REVIEW: Osmo Berber Oil Collection

REVIEW: Osmo Berber Oil Collection
I was recently sent the Berber Oil Collection (*) hair products in travel-size to review. I have given the products a trial run of two weeks to see how they fare.
Osmo are a haircare company, born and bred in Britain. They started off relatively small but have now grown to have a cult following and two, in their own words, ‘revolutionary products’ – Aqua Wax and Aqua Wax Hard. Osmo aim to push creative boundaries and pride themselves on being leaders, not followers.

The packaging is eye catching but simple. The browns, oranges and greys work with each other to make sure that you definitely take a second look. The products, carefully packaged in a sleek cardboard box, wrapped in gorgeous black tissue paper, are impressive in looks. These wouldn’t look out of place in a salon nor your bathroom.
Berber Oil Shampoo Rejuvenating Cleanser with Argan Oil(*)
The product is of a runny consistency, a deep honey like colour and designed to infuse the hair with moisture and hydration. I have used this product the most often out of the three, substituting my usual shampoo for this one. The website claims that this product:
  • Delivers enhanced radiance and intense shine.
  • Moisturises and hydrates.
  • Aids in the replenishment of vital proteins and essential nutrients.
  • Unique blend of oils combined with Panthenol to help strengthen and repair.
  • Used in place of my usual shampoo, this product delivered it on its promise. I’m still searching for that elusive Holy Grail haircare product but this comes pretty darn close. It left my hair shiny and soft to the touch. I’ve recently been a victim of extreme dryness and horrible tangles and the feeling left by this shampoo was amazing. After years of dying my hair and then raging pregnancy hormones, my hair definitely deserved this treat.
     I would definitely repurchase this product again –  it’s the closest shampoo to perfect for my unruly mane.
    Berber Oil Mask(*)
    Designed to be used as a daily 1 minute conditioner or a weekly treat, this product is thick and creamy in consistency. Given the choice of using this daily or weekly, I chose to use it weekly as my hair does not react well to being washed and conditioned every day. The website claims that the product:
    • Replenishes elasticity and bounce.
    • Leaves hair smooth and silky for ease of styling.
    • Helps strengthen and repair even the most fragile of locks.
    Used intermittently with my other conditioners and as a weekly treat, this product did leave my hair silky smooth, however it failed to deliver with its claims of elasticity and bounce – although my hair felt smoother, it still felt as lacklustre and with as little volume as before. I have weak hair anyway, but I also have to mention that I haven’t noticed any difference in the strength of my hair.
    Berber Oil(*)

    Another product with a runny, honey-coloured consistency is the Berber Oil itself. Using Argan Oil, the product claims to:

  • Helps strengthen and repair the hair for noticeable, more manageable results.
  • Contain UV filters for protection against sun damage and heat styling.
  • I have used this product the least out of the three, only using it for special occasions such as my nieces wedding and some drinks with friends. This product can be smoothed onto either dry hair or onto damp hair – I chose to use it on dry hair, usually also whilst I was in a rush. Although I haven’t noticed a difference in the strength of my hair, as I mentioned in my review of the mask, my hair does suffer in the sun and although we have had a lack of the yellow rays the past few weeks, they haven’t affected my hair as they normally would.
    However, I’m not totally sold on this one just yet, I’d like the opportunity to trial other oils before committing to this one. The only product out of the three I can honestly say I’d definitely repurchase would have to to be the shampoo.
    If you’d like to find out more about the products, you can find the website here.
    Osmo are also offering a 10ml sample of their Berber Oil free – you can find that here.
    The shampoo and mask come in 75ml or 250ml sizes, the oil comes as 100ml.
    You can find these products at various salons across the country, more information on where the products are stocked can be found here. 
    Prices range between £7-£22 for the products.
    What do you think of Argan oil based products? Are you a fan or not?
    This post contains a PR sample.

    REVIEW: Vita-E Natural Vitamin E Cream

    REVIEW: Vita-E Natural Vitamin E Cream
    I was recently sent the Vita-E Natural Vitamin E Cream(*) to review. If you hadn’t guessed, Vita-E is a natural, fragrance free Vitamin E cream for use at day or night for problem dry skin areas. It is perfect as a moisturiser, which is what I have predominantly been using this as.
    The packaging is simple, quite plain, but effective. A white background with green and black writing, it is inoffensive but still pretty enough to keep on your dressing table. All natural ingredients are listed on the label and the product has a screw-top lid which undoes easily to get to the product. The packaging isn’t perhaps the most elegant of designs but it does feel pretty sturdy, so if that you were like me and pretty accident prone, you could be pretty confident that it won’t break.
    The cream is thick in consistency, although not gloopy – and like stated on the tub, it is fragrance free. However, it does seem to have a slightly medicated smell about it – I used to have eczema and the smell of this is reminiscent of the cream I used to have for that! It is not very noticeable though and would hardly offend anyone.
    The product feels a little greasy when applied, however once it has been left to sink in, it leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth, with no hint of greasiness or oiliness whatsoever. I have been using this cream as a moisturiser instead of my usual product and I have to say it has done wonders for the tiny speckles of dry skin I occasionally get around the bottom of my nose!
    The cream leaves skin looking smooth and radiant- no hint of dry skin in sight.
    I will definitely be purchasing another tub when I’ve finished this one!
    You can buy this cream on the Vita-E website or you can buy it from Boots for the price of £7.49.
    Does this seem like your kind of product?
    (This post denotes a PR sample)

