Charms & Chains

Charms & Chains

You may remember seeing the ‘Peace’ necklace* featured in a recent OOTD. I mentioned back then that it was from Charms & Chains, a sweet vintage style jewellery and accessories shop which you can find here. As well as the peace necklace, I also received the nautical double ring* which, unfortunately, is currently sold out.

I had never tried a double ring before and knew that they were extremely popular – and being a fan of most things nautical, it seemed almost fate to choose this one! I have had plenty of compliments whilst out & about wearing it – so much so I’m expecting to see a few cheeky orders from some of my friends!

Roxanne, the lovely lady behind Charms & Chains, is brilliant – great customer service & makes sure she understands your needs perfectly. She also offers a range of made-to-order personalised bracelets which I’m thinking would make great stocking fillers come Christmas time!

I’m instantly drawn to affordable jewellery shops and Charms & Chains is no different. Service with a smile, great products and prices starting from just £3, they are definitely worth a peek.

Where do you buy the majority of your jewellery?

Purity Organic Skincare treats – A Review

Purity Organic Skincare treats – A Review
I was recently given the opportunity to review some products from Purity Organic Skincare. I wasn’t too familiar with the brand so did a little research. Purity Organic Skincare believe less is more when it comes to beauty. British in origin, Purity pride themselves on bringing us all intelligent, sustainable and organic beauty. 

I was pleasantly surprised to review five out of the seven products Purity produce – and all at full size too! I have been trialling the products for a couple of weeks now and will be bringing you one post a week, reviewing the products. Today I shall be reviewing the Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser and the Anti-Ageing Mask & Serum.
 The packaging is simple – muted colours and plenty of details about the products which is always a win/win for me. I hate fancy products which have no details about the product on their packaging but then again, I am also a sucker for pretty packaging. These are just the right amount of pretty and informative. I love how each product has the Purity philosophy written on it…Less is more in beauty. Such a nice phrase and so true! Why use chemical nasties when pure products can do the job just as well?
The moisturiser is of a creamy consistency but not too creamy as to be unpleasant. At first application, it left my skin feeling a little greasy, however after a few minutes of leaving it to sink in, the greasy feeling had all but disappeared and had left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. As I have mentioned in previous skincare reviews, sometimes my skin can be a little horrid and I have been using a variety of different products to combat whatever problem I may have. I recently finished my BeautyLab moisturiser (as seen in my July Empties post here) and this has fast taken its place. I actually have far too many moisturisers dotted around my bedroom & bathroom but I can never resist trying a new one out, just to see if it will become my Holy Grail skincare product.

The mask also looks of a creamy consistency when in the tub and applies like a dream, however it is a little oily. I found the mask to become quite tight once applied, which some people may not like, but I believe tightness or tautness is the sign that a good mask is doing its work. You can either apply it like a usual face mask and leave it for the standard time of ten minutes or you can leave it on overnight, for a more intensive treatment. I opted for the ten minute mask, however I will be trialling the mask in an intensive treatment over the next few days and will report back with my findings in my next Purity review. After the initial tight feeling passed and the mask dried, I then washed it off to find my skin feeling very soft. I rarely use masks as I have always seemed to have trouble with the Montagne Jeunesse range, bar one, but I did feel that this one lived up to (and possibly exceeded) my expectations.

Would I repurchase? Probably. I am currently overwhelmed with moisturisers though so it would definitely be in the future somewhat but I’d be unsure when. As for the mask, I will let you know once I have tried it as a more intense treatment.

You can buy the Purity Skincare range from their website:

Have you ever tried any products from the Purity Skincare range?

{Sorry for the darkness of the photos. When shooting in natural light, you could barely see the packaging so this was the only way}

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream – A Review

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream – A Review
You may recall me posting way back in February about the fantastic Wahanda deal I had found. I was looking to repurchase my Elizabeth Arden lip protectant stick already when I found all five products plus a little bag for the bargain price of £22. Since the lip protectant stick itself is £19 in the shops, I didn’t hesitate in buying this little set for myself. I promised reviews of the products and although it is five months later, I have got a variety of products to use up before starting some of the other Elizabeth Arden products but they will be up in due course.

I’m sure all of you know the brand name Elizabeth Arden but if you don’t, here is a little background information.


Elizabeth Arden was started by Florence Nightingale Graham over a century ago, opening her first Red Door salon on 5th Avenue in 1910. Her belief was that ‘beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman’s finest natural assets‘. By the 1930s, the brand had opened salons in the majority of the world’s fashion capitals, swiftly becoming the brand we all know and love.

