My Paris #SuperCityBreak

Last month, I received the best opportunity I have had in over four years of blogging – a trip to a city I have always wanted to visit. When Travel Supermarket asked if I would like to go, along with a plus one, to Paris at the end of the month and attend the Paris Writer’s Festival, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. With it being so short notice, Steve couldn’t get the time off work so my in laws looked after Jack and I went on the trip with my blogger buddy (and long time IRL friend) Kaye. We only had two days in the city so tried our best to fit in as much as possible whilst also attending a talk at the festival on the Saturday evening.

The Hotel

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What can I say about the hotel? It was amazing. The decor was gorgeous, the customer service was superb and the food and drink excellent. We only had dinner the first night but it was lovely and just what we needed after a slightly stressful journey. The La Belle Juliette was an incredible place to stay and I would definitely consider staying there again should I go back to Paris. I’d definitely like to spend a little more time exploring the hotel – and perhaps testing out the spa too!

The Sights

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Most of Saturday was spent trying to fit in as much as possible before attending the Writer’s Festival talk in the evening. We visited the Eiffel Tower and went right to the top, taking pictures along the way (there was plenty of time to take pictures as there were queues for each bit!), I even Instagrammed on the #PhotoAnHour hashtag whilst queuing. I won’t lie, it was incredible and I can’t wait to go back again some day and go back to the top again – I think next time I may try out the restaurant too!

After the Eiffel Tower, we decided to jump on a tour bus and paid for a hop on, hop off ticket – ensuring that we could visit all the different places we wanted to. The Louvre and Champs Elysees were both on our hit lists but unfortunately the queues for the Louvre were just too long and we had limited time before we needed to be back at the hotel, getting ready to go to the festival. We did manage the Champs Elysees however and yes, I did purchase some macarons from Laduree – had to be done, right?

On the Sunday before we flew out, we had plenty of time to fit some sights in that we hadn’t yet managed – our flight wasn’t until 6pm and we arrived at Notre Dame at around 11am, plenty of time to see the sights and get back to the hotel, ready to go to the airport. It is such a beautiful building and I had forgotten that it would be Sunday Mass and there were tourists milling around inside the building whilst others were attending the service. I’m not very religious myself but religious buildings, I feel, are often some of the most beautiful buildings around.

The Festival

We didn’t get to attend many events at the festival due to the small amount of time allotted and the sightseeing we also wanted to fit in but we did attend a talk with famed Irish author, Edna O’Brien – I have actually just ordered this book after hearing her speak – and I must admit that I didn’t know of her and her famed career when looking up the talks. She spoke so eloquently about her inspirations, how her family viewed her writing and about being Irish and she really interested me as a person. I can’t wait to read her book!


Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of the author herself, the one I did get came out rather blurry as we were sat quite far back. I definitely enjoyed the Writers Festival though and would love to attend something similar in the future.

The Food

Finally.. the food. I’ve already mentioned the food available at our hotel was amazing but I did enjoy eating in and around Paris too – one must have crepes and macarons whilst there and I had both and they were good. I may have also had a McDonald’s whilst in France – and why are other McDonald’s in other countries so much better? So odd but it was so good!

Macarons from the large supermarket near our hotel!
Yes, I brought the bag home with me
Lunch at the Eiffel Tower – it was good.
Apple and cinnamon crepe – it tasted amazing

I had a fantastic experience in Paris and I can’t thank the team at Travel Supermarket enough. I got to visit a city on my travel bucket list, try some fantastic food, watch a prestigious author and catch up with one of my oldest friends – it was amazing and I can’t wait to visit Paris again in the future.

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  1. Your trip looked amazing, hope you had a brilliant time! I went to Paris in summer and didn’t think too much of it, I’d like to go back though, you made it look brilliant!

  2. Oh my gosh, what an amazing opportunity and great to see you really did make the most of it!
    Looks like you had a fabulous time and love the pics!
    The hotel room looks lush, just perfect for a cosy weekend away.

  3. What a fantastic opportunity for you. I remember your apprehension about little your baby, but it looks like you had a fantastic time. Myself and my husband were able to visit Paris in November 2013 and I’m so glad that we did. (He tagged along on a uni trip, so out hotel was nowhere near as grand) This post has really made me want to go back for sure!

  4. Paris has never really been on my list of places, until two of you have been and I now really want to go and see the sights for myself. What a great opportunity x

  5. i was only thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your trip to Paris went! It looks as though you had a fab time, great pictures and wonderful memories XXX

  6. What an amazing opportunity – you’re so lucky (but it’s very well deserved as well!!). It’s ages since I visited Paris, I’d love to go back and have a proper look around

  7. What a lucky lady you are 😀 Paris is somewhere I’d love to visit someday soon.

    Love the photos.

    I’d love to go up Eiffel Tower but I’m terrified of heights!!! I bet the view from the top is amazing.

    Laura x

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