Gift Ideas with Paramount Zone

Gift Ideas with Paramount Zone

I have recently come across the wonderful Paramount Zone whilst scouring the web for gift ideas for absolutely everyone! With a child born exactly 3 weeks before Christmas, presents do have to be thought of well in advance and I have taken to searching every corner of the Internet at silly times of the night, just to make sure I am prepared for any eventuality!

Paramount Zone offer the best secret Santa gifts, suited to any ones budget. When I was offered the chance to review this, the photo frame clock at Paramount Zone, I couldn’t say no! We are currently giving Jack’s room a new look and I thought this would be a great addition to the room. We moved in when Jack was really little, so hadn’t had the chance to really do anything with his room until recently, so this couldn’t have come at a better time!

The clock itself is sturdy and the photo compartments are just right. We haven’t put any pictures in the clock yet, as we thought it would be a great idea to wait until Jack turns 1 and then use a picture from every month of his life for each slot. The compartments are easy to get into and there is also easy access to the clocks mechanism and battery case, should you need to change the batteries or change the time.

My only gripe with this would be that I was unable to hang this up anywhere on my existing hooks – the photo frame section stands behind the clock face where is where the hanger is. My partner, however, is going to manipulate the hanger slightly, in order to make it easier to hang. Apart from this one drawback, I do love this frame. I spend countless hours in various stores, browsing their homeware sections – and I always get taken in by the photo frames. I love to display photos around my home and this clock enables me to, in a very practical way.

Do you like having photos around your house? I’d have them everywhere if I could! This clock retails at £12.99 on the Paramount Zone website. For more gift ideas, check out the Paramount Zone Youtube Channel for more inspiration.

Olivia Accessories

Olivia Accessories

 I am a big fan of independent businesses and follow plenty of them on Twitter, one of them being Olivia Accessories (find their Twitter here). When I saw them ask about bloggers featuring their items, I was more than happy to throw my name into the hat and when they asked what I’d like to review, I chose the beautiful necklace above.

Spiky necklaces have been seen all over the blog world recently and I was falling victim to the hype, planning on adding one to my shopping basket as soon as payday hit. I love how much more glam they can make an outfit. I first wore this out to my friends hen night and I had plenty of people complimenting me on it, not that I remember some of the conversations very much! Paired with a dress, some sheer tights, heels and a leather jacket, I felt ready to face the world! 

One of my biggest bugbears when it comes to jewellery is clasps – how often do you find yourself struggling to put an item on or take it off because the clasp is so fiddly? Luckily, this one was just fine – I even managed to take it off easily after an evening of fun-filled hen night festivities which really impressed me!

I rarely wear gold, but I can see this being the start of something! I’m planning on adding a few items from the website to my shopping for Christmas presents, they’d go down a treat!

Have you ever bought anything from Olivia Accessories? Are you a fan of independent businesses?

Time After Time – Watchagift

Time After Time – Watchagift

 It isn’t often Steve and other family members get to benefit from the blog, but it just so happens that recently I was given the opportunity to review this beautiful gold Softech watch* by Watchagift and my Mum got to do just that. Unfortunately, when it comes to watches, I always have to have links taken out as I have super tiny wrists. So when this arrived, I dutifully gave my lovely mother a call and told her I had a surprise for her.

She quickly came round and was very impressed with the watch just at first glance! It comes in a black Softech box around a black cushion – perfectly packaged and aesthetically pleasing. As for the watch itself, it cannot be denied just how beautiful this watch truly is.
It fit snugly around my mum’s wrists – not too tight but not too loose. It is quite a chunky watch which could give the impression that it is very heavy and would put strain on the wrist, but that is far from the case. This watch is actually quite lightweight and it is easy to forget that you’re wearing it. 

What else can I say about Watchagift? They stock some gorgeous watches at affordable prices and quick delivery. What more could you want? This particular watch retails at just £24.99 (find it here) – a bargain price and perfect as a Christmas present for that special lady in your life.

They’re also offering free delivery on orders over £60 right now – so if you’re planning to buy some watches for presents over the next few weeks, why not give Watchagift a go?

What would your perfect watch look like?

Pond’s Cold Cream

Pond’s Cold Cream
This cleansing product is one that most people have heard of but little have tried. Having been around for well over 50 years, scores of women through the generations have used this product in their skincare routines until a few years ago, when it seemed to all but disappear from our shelves. Enter Kylie Minogue, who announces that she uses this product in her skincare routine, it witnesses a revival as everyone rushes out to buy it and it retains the cult status it readily deserves.
When I first properly started a skincare routine, I asked the females in my family what they swore by. I took on my aunts suggestions of some ROC products but was intrigued when my Nan mentioned that my great-nan swore by Pond’s Cold Cream, I was intrigued. I looked up reviews of the product online and apart from being bombarded with loads of articles about Kylie, also found many glowing reviews. 

I blogged about this being part of my skincare routine a few months back and have been using it on and off ever since, only stopping to trial similar products for the blog. A little surely does go a long way.
The formula itself is quite creamy – application is easy, you just apply like any other cleansing product then remove with a flannel and water. Is it effective at its job? Yes, it has removed most makeup I wear over the months I’ve been using it, it has only slightly struggled once or twice with eye makeup but since I sometimes like to cake it on and do have a separate cleansing product for my eye makeup, that’s no biggie.

Would I repurchase? Yes, it’s effective at what it does – and if my great nan swore by it (who looked 20-30 years younger when she died aged 96), then it will definitely on my repurchase list for years to come.

You can buy Pond’s products at most beauty retailers, the cheapest retail price I can find this product at can be found here.

Have you ever tried anything in the Pond’s range?

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment
I bought this lip treatment months ago now, when Boots had an offer on makeup and skincare. I had really been struggling with dry, cracked lips and although I have now found my holy grail product in the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream lip protectant, I couldn’t resist putting some Clinique items into my basket. I recently found it again amongst my collection and thought I’d review it today.

Is it as good as the Elizabeth Arden protectant? No, but it’s still great. I’ve found that when it comes to skincare, premium beauty is definitely where its at – and lipcare is no exception. For many years, I used  the cheap lipbalms you can buy in almost any shop and wondered why my lips were still suffering. However, with this product and the EA protectant, I can definitely say I’ve noticed a difference.
The packaging is simple and fresh, a subtle green colour with the information about the product readily available and easy to see. The only thing that baffled me was the fact that as a balm, it came in what can only be described as a lipgloss tube. It does in fact dispense and apply like a gloss product, it is even a little sticky on the lips, unlike many balms I’ve tried before. 

So how does it feel?
As I mentioned earlier, it does feel a little sticky on the lips but after you wait for the feeling to subside, your lips do feel extremely hydrated and super soft. Whilst this isn’t my first choice when it comes to lipcare, I would definitely repurchase this if the other option wasn’t available.

The Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment retails for £12 and is available at most department stores.

What is your favourite lip treatment?