    REVIEW: L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in Fashionista Pink

    REVIEW: L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in Fashionista Pink
    Yes, I gave into the hype. After seeing numerous blogposts about not only the Revlon lip butters but also the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse alternative, I knew I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
    I finally managed to get my hands on a Rouge Caresse in the shade Fashionista Pink. So what did I think?

    L’Oreal are a well known cosmetics brand, loved by women all over the world. Started in France, the brand is the worlds largest cosmetics and beauty company. Their products are a staple of many a makeup bag or dressing table and everyone is familiar with their well-known catchphrase ‘Because I’m Worth It‘.

    The packaging is sleek and well-designed, aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye. It is easy to find with its clear casing, easily identifiable amongst the coloured plastic casings found on other products.
    The packaging feels sturdy and unlikely to break, although I’m reluctant to test that theory out! I love that the shade is included on the bottom of the case with the shade name, so you know exactly what colour to expect.

    Described as a mix between a lipstick and a lipbalm, the product looks surprisingly bright in the bullet but when swatched, the shade is less pink, more barely there. The pink is still noticeable but nowhere near as bright as it is in the bullet.

    Apologies for my abnormally large freckles making an appearance in these pictures!

    Once again, applied to the lips, the product looks barely there. There is a slight pink tinge but nothing of any effect. The Rouge Caresse lipsticks are described as being highly pigmented and I’ve seen evidence to support that – however, I feel this shade falls short. These pictures were taken after layering the product a few times to see if any colour built up – it couldn’t.

    To apply, however, the product was a dream. It slicked on exactly like a balm and didn’t tug like some lipsticks have a tendency to do. The product left my lips feeling soft and moisturised like a lipbalm should.

    Would I repurchase? I wouldn’t personally repurchase this shade, as I don’t think the colour payoff is worth it. However, I’m planning to try the other shades in the range as I feel the quality and application of the products themselves are outstanding.

    Have you tried any of the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks? Or have you tried the Revlon lip butters?
    What did you think?


    REVIEW: My Cocktail & Alfies

    REVIEW: My Cocktail & Alfies
    How many of you enjoy a cheeky little cocktail? How brilliant would it be if you could have your favourite tipples in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can. MyCocktail are ready to serve pre mixed cocktails, handily designed with an easy to use tap for pouring.
    I was recently sent the Mojito(*) and Cosmopolitan (*) to trial and review. As a mum to a young baby, I have been sticking to soft drinks or non-alcoholic wine of late but was itching to be a little naughty and have a glass of alcohol. These more than satisfied my need. As soon as they arrived, Steve (my boyfriend) ripped open the packaging to see just what was inside. I have to admit, he was a little naughty and poured some straight into his mouth but I let it slide, preferring instead to find out his views on the products themselves.
    For someone like Steve who rarely drinks, an alcoholic beverage has to be amazing for him to carry on drinking it…and that he did. I invited my friend Michelle round for a cocktail night and a catchup and he must have outdrank us on both cocktails! The Cosmopolitan is divine, just the right amount of vodka to the other ingredients and has to be my favourite. I have never been a great fan of Mojitos – after working in a pub and being made them time and time again by my boss, any love I could have ever had for the cocktail soon faded. This Mojito though is totally different, the premix is definitely right in regards to each product-each flavour compliments each other perfectly, rather than one in particular outweighing the other.
    After countless glasses and numerous tastings by family and friends, I still have plenty of cocktail in each pouch left to enjoy a cheeky little drink by myself. The resounding opinion of nearly all of my fellow reviewers is that these cocktails are fabulous and some are planning on purchasing these pouches for upcoming occasions. Only one of my friends was left unimpressed, she couldn’t put her finger on why they left her feeling this way but I’m guessing she may be used to slightly different cocktails – having a cocktail made for you in a bar can easily lead to a bit more of one ingredient than the other, altering the overall taste.
    I personally think these are great tasting drinks, perfect for the summer we have coming up – these are easy to carry, easy to pour and are perfect for barbecues, picnics and parties alike. These cocktail pouches currently retail online and in store at Asda for just £10 – a great price for a great product.

