Christmas Gift Guide | The Perfect Gifts For Children In 2017

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Wanting to find the perfect gifts for children this year? Here are our top picks for gifts this Christmas for children aged 0 all the way up to 16.

Anki OVERDRIVEAnki OVERDRIVE – £149.99 (Buy from the Anki website here or it is available on promotion from Amazon(*)

reviewed the Anki OVERDRIVE here and mentioned how it wasn’t just for kids and how much Steve enjoyed playing with it. Whilst the kids in the house will love it, this is the perfect gift for your partner, brother or father if they love some tech and car racing. It will keep them busy for hours!

awesome little green menAwesome Little Green Men – £10.39 an assorted starter pack from Amazon (*) and £24.99 for a deluxe battle pack from Amazon (*)

We recently reviewed the Awesome Little Green Men and they went down a treat. If you’ve got a little boy or girl that loves battling, these will prove very popular, I’m sure. The men may be small but their characters are larger than life and serious about the mission ahead. This fresh take on little green army men raises the bar by infusing battle and game play with 100 unique characters to collect in Series 1, including four super rare figures in the green army and the blue army. They all have their own expression and you can collect figures such as Sgt. Juliett and Major Zoomie, each figure with different stats.

BabeaseBabease Baby Food – between £1.20 and £1.50 a pouch

We talked about Olivia’s experience with Babease here and if you are buying for a child that is a little too young to appreciate Christmas but is weaning, these could be a fab present. The Babease range is available in Tesco, Boots and Ocado and you can also buy them from Amazon too  (*), retailing at between £1.20 and £1.50 per pouch. There is such a wide variety of flavours!

Jumbo Games CARS Piston Cup Race Game – RRP £24.99, available here on Amazon (*)

If you’ve got a Cars fan in the house, then this new game from Jumbo Games is sure to prove very popular – Jack loves his, it keeps him occupied with friends for ages!

Detective Dot: A heroine with a mission to get kids coding – Available to buy at for £18.99 RRP. available at and Amazon for £12 RRP (*), and an Ebook is available to download at and Amazon for £6.99 RRP (*). Membership to the CIA is also available at for £7.99 RRP.

Detective Dot is a nine-year-old coder and part of the CIA: Children’s Intelligence Agency, a global network of young spies who assemble to solve worldwide problems. She must investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire. Alongside her flying robot sidekick Drone, and selfie-loving, Tumble. Dot must utilise all her gadgets and sharp skills to solve the case! Detective Dot knows a smartphone is nothing without a smart brain to use it.

Created by UK startup Bright Little Labs, founded by Sophie Deen in 2015, Detective Dot brings a storytelling approach to teaching coding and analytical skills, complementing the computing curriculum now running in primary schools. As well as being adventure packed, Dot is a role model for all kids. In today’s children’s entertainment and media, 0% of princesses are coders, boys are twice as likely to take the lead, less than 3% of characters are people-of-colour and 92% of females are underweight! And not one superhero recycles.The world of Dot brings a creative breath of fresh air to children’s characters and escapes this “norm”. Bright Little Labs believe that the media has a critical role to play in shaping how our children learn and think.  We want children to believe they can achieve anything and that they should question everything – this is where Detective Dot and her friends come in. Making computer science more accessible to both kids and parents. Jack loves his- he is big on using the computers at school and he loves this book. He will be passing this onto Olivia when she is old enough too.

Kids can become a part of the CIA and Dot’s world with the MegaPack, which includes a Detective Dot book, a CIA membership card, six fun missions, a personalised CIA letter, a CIA Sticker Sheet and a lifelong CIA membership.

Hatchimals Surprise – RRP £74.99, available from Amazon here (*)

We reviewed and unboxed this here so is it any wonder we are including it? Hatchimals are a popular gift at Christmas time and these are no different. I am sure everyone knows the surprise by now – but just which ones will you get? Jack and Olivia still love playing with theirs!

Hugzzie Children’s Wheatbag, variety of designs – £9.99, available here

Not sure if you want to get a toy for Christmas but would like to give the child a nice warm hug? Invest in a Hugzzie for them – we reviewed ours here – it’s a nice cuddly friend for them to have.

