Style File: Kate Middleton

Style File: Kate Middleton
The royal pregnancy has hit news headlines this past week, unfortunately completely for the wrong reasons. The whole situation is very sad and my thoughts go out to Jacintha Saldanha’s family and friends at this time.
Kate Middleton is considered possibly the most stylish woman on the planet right now. I’m not the biggest fashion fan but even I am interested in the choices she makes. She always looks absolutely immaculate, preened to perfection and I’m sure being pregnant will mean no different.  

As a mother, I am especially interested to see how she styles up her pregnancy. Obviously, she will still have to attend various social engagements so maternity occasion wear is a must. She very rarely gets it wrong, if at all but to see a selection of her hits and misses, there’s a fun article worth a read here.

I’ve picked a few of my favourite outfits from Tiffany Rose that I think would suit the Duchess during her pregnancy.
I think any of these would look fantastic on the nations sweetheart; how about you?
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