    I was also sent a few other premixed drinks to try – Alfies Gin & Tonic(*) Alfies Gin & Diet Tonic(*) and Alfies Vodka & Orange(*). Apologies for the stock photo, my parents did not want me having all the fun and quickly snaffled these off me before I even got a look in – my Mum saved me just a drop of the vodka and orange 🙁

    As mentioned above, I barely got a look in with these BUT I am now the greatest daughter ever. My Dad adores his gin and tonic but recently has found the bartenders (or the cans he buys) can’t get the mix quite right. My Dad and his best friend Mick tried a can out each and for a week afterwards, no word of a lie, they were begging me to find them more of these! They say that there is the perfect mix of gin to tonic and they definitely want more – so being the lovely daughter I am, I am going to buy some when I next see them in the shops.

    My Mum tried the vodka and orange, leaving but a sip for me of course, and as a seasoned vodka drinker (that sounds really bad-you know what I mean), I eagerly awaited her verdict. She too came back with the statement that these are the perfect mix of each ingredient and has also informed me she wants more.

    It seems next time I go grocery shopping, I shall be purchasing all of the above to keep everyone happy! You can purchase Alfie premixed cans at your local Spar, Nisa or Asda.

    Would you try any of these? Do they seem like your kind of thing? Let me know – what do you think of premixed alcoholic drinks?


    REVIEW: The Book People

    REVIEW: The Book People
    I was recently given the
    opportunity to review some books by the lovely people over at The Book People. The name may sound familiar to you for a variety of reasons.
    You may have come across them on the internet or perhaps stumbled across one of
    their leaflets in a magazine. I , however, have a fond memory of them from my
    times at primary school. Every now and again, we would be given a little book
    catalogue that we could take home and pick out some books from and that our
    parents could buy for often majorly discounted prices. My dad even bought my
    first Harry Potter novel from them! I remember the name vividly and have always
    kept a keen interest in what the company has done ever since. That company is
    of course, The Book People.
    For the purpose of review, I was
    gifted three books:
    a set of two baby books for Jack and a crime thriller for myself. The baby
    books were ‘Numbers’ and ‘Colours’ by Orla Kiely. Yes, Orla Kiely, the
    designer. She has released a range of new things, including these gorgeous
     Now, Jack is still only tiny,
    however I asked the lovely Lindsay at The Book People if they had any books
    suitable for very young babies and she came up trumps with these. Although he
    cannot talk yet and I’m not too sure how much Jack understands, when reading
    these books to him, he takes a keen interest in the pictures and his interest
    rarely wavers. As well as being great learning tools for young children, these
    books also wouldn’t look out of place on your bookcase – the design is simple
    but pretty.

     Jack wasn’t the only person to
    have some new books to try. I was kindly given the latest book by Dennis Lehane
    to review. Lehane is perhaps most famous for writing ‘Shutter Island’, which is
    a favourite film of mine, so I was keen to see what ‘Moonlight Mile’ had in
    store for me.
    I am an avid crime fiction
    reader, whether it’s based in the 1800’s/early 1900’s a la Arthur Conan Doyle,
    1930’s/1940’s Agatha Christie or modern day Lee Child. When offered the
    chance to review a new thriller, how could I pass up the opportunity?
     ‘Moonlight Mile’ follows the
    story of investigator Patrick Kenzie, who finds himself investigating the case
    of a girl he is all too familiar with, Amanda McCready. Having gone missing
    twelve years previously, Patrick returned her to her less than savoury family,
    only to find out years down the line that she has done the disappearing act

    The book follows his quest to
    find her (and often himself along the way). As expected in crime fiction, there
    is violence galore and a twist that I most certainly did not see coming. The
    book is a little hard to get into, but once you’re past the first few pages,
    this novel becomes hard to put down. You find yourself willing Patrick to find
    Amanda and simultaneously wondering what will happen when he does. What secrets
    is her neglectful mother hiding? Why has she gone missing now after all these
    years? Your questions find themselves answered, and then some, at the climax of
    the book – but you’ll definitely keep yourself second guessing until the very

    Whilst given the opportunity to
    review these books, I thought it would be a great idea to check out the website
    for future purchases. I often use other websites to buy my books, but with some
    great discounts, free delivery over £25 and a loyalty scheme in the guise of a
    ‘Points Passport’, I’m sure to be using this website from now on. The website
    is simple to navigate around, as is the checkout process, and I can honestly
    say I will be purchasing from them in the near future.
    I am super impressed with the
    quality of books The Book People have to offer. I also find their customer
    service second to none and I believe they are definitely worth checking out if
    you are a bookworm like me.

    You can find The Book People
    website here. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
     Happy reading!