Its Your Story Personalised Dressing Up Box children’s book, from £17.50, available to buy here

We love personalised books in our household and this is no different. Jack and Olivia loved hearing about all the adventures Jack got up to. The dressing up box isn’t the only book available, there are so many other stories or occasions such as birthday and Christmas that you can choose from. We will definitely be picking up some more in the future for children of our friends.

Hallmark Itty Bittys Christmas Collector’s Edition, £6 – see the range here and shop on Amazon here (*)

We love Itty Bittys in our house and we were so chuffed to be sent some of the Star Wars range and some of the beautiful Christmas Collector’s Edition featuring Mickey and Minnie. These are so cute and cuddly, they are sure to be the perfect stocking filler for any child.

Kurio Watch 2.0 Smartwatch – £79.99, available on Amazon here (*) and from other retailers

We reviewed Jack’s Kurio watch recently and talked about how great the features are and how he, as a 6 year old, loved it. There are games to play, pictures to take and they can even message friends too. It makes for a great gift.

L.O.L Surprise dolls – £10, available from The Entertainer here

These are very popular in my household! The surprise is the appealing element of it, you never know which one you will get and whether it is rare or super rare. There are plenty to collect so the child you are buying for is sure to keep themselves busy building their collection.

Despicable Me 3 3D Backpack – £10, available from Amazon here (*)

This backpack is sure to be popular with the kids – doesn’t every kid like Despicable Me and Minions? Jack loves his and uses it for trips to his grandparents. It’s so affordable too!

Monster Trucks Smash-Ups Rhino Remote Control Truck – RRP £34.99, available from Amazon here

We talked about our experience with our Monster Trucks recently and we raved about this product. It is so much fun to drive – especially when the driver comes flying out with an ‘AGHHHH’. Jack and Steve have spent hours playing with it and even Olivia finds it fun!

My First Scalextric, RRP £30, available from Amazon here (*)

Scalextric has been around for as long as I can remember and I think it was around even before I was born. It always appears on Christmas wishlists so this may be the perfect present for any budding car drivers. We reviewed ours here.

My Golden Ticket book, from £19.99, available from Wonderbly here

We talked about our copy here and I said how much Jack loves the Roald Dahl story so knew he’d love this. We love personalised books in our house as I’ve mentioned before and this was no different. It is a lovely story of Jack’s experience in the chocolate factory with his Nanny.

Paddington Spot The Difference – £7.99, available from Amazon here (*) and Paddington Colour On – £7.99, available from Amazon here (*)

Jack loves Paddington, he’s obsessed in fact. So these went down a treat when we reviewed these a few months back. These are a great stocking filler for kids who love Paddington and games in general.

PJ Masks Time To Be A Hero DVD – £7.99, available from Amazon here (*)

PJ Masks seem to be becoming so popular nowadays with their playset being a popular Christmas choice. Looking for a decent stocking filler? Why not pick up this DVD for them? We reviewed our copy here.

Oregon SmartGlobe Adventure AR – £54.99, available from Amazon here (*)

Want a gift that encourages their learning? Then this is the gift for them. Packed with amazing features, this globe enables them to learn about the world around them whilst still having fun. What could be better? See what we thought of ours here.

Summer Infant Wild Safari Deluxe Superseat – £49.99, available from Summer Infant here

The Lion Guard Rise of Scar Playset – £49.99, available from Amazon here (*)

You can read our review here. This is a must have gift for any The Lion Guard fan and is super fun to play with many different features. Jack loves his – although Olivia is a little scared of Scar!

Wave Racers Super Helix – available from Smyths here

If the child in your life loves cars and racing, then this is surely the gift for them. Get racing round the helix and get your friends involved too. Jack loves his and Steve loves it too!

Wise-ish Words For… personalised book – from 23.95, available at The Book of Everyone

This is a fun book, packed full of fun quotes and wisdom for Jack. He loved reading through it and got a real chuckle from plenty of the pages – especially the don’t eat yellow snow part! He is keen to get his friend one for his birthday which I think is so sweet.

Here are just a few gift ideas for Christmas…will you be picking any of these up?

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