Pond’s Cold Cream

This cleansing product is one that most people have heard of but little have tried. Having been around for well over 50 years, scores of women through the generations have used this product in their skincare routines until a few years ago, when it seemed to all but disappear from our shelves. Enter Kylie Minogue, who announces that she uses this product in her skincare routine, it witnesses a revival as everyone rushes out to buy it and it retains the cult status it readily deserves.
When I first properly started a skincare routine, I asked the females in my family what they swore by. I took on my aunts suggestions of some ROC products but was intrigued when my Nan mentioned that my great-nan swore by Pond’s Cold Cream, I was intrigued. I looked up reviews of the product online and apart from being bombarded with loads of articles about Kylie, also found many glowing reviews. 

I blogged about this being part of my skincare routine a few months back and have been using it on and off ever since, only stopping to trial similar products for the blog. A little surely does go a long way.
The formula itself is quite creamy – application is easy, you just apply like any other cleansing product then remove with a flannel and water. Is it effective at its job? Yes, it has removed most makeup I wear over the months I’ve been using it, it has only slightly struggled once or twice with eye makeup but since I sometimes like to cake it on and do have a separate cleansing product for my eye makeup, that’s no biggie.

Would I repurchase? Yes, it’s effective at what it does – and if my great nan swore by it (who looked 20-30 years younger when she died aged 96), then it will definitely on my repurchase list for years to come.

You can buy Pond’s products at most beauty retailers, the cheapest retail price I can find this product at can be found here.

Have you ever tried anything in the Pond’s range?

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

I bought this lip treatment months ago now, when Boots had an offer on makeup and skincare. I had really been struggling with dry, cracked lips and although I have now found my holy grail product in the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream lip protectant, I couldn’t resist putting some Clinique items into my basket. I recently found it again amongst my collection and thought I’d review it today.

Is it as good as the Elizabeth Arden protectant? No, but it’s still great. I’ve found that when it comes to skincare, premium beauty is definitely where its at – and lipcare is no exception. For many years, I used  the cheap lipbalms you can buy in almost any shop and wondered why my lips were still suffering. However, with this product and the EA protectant, I can definitely say I’ve noticed a difference.
The packaging is simple and fresh, a subtle green colour with the information about the product readily available and easy to see. The only thing that baffled me was the fact that as a balm, it came in what can only be described as a lipgloss tube. It does in fact dispense and apply like a gloss product, it is even a little sticky on the lips, unlike many balms I’ve tried before. 

So how does it feel?
As I mentioned earlier, it does feel a little sticky on the lips but after you wait for the feeling to subside, your lips do feel extremely hydrated and super soft. Whilst this isn’t my first choice when it comes to lipcare, I would definitely repurchase this if the other option wasn’t available.

The Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment retails for £12 and is available at most department stores.

What is your favourite lip treatment?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

I was recently offered the chance to review a piece of jewellery from the Char-Cole website. The lovely Char picked me a piece herself and sent me the lovely ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ bracelet.*
I struggled to get great pictures of this bracelet as I have only been wearing it when I am away from Jack, as he seems to think it is something to chew on! Add to that being at work all week and not being able to take pictures in natural light (the only days I finished early enough to take pictures, it poured down with rain!), you can gather that taking pictures of anything this week has been a bit of a nightmare!

I love independent jewellery sellers and Char-Cole is no exception. The bracelet fits snugly around my wrist, fastened by a clasp. It looks fantastic on, has received plenty of compliments from various family and friends and it has meaning behind it too. The phrase above can bring a different meaning to anyone & everyone – and as some of you may know, the past few months have been a little challenging to say the least. But as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way 😉

This gorgeous bracelet retails for just £5 on the Char-Cole website for just £5. You can check out the lovely lady behind the shop at her blog here.

Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich – A CyberCandy Treat

 I recently reviewed a handful of treats from the lovely guys & girls at CyberCandy (review here) and was excited to see another email pop up in my inbox from the lovely Libby. She was asking if I’d like to try something from the vintage Hammond’s candy range*. I popped along to the website and found the perfect present for Steve, a PB&J sandwich chocolate bar!

I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter (and definitely not PB&J together) so I left the majority of the taste test to Steve. I did treat myself to one square though!
The chocolate bar comes packaged in a pretty simple vintage looking red outer wrapper with black & white text and a gorgeous gold wrapper for the inner wrapping. Aesthetically pleasing, not offensive to the eye so far. The chocolate bar itself looks like most normal everyday chocolate bars, squared off. But how did it fare when it came to the taste test?

It was alright. As a chocolate bar, it was lovely. As a PB&J chocolate bar, I’m not so sure. I only had the one square but even Steve who had the rest of the bar said that the taste of the peanut butter and jelly (jam to use Brits) was barely there. Perhaps our bar was at the end of the days production and has a tinier amount than normal, who knows? We’ll definitely be trying this again to see if it is just how the bar was meant to be but for now, I’m unsure. Great packaging, great tasting chocolate. The flavouring? To be honest, I was expecting more. 

However, I shall definitely be trying more products in the range as they look super tasty – and after treating Steve, don’t I deserve a treat too?

iLuv Portable Speakers

Portable speakers aren’t a product I would normally post about on this blog but I had to post about these! I received these to review about a month or so ago and have really been putting them through their paces at various summer occasions – and other uses too.

You may have heard of my Operation Lose That Mum Tum plan to get rid of the jelly belly that has been left hanging around for nearly a year after Jack’s birth. Well, I finally decided a month or so ago that I really need to take this seriously. I don’t know about you but when I’m exercising, I need music – fast paced music to spur me on. I had been looking into getting an MP3 player (yes, I am one of those few people who doesn’t own an iPod!) but when I was told about these iLuv portable speakers* for smartphones, I had to give them a go! 

I used to have portable speakers with my old Sony Ericsson phone and they were my favourite feature of the phone, to be honest. However, they were tiny and fell easily from pockets, tables. Obviously, to be portable, speakers need to be a fairly small size but their size left them impractical to take places, pretty much defeating the object! I used to actually use them whilst I was on the computer as I could guarantee where they were.

These speakers, however, are large enough not to fall out of a pocket but small enough to still be practical enough to carry around. So what was the sound quality like?
Fantastic. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these. I have a large amount of music on my smartphone and I was worried about a tinny sound coming from the speakers and whether the bass would hold up.

I needn’t have. These were fantastic for a variety of occasions: barbecue, exercising/running, casual drinks. I know it’s a little late in the year to suggest this now but these would be perfect for festival season – perhaps they’d make a worthy investment for next year?

Do you own any portable speakers? Do you find them useful or impractical?