Why You Should Choose Organic Cotton Clothing For Newborn Babies

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When it comes to pregnancy, we spend nine whole months looking after and protecting our unborn child – avoiding alcohol and the extensive list of foods we’re told to stay away from, protecting our bump from hits and taking our folic acid and vitamins. As parents, we want to do best by our child, give them the best chance in life – and this starts from the very moment they are born.

Newborn skin can be very sensitive so it is important to choose clothing for your baby that won’t irritate them and is soft on their skin rather than rough. With Olivia having been born less than three weeks ago, newborn clothing is something we’ve been buying a lot of and we’ve been veering towards organic cotton clothing such as the Natures Purest Newborn Range as we want to ensure Olivia is as comfortable as possible.

There are so many benefits to using organic cotton clothing on babies – especially when they have the potential to have quite sensitive skin like their brother as Olivia could possibly do. The material is sourced from organic farms, farms which don’t use chemical substances such as pesticides or fertilisers, plus the manufacturers use environmentally friendly methods of production, eliminating the need for toxic chemicals which can irritate a newborns sensitive skin.

We are also creating a demand for organic clothes which in turn encourages organic farming, thus helping to reduce the amount of toxic chemical substances being used. This will ultimately reduce the percentage of toxicity in the surrounding environment such as air, water, and soil – safeguarding not only our present but our future too.

We’ve been choosing organic cotton clothing for Olivia this time around as we know its good for not only her but also the world around her – we want to protect our baby from any harm – and protecting her from the potential of irritated skin from her clothing is just one of the ways. If you want to help not only your child but also help organic farms too, why not consider opting for organic cotton clothes for your baby – you definitely won’t regret it!

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