REVIEW: The Book People

REVIEW: The Book People
I was recently given the
opportunity to review some books by the lovely people over at The Book People. The name may sound familiar to you for a variety of reasons.
You may have come across them on the internet or perhaps stumbled across one of
their leaflets in a magazine. I , however, have a fond memory of them from my
times at primary school. Every now and again, we would be given a little book
catalogue that we could take home and pick out some books from and that our
parents could buy for often majorly discounted prices. My dad even bought my
first Harry Potter novel from them! I remember the name vividly and have always
kept a keen interest in what the company has done ever since. That company is
of course, The Book People.
For the purpose of review, I was
gifted three books:
a set of two baby books for Jack and a crime thriller for myself. The baby
books were ‘Numbers’ and ‘Colours’ by Orla Kiely. Yes, Orla Kiely, the
designer. She has released a range of new things, including these gorgeous
 Now, Jack is still only tiny,
however I asked the lovely Lindsay at The Book People if they had any books
suitable for very young babies and she came up trumps with these. Although he
cannot talk yet and I’m not too sure how much Jack understands, when reading
these books to him, he takes a keen interest in the pictures and his interest
rarely wavers. As well as being great learning tools for young children, these
books also wouldn’t look out of place on your bookcase – the design is simple
but pretty.

 Jack wasn’t the only person to
have some new books to try. I was kindly given the latest book by Dennis Lehane
to review. Lehane is perhaps most famous for writing ‘Shutter Island’, which is
a favourite film of mine, so I was keen to see what ‘Moonlight Mile’ had in
store for me.
I am an avid crime fiction
reader, whether it’s based in the 1800’s/early 1900’s a la Arthur Conan Doyle,
1930’s/1940’s Agatha Christie or modern day Lee Child. When offered the
chance to review a new thriller, how could I pass up the opportunity?
 ‘Moonlight Mile’ follows the
story of investigator Patrick Kenzie, who finds himself investigating the case
of a girl he is all too familiar with, Amanda McCready. Having gone missing
twelve years previously, Patrick returned her to her less than savoury family,
only to find out years down the line that she has done the disappearing act

The book follows his quest to
find her (and often himself along the way). As expected in crime fiction, there
is violence galore and a twist that I most certainly did not see coming. The
book is a little hard to get into, but once you’re past the first few pages,
this novel becomes hard to put down. You find yourself willing Patrick to find
Amanda and simultaneously wondering what will happen when he does. What secrets
is her neglectful mother hiding? Why has she gone missing now after all these
years? Your questions find themselves answered, and then some, at the climax of
the book – but you’ll definitely keep yourself second guessing until the very

Whilst given the opportunity to
review these books, I thought it would be a great idea to check out the website
for future purchases. I often use other websites to buy my books, but with some
great discounts, free delivery over £25 and a loyalty scheme in the guise of a
‘Points Passport’, I’m sure to be using this website from now on. The website
is simple to navigate around, as is the checkout process, and I can honestly
say I will be purchasing from them in the near future.
I am super impressed with the
quality of books The Book People have to offer. I also find their customer
service second to none and I believe they are definitely worth checking out if
you are a bookworm like me.

You can find The Book People
website here. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
 Happy reading!