The Packaging: We all instantly know when a skincare product is of the Elizabeth Arden brand – the white background, red logo and black writing is synonymous with the company, Although nothing spectacular, the packaging is instantly identifiable and wouldn’t look out of place on display on a dressing table or hidden away in a bathroom cabinet. The plastic tube has a squeeze-dispense mechanism – my favourite way of releasing a product, as you can easily control just how much you are getting – and a flip top lid which easily snaps back into place, even with hands covered in product!

The Product: I dispensed a fair-sized amount into my palm, roughly the size of a 10 pence piece – and massaged it into my hands. Of course, as it is a hand cream, you would not expect to see any product on my hand above, although it does leave a nice, subtle sheen – I’m not sure if that is very obvious in the above picture.

The product itself felt creamy and luxurious and I could feel it sinking into my skin almost right away. I let the product do its work for a few more minutes and was amazed at the results – although my hands have never been exactly dry, I do suffer very occasionally with some dryness around the knuckles. This product kept them feeling refreshed and moisturised for hours.

Would I repurchase? Without a doubt, yes. Just not right now as I have a mountain of hand creams to use before I shell out for this! Although Elizabeth Arden products sometimes come with a hefty price tag, the quality of their products cannot be denied.

Where can I buy it? 
Ebay – £6.99 // Cheap Smells – £17.95  // Amazon – £19.90 // Boots – £24 // Debenhams – £25

Have you ever tried any Elizabeth Arden products? What were your thoughts?


BOOK REVIEW: What Lies Within by Audrey Finch

BOOK REVIEW: What Lies Within by Audrey Finch
As you know, I’m currently undertaking a reading challenge of 125 books in a year. I am woefully failing right now so when asked if I’d like to review the above eBook(*), I agreed, hoping it’d bring me closer to target. 
Contrary to what you may be led to believe by the cover, this book, although having plenty of scenes set in a church, is barely religious at all. Instead, it touches on some hard-hitting subjects such as affairs, drugs, murder and sexuality.
The main character Pat is easily likeable – she is only young and very naive at the beginning of the book, but she soon grows into a strong and independent young women. When her brother goes missing, she takes it upon herself to find out what has happened to him and unearths a mountain of trouble and corruption as she goes.
I found the book to go at a steady pace, meaning you were never bored or distracted, and she had written the characters personalities very well – some really had me fooled! I was kept guessing right until the end about what was actually going on and I love the way the book ended, leaving you wanting more.I was more than a little suspicious of the DCI, suspicions which were left unfounded, but I enjoyed finding that out along the way.
All in all, this eBook is a fantastic read – especially if you are a big fan of crime fiction like me – the characters are likeable or despicable, depending on their role, the story is quick and edgy; fast-paced and interesting enough to make sure you don’t want to put the book down. It focuses on typical ‘crime’ subjects such as affairs, drugs and of course murder; but the added addition of Pat’s sexuality and what it means to the story keeps you gripped to the very end.
What Lies Within is available to buy for the bargain price of £1.99 from Amazon. Does this sound like your kind of read?


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Force 18 ‘Pizza Inside’ T-Shirt – A Review

Force 18 ‘Pizza Inside’ T-Shirt – A Review
Steve often complains about the stuff I get to review, often bemoaning the fact that it is never usually anything that he can use. Yes, that’s right – I have a boyfriend jealous of the make-up and skincare samples I receive! So when the opportunity came up to review an item of clothing from a local brand Force 18, he didn’t need asking twice! We were given the choice of anything on the site and I have to admit, I did get a little annoyed as Steve spent ages on the site – he’d see one he liked, then carry on going in case he saw one he liked better! This carried on for a while until he finally set his heart on this t-shirt.
He chose the ‘Pizza Inside’ t-shirt in his size and changed the colour to a red; he has far too many black shirts as it is! Steve’s favourite food is pizza so it was only apt that he chose this one – it has garnered plenty of laughs from various friends and family members!
So what did he think?
‘The shirt fits well – it isn’t too fitted neither is it too baggy. A cotton material, it is extremely comfortable to wear and I definitely think I made the right choice in the colour, the black logo really stands out!’
Even after washing, the quality of the t-shirt remains the same – with some clothes, you find that they shrink very quickly in the washing machine and that logos begin to fade. This has already been in the washing machine quite a few times (Steve insists on wearing it a lot!) and neither of these has happened.
What are your thoughts on the t-shirt? Force 18 have an enormous range of shirts to choose from: men’s, women’s, rude, cartoon, XXL and XXXL sizes. Prices generally start at £12.99 and you can choose your size, t-shirt colour AND print colour to really make the t-shirt your own.
I have to say that both Steve and I are super impressed; we are planning on having a sneaky little spree on the website very soon!  These t-shirts are perfect for absolutely anybody and any occasion – and with Fathers Day coming up, why not treat the special man in your life?