was a fair amount of sweet stuff compared to savoury but I’m not complaining. With the box retailing at £12.99, the boxes contents added up to just over £20 if you were to buy them all separately – a great saving, I think!

Which item of the box would be your favourite?

How to Choose a Crib Mattress for Your Nursery

Collaborative Post

Among the best experiences in life is bearing a child. Once you have delivered a baby, you want to make sure that he or she feels the love you have on him. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a comfortable and safe crib mattress for the baby.

The problem is the fact that there is a variety of companies manufacturing these mattresses today. As a result, they are available in a range of brands and at a different price. Each of the products has unique qualities from others. In this way, selecting the best crib mattress turns to be a tricky exercise.

In consideration of this, we devoted our time to generate a guide on how to choose a crib mattress for your nursery. We aim to make sure that your selection process gets simplified. The followings are seven things that you should look out for when purchasing a crib mattress.

  1. Safety Standards

The first step to make sure that you are buying only the best is by considering safety standards. The federal regulations outline the rules of a full-size crib as well as the mattress. Understanding these regulations gives you a chance to buy both the crib-bed and the mattress separately. You’re sure that they’ll fit each other perfectly.

Such regulations ensure that there is no head entrapment between crib and mattress sides. Therefore, it helps to reduce any chances of the baby suffocating. You should make sure that the space between cannot fit two fingers stuck together. It’s a regulation that got enacted by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. This article will help you learn more about these regulations.

  1. Construction Structure

In the market, you will have a variety of materials used to make the mattresses. These include foam, innerspring, and organic mattresses. With foam mattress, they are less expensive in comparison to innerspring. Their thickness ranges between 3” to 6”. However, we advise that you consider picking a foam mattress that gets the specific design for babies. By doing this, you help to reduce the chances of SIDS or suffocation. Excellent foam made crib mattress should be firmer than softer.

An innerspring mattress is a better option than the foam crib beddings. You can evaluate the efficiency of the bedding by checking on the amount of steel used in the making. You can also consider purchasing organic mattresses. However, the materials used such as organic cotton and wool are expensive. In this way, this mattress type is more expensive in comparison to other mattresses.

With these types of mattresses, you’ll have a variety to consider. Therefore, you should spend time learning about the benefits of each brand. By understandings pros and cons for each mattress type, you can comfortably purchase a category of your choice.

  1. Weight

Another significant factor that you should consider checking is the weight of the crib mattress. For a foam mattress, consider picking a weight that ranges between 7 to 8 pounds. The density can, however, rise to 20 pounds. For the innerspring baby mattresses, you should run for something that ranges between 15 and 30 pounds of weight.

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  1. Double Side Mattress

It’s possible that you have seen some mattresses marked 2-stage while in the market. What it means is that one side of the bedding is firmer and the other one softer. You can use the firmer surface for infants while the fainter side will perfectly suit the toddlers. You, therefore, stand a chance to reuse the mattress as your baby develops in different stages.

However, whether to turn the mattress should not be a random choice. You should consider talking with a pediatrician before making the final decision. Also, before you can purchase the bedding, you should check for a tag showing which side is firmer and which one is softer. If the label is missing, ignore that particular product.

  1. Air Venting

When you purchase a mattress, you should consider buying one that has a proper venting. The cover should be in a position to ensure sufficient airflow throughout the bedding. The venting should also assure that the baby can adequately breathe without any complications.

There are chances that the baby will roll and sleep on their stomach. When such a situation happens, and the beddings lack proper venting, the baby can suffocate and die. A flawlessly vented mattress should consist of side vents to keep the air moving correctly.

  1. The Cost

The cost of bedding is also an ideal factor on how to choose a crib mattress for your nursery. You should consider a price that comfortably fits into your budget. From the statistics, a perfect quality mattress will sell at the cost of approximately $90 to $200.

It’s good to note that, higher prices means extra unique features incorporated. Take an example of someone shopping for an organically manufactured mattress. Or a cushion that comes with an allergen-reducing cover. Such a buffer will not sell for a price of less than $190. You can, however, find crib mattresses that cost as low as $40 but the quality is not up to standards.

The best thing to do when it comes to cost is not to consider saving money. If you want something that is perfectly comfortable for your baby, be ready to spend as much as possible.

  1. Crib Mattress certification

The first certification for a standard mattress is the Consumer Product Safety Commission certificate. If you’re purchasing the bedding in the US, you should also check if it passes the “American Society for Testing and Materials.” You can as well check on other certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standards. The GOTS is a regulation that runs all organically made textiles. The procedures call for 70% organic fibers in the making of the product.

The Final Verdict

When you consider selecting a mattress, you should always think of the comfort and safety of your baby. For proper guidelines of safe baby sleep, consider these tips, which will help you make sure that your kid sleeps safe and out of possible injuries. Don’t worry about the cost of the mattress if the quality is your drive. Make sure to purchase the best to make sure that your baby enjoys the comfort of the bed. Also, make sure to check on the presence of all independent certifications if you aim to buy the best.