REVIEW: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

REVIEW: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb
I recently posted a review of the Lush Think Pink bath bomb, which I bought as part of a Lush haul with a few other goodies. This bath bomb was one of those ‘goodies’. I’d seen a lot about the Space Girl bath bomb around the blogging community and wanted to see what the fuss was about.
It was Gemma-Louise’s review, which you can find here, that became the deciding factor in which bath bomb I would choose, and I soon had a Space Girl bath bomb winging its way to me.
About Lush
I won’t bore you too much with details of the company behind these luscious bath bombs, I’m pretty sure we all know who Lush are by now. However, if you aren’t so knowledgeable about the brand, here are a few things you may like to know:
Lush will only buy ingredients from companies who do not test on animals. They invent all their own products and fragrances by hand and try to use as little packaging as possible. They also like to make their customers happy & they believe the customer is always right. You’ll always find a happy face beaming back at you from your product – that’s the person who made it!
The Packaging
Not much can be said about the packaging. As mentioned above, Lush try to use as little packaging as possible, instead focussing on the quality of their products. The bath bomb turned up in a little air-tight plastic bag, just big enough for the bath bomb to fit inside. Not pretty but practical and as environmentally friendly as they can be. It gets the thumbs up from me.
The Product
The product is extremely pretty – a mixture between a lilac and pale blue colour. Shaped like a planet, the name Space Girl definitely makes sense. After letting it fizz in the bath for a few seconds, it looked like this:
As you can see, it is starting to foam up nicely and the water below is starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. I then dropped the bomb back in to see what would happen…
I was astounded by how beautiful the colour of the water was. Some people have said that they find this bath bomb to be one of the faster dissolving ones, but I can honestly say that this fizzed away merrily for quite some time. The smell that emitted from the bath bomb was unbelievable too. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the scent was at first, but after a little while of racking my brain, I believe it smells of Parma Violets, the sweets you used to be able to get from old-style sweet shops. Can you still get them?
If you listen carefully, you can also hear the popping candy that is inside, although I did have to strain to hear mine.
The bath left me feeling refreshed and in a much happier mood, the smell of Parma Violets really lifted my spirits and I got out of the bath with a spring in my step.
Would I repurchase?
Without a doubt, yes. This bath bomb smells divine, looks beautiful and just generally put me in a great mood!
The only downside was having to get out of the bath, unfortunately. With water as beautiful as the above picture, why would you want to?
What’s your favourite product from Lush? Are there any you’d recommend to me for my next haul?

REVIEW: Shea Mooti Mama’s Soothing Leg & Foot Cream

REVIEW: Shea Mooti Mama’s Soothing Leg & Foot Cream
Perfect pampering for mums & mum-to-be’s alike.
About Shea Mooti
The idea for Shea Mooti came to Violet Reid after the birth of her son, Alex. He had dry skin, cradle cap and was prone to eczema. After rushing him to a local GP, Alex was prescribed some creams and shampoos containing some harsh chemicals. She tried branded ‘natural’ products but they only made the condition worse. Violet realised that the only way she could guarantee that the creams she used were free from harmful chemicals and all other nasties was to make them herself. Thus Shea Mooti was born.
As you may guess by the name, an important ingredient in all of Violet’s products is, of course, Shea Butter. The origin of the company name is ‘Shea’ because every product contains the purest form of Shea Butter, and ‘Mooti’ which is derived from ‘Muti’, which means tree in Zimbabwe, Violet’s native country.
The Packaging
Just like Rachel from Life of A Sweetaholic, I am a sucker for pretty packaging. This product certainly ticks all the right boxes – pretty and practical. The cream comes in a generously sized pump bottle, meaning you don’t have the risk of pouring out too much product – you can just pump the amount that you need.
The design is sleek, eyecatching but inoffensive. Muted blues and pinks form the background, with the brand name in distinctive black italics and the product name in a bold almost fuchsia colour. The ingredients are easy to find and Shea Mooti’s ethical trade is also described well on the bottle.
The Product
As like all other Shea Mooti products, the Mama’s Soothing Leg & Foot Cream is not tested on animals and suitable for vegetarians. Described as luxurious foot and leg conditioning cream with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Niaouli Oil, how did I find the product?
I pumped out a generous sized amount to begin with and applied liberally to my skin. My feet aren’t the nicest, if I’m being perfectly honest, years of retail and bar work have seen to that – plus being a mum means spending a lot of time on my feet too! My feet have definitely seen better days, so it was nice to be able to sit down and try this product on them.
The product is very creamy but not greasy at all, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. The cream is scented but I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent is. It smells a little like other aloe vera products I own, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that aloe vera was definitely the fragrance.
After applying, I settled down to watch a film with Steve and put on some slipper socks to let the cream do it’s magic. Just from applying the cream, my feet felt better and whilst it was soaking in, I definitely felt less tension in them – it was nice to be able to relax and let its soothing properties take hold.
Once the film had finished, I checked to see how my feet felt. Remembering that this product is designed to soften and rehydrate skin but not necessarily aid dry skin, I found that although I still had some dry skin around my heels, overall my feet felt extremely soft, moisturised and hydrated. I’ve never really used foot products, lacking the time and money involved as sometimes products can be pretty expensive for an ineffective outcome.
Would I repurchase?
This cream works wonders for sore and tired feet, leaving you feeling refreshed and uplifted. The packaging is pretty and practical, the cream obviously creamy but not greasy like other products. Would I repurchase? Although I don’t normally buy foot products, I would have to say yes. This cream soothed my skin, just like it claims to do – unlike a lot of foot products.
You can buy the cream from the Shea Mooti website (find the product here), retailing at £12.99 for 100ml of product.
Have you ever tried any products from the Shea Mooti range? How did you find them?
(I’ve also changed my review layout – do you prefer my reviews set out this way? Let me know)
I was sent this product for the purpose of review. Although I am trying this product for free, as always my review will be 100% honest. I have not received any monetary compensation for the purpose of this review.

