Looking Your Best For Prom

One thing I will always regret is not going to my prom. None of my friends were going, either male or female, so I made the decision to not go too. Over ten years on and I still wish I had. I did, however, go to my Sixth Form leaving do which is a prom in a way – but much smaller as most people had said their goodbyes and gone off to college after Year 11.

But there is so many things to remember when considering going to prom. Will you be going with anyone in particular or just hanging out with your friends? Do you know where to find your dress? Do you even know what style of dress you are looking for? Do you want strapless or with straps? Do you want black and white or with colour? I chose a black and white strapless dress for my sixth form prom whereas plenty of other girls went for really colourful dresses.

Once you’ve got the dress sorted, then you’ve got to think about the hair and makeup side of things. Will you be attempting to do your own – a wise idea if you are really good at it, not so much if you aren’t – or will you be relying on the professionals to swoop in and save the day? Perhaps book in with your local salon – one like Worthington’s Hairdressing and Beauty salonΒ – to see how they can help you? You may have a look in mind but they will be able to advise you on what look would go best with the dress. You don’t want your makeup to contrast with your dress, do you? You want to look your best!

Once your dress, hair and makeup are sorted, then it is time to finally think about the accessories. You don’t want a massive bag, a clutch will do – so you only need the bare essentials in there. A phone, your keys, some money, some basic makeup for top ups if required and perhaps some chewing gum – you don’t need a massive bag with the whole kitchen sink in it.

We all like to think we know what looks best on us but sometimes we can drastically get it wrong. So if you want to look your best for prom then it is important to take the thoughts of others into consideration. The salon will be able to advise you on what look would suit you best should you choose to go down this route and if you decide to do it all yourself, your parents, siblings and friends should be on hand to tell you if you look okay – you want to know that you look the bee’s knees before you head out that door to party the night away, don’t you?

Dress, hair & beauty, accessories. Getting ready for prom all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It can be a stressful time though so make sure to take these tips on board to avoid getting too caught up in the stress of it all.



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