Mission Get Fit

Yes, I have finally crumbled and decided that I need to get fit. My boyfriend and half of my friends are all dieting/keeping fit so I thought I may as well do so whilst I’ve got some company to share the pain with 😛

I kid. But, seriously, I’ve always said I am going to do it, but I never do. I attempted Zumba once, but I was so out of breath after a couple of dances that I haven’t been since! Also, recently, I have been suffering a lot with my back (I have a bad back), and my doctor has prescribed painkillers and referred me to physiotherapy. I’ve decided that I am going to take a brisk walk each evening to start with, and then build up to a jog when I feel up to it. Hopefully, with the help of healthy eating, I shall lose some weight and maybe it will alleviate some of the pain.

I’ve also just heard that my local gym only costs £20 a month, or £5 for a one-off trip. I may have to take a little mooch up there! So I’m sitting here in my trackie bottoms, hoodie and trainers, having got in from a walk with my good friend Sophie, and I can’t wait to do more. Roll on tomorrow night, I say!

Are any of you dieting or trying to get fit?
What methods do you use?

For now,


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  1. I did mine by going to the 2-3 times a week and generally eating healthy. I also do a lot of walking too 🙂 I'm trying to lose a tiny bit more but I've already lost 5stone over the last year, so i'm taking it easy for a bit. Good luck 🙂

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