REVIEW: Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

REVIEW: Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb
I recently bought a few items from the Lush website, including the item I am about to review. Now I know Lush is blogged about pretty much all the time, but I can definitely see why! I’ve only tried Lush a handful of times before this purchase, but I will definitely be buying again – especially after their great customer service, including a free facemask for me too!
I tried the Think Pink bath bomb, pictured below:
It’s extremely pretty, isn’t it? I love the detail on the flowers.
Here it is whilst being held under running water, and once it had started to fizz away in the water:

It leaves a wonderful pink colour in the bath water, but oh no, whats this?
 How cute is this little heart confetti that is left behind after the bath bomb has dissolved?
The scent of the bath bomb, according to the Lush website, is tonka and vanilla with a hint of neroli. What can I say? It smells delicious. Not only do you get out of the bath smelling amazing, this bath bomb also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch.
Retailing at £2.45 for 90g, I think this is a reasonable price for a bath bomb, especially one smelling and feeling as great as this!
I can’t wait to use my other bath bombs to see if they match up to this one, definitely my favourite bath bomb so far!
You can buy this ballistic here.
Would you like to see more Lush reviews?

REVIEW: Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine

REVIEW: Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine
I recently received a bottle of Eisberg alcohol free rosé wine for the purpose of review from the lovely Olivia from Eisberg.
I had seen Olivia tweet about bloggers receiving some for review purposes, and as a breastfeeding mum who is off the alcohol (but would still like to be sociable amongst friends), alcohol free wine sounded right up my street!
I enlisted the help of Steve and my friend Emily in reviewing the bottle, and we soon got to work. Described as a refreshingly juicy wine, we were excited to see what it tasted like. We had great fun trying to deduce what fruits we could taste – I said strawberries, Steve said cherries – in fact, we were both right, this rosé has both of these!
On first tasting, I adored it, although Emily, as a seasoned wine drinker, wasn’t so sure – perhaps the fact that she knew it was non-alcoholic is what put her off. Yet she continued to drink it as it started to grow on her. I loved it from the first taste, I’m generally a white wine drinker, but when given the choice of wines to try by the lovely Olivia, I thought it would be nice to branch out of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did.
A glass of this is a refreshing, succulent treat for expectant mothers, breastfeeding mums and those on a health kick (only 32 calories!), who don’t want to feel left out or appear unsociable at social gatherings. Ever since Jack was born, I have been feeling a little left out when out with friends and I’m relegated to drinking soft drinks. A glass of this certainly lifts my spirits, and I’m definitely thinking about purchasing some once I’ve drained the last little bit out of this bottle (Steve only tried a mouthful of mine, so it means more for me!)
Have you ever tried non-alcoholic wine? What did you think?
You can find Eisberg non-alcoholic wines for sale in a variety of different supermarkets including Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose, or you can look for more stockists on the Eisberg website here.

I received this bottle free for the purpose of review, however as always l, I am 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.