Keeping Kids Busy & Active This Summer With Sun-Pat

The summer holidays can drag on and we often find it difficult to think of new and exciting things for our children to do. We’ve still got tons on our list to do but sometimes you just have no idea what you can do. Sun-Pat know exactly how important it is to keep kids busy this summer and sent us a fantastic sports kit so we can have some fun keeping active this summer.

Jack loves sports – he is always full of energy – so he was excited to see what was in the bag. We were sent a cricket bat, ball and stumps; a football and a skipping rope. Three completely different ways of keeping active that also provide hours of fun.


Knowing that other kids are just like Jack and want to get outside this summer, Sun-Pat are holding the Fuelling Families giveaway where you too can win a sports kit for your child – they have 420 to give away. They are even giving away a free downloadable Fuelling Families guide too – you can enter the giveaway and download your guide here. There are 42 cheap or free activity ideas for you these summer holidays.

So how do we keep Jack active and busy in the summer?

We like to get out and about as much as possible. Whether that is playing sports like above – sometimes Jack goes to the driving range with his Daddy and he’s also about to start golf lessons – or whether we go the park, we like to make sure the children are out in the open air as much as possible.

We also visit our local wildlife park – we can often spend hours walking around the park without realising just how far we’ve walked. We also like to go for walks as much as possible too – we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful village with lots of greenery so we have plenty of places to go for a walk.

We also keep Jack busy by challenging his mind. Whether that is him doing the Summer reading challenge like he is at the local library, doing puzzles or setting up some sums or some spelling tests (education doesn’t stop just because it is the summer holidays!), we like to make sure he always has a lot to do. We’ve even visited the cinema so far this summer – and that has certainly kept us busy!

Jack loves keeping busy during the holidays – he hates doing nothing and always wants to be out. Why don’t you head over to the Sun-Pat website and enter for your own kit today?

This post was written in collaboration with Sun-Pat Fuelling Families.

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  1. I can hardly believe our kids go back to school next week here in Scotland; the summer has just flown by! Most of their summer was spent outside in the garden. Keeping active is really important.

  2. It’s great to get some advice as sometimes one can run out of ideas. I can’t believe how much Jack has grown since I first “met” you online! x

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