Five Favourite Things.

Five Favourite Things.

I’m thinking of introducing a guest post on my blog, where other bloggers tell me their five favourite things, and then explain why they’re so special to them.
Would any of you be interested in reading that? Or would any of you like to contribute?
All I ask is that if you do contribute, you link your guest post to your blog too 🙂

I shall start with a post of my five favourite things, and if you wish to contribute, please just click the ‘Five Favourite Things’ tab at the top.

1. S and my family – Pretty obvious why, and also pretty obligatory. They mean the world to me, and are always there for me, and I seriously don’t know what I did to deserve S. Yes, we have ups and downs like most couples, however, he’s perfect for me, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

2. My photo album – This holds 1000 photographs and I’m currently trying to fill the last twenty-odd pages up with all the pictures off my Facebook! Obviously, as time goes on, people change, and there have been the odd few removals from the pages of this album, however I do have a box full of photos from school, of me and friends that I’ve grown apart from. You have to be pretty special to make it into this album! There’s pictures of my Nan who died in 1999, taken in the 1960’s, yet theres also pictures from about a month ago of me and my girls! Apart from S of course, this would be the first thing I would save in a fire because it means the world to me.

Dream, Believe, Inspire. This is the quote on the front of the photo album, and I love it. So heart-warming.

3. My girls & boys – There’s not many of them, but they know who they are. The people who’ve been there through thick and thin, and come out the other side with me, still standing by my side. I have many acquaintances, but these people I’m proud to call my friends 🙂

4. Entering competitions – My Nan and Dad used to encourage me to enter competitions when I was younger, but I always used to do so half-heartedly. However, recently, I’ve had a new urge to enter them, and although I haven’t won a great deal, nothing beats an unexpected win through the post.

5. Homeware –As some of you may know, me and S are looking to move as soon as we can, and buy our own place. So, even though we haven’t found anywhere just yet, you can often find me looking at websites such as Ideal Homes, and I often pick up a copy of Your Home magazine, generally to get some ideas, and to be nosy and look at the readers homes! I can’t wait to have our own proper place that we can finally put our own stamp on.

So there we have it – my five favourite things. What are yours? If you’re interested, just click on the tab above.

For now,


If I only had one more day…

If I only had one more day…

Today is a bit of a personal post. Today, I am explaining my reasons for supporting the charities I do. As I have said in a previous post, I do support some local charities, but the two main charities I support are Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Care. Any research that can help towards the fight towards curing cancer, or any money that goes into paying the nurses who help and support cancer patients through their dying days is worth all the money in the world to me.

You see, I have had plenty of first hand experience with the dreaded C word, and I can assure you it is one of the most devastating illnesses anyone can ever go through.

My first experience with the illness was back when I was fourteen. This was the summer of 2004, and my Dad broke the news to me that my great uncle Roy was seriously ill. At the time, I didn’t know that he had cancer, as it was kept from me until a few years after his death. When my Dad told me this news, I hadn’t seen my uncle properly for around seven or eight years, except for family occasions once or twice a year. Although I didn’t know Roy had cancer, I can distinctly remember watching him go downhill and getting thinner and thinner as time went on. He wasn’t young by no stretch of the word, he was in his late seventies, but even so, to see someone dying slowly like that is a lot to take in at any age, let alone early teens!

This is a picture of my Uncle Roy in the sixties.

Anyway, I got extremely close to him again in his last few weeks, and although it was expected, it came as quite a devastating shock when I returned home from a sleepover at my cousins one Sunday afternoon to the news that he had died. To make it even worse, his funeral was arranged on the one day I had an important drama performance at school. I begged and pleaded my parents to let me off for the day, my class would have to do without me, yet they wouldn’t give in. To this day, that is probably one of my biggest regrets, not to get to say goodbye to him properly – and I don’t usually have regrets.

The picture above is of the woman who is the main reason I am so supportive of these charities. This is the only picture I can find of her on my computer, but this is my aunt, Heather. For the first few years of my life, my aunt Heather was always the life and soul of the family parties, always happy and smily, and its fair to say she was one of my favourite people in the whole wide world. As time went on, she started coming to fewer and fewer family parties, and she became more and more unwell. This started about ten years ago. About seven years ago, she got rushed into hospital seriously ill, and we were told to expect the worse. No one knew what was wrong with her, tests kept showing nothing, and yet she was obviously ill. She recovered amazingly, and was allowed home, but over the next few years, went downhill at a very rapid speed. Finally, about January 2009, the doctors found out what was wrong with her – she had cancer. Not only that, but she’d had it for over ten years, and it had been missed every single time she went into hospital. We were told that she had only a few weeks to live, and my family and I spent every moment we could round her house over the next few weeks. Every time we went home from her house, we expected the call to come, and it still didn’t. I must have said my goodbyes to her at least four or five times.

Eventually, it got to April -she’d amazingly held on for three months, and I’d just started seeing S. I confided in him that my Dad was going to see her on the Wednesday, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. He said to me that if I didn’t go, and something happened to her, I’d never forgive myself. He said that even that I’d said my goodbyes, so many times before, I should go and pay her a visit.
I went to her house with my Dad and my sister, and we were warned by one of the Macmillan nurses that she was extremely delirious and probably didn’t even know we were there because of the strength of her pain relief. The nurse left me, my dad, my sister and my cousin in the room with us, and I’ll never forget the moment when she opened her eyes and mumbled ‘Tony, where’s Tony?’. Tony’s my Dad and the oldest of his brothers and sisters. She then smiled at me. Just the fact that she wanted my Dad there was enough to make me smile – she was definitely holding on.

The next day, the 16th April, was my Nans birthday. Although my Nan had passed away 10 years previously, our family believed that Heather was trying to hold on for Nans birthday, as if she didn’t want to go until she’d let it go past. It came to the 17th April, and my Dad was to go and see my Aunt the next day. I was working my shift in the local pub, and my parents came down with their best friends, Mick and Val, for Val’s birthday lunch. After their meal was over, my Dad, Mick and Val all went home, whilst my Mum waited for me to finish my shift at 3pm. I’ll never forget what happened afterwards. Just before my shift was about to end, my Mum announced she was going to the toilet. 3pm came and went and I gathered my belongings and walked out into the customer side of the bar. My mum had left her bag by her seat, and I could hear ringing. Now, my Mum had said for the past couple of weeks to answer her phone for her if she wasn’t there, in case there was any news. Even as I reached into her bag, I knew what was coming. The screen flashed up with my Dad’s name, and as I answered, he shouted down the phone, asking for my Mum. I knew something was wrong, and I asked him what had happened. He then informed me that my aunt had died at 2.30pm that afternoon, and to get my Mum to ring him back.

He rung off, and I dropped the phone in shock, and burst into tears. My manager must have heard me crying, because the next thing I know, he was standing at the end of the bar with his arms wide open. He then helped me outside where my Mum was just coming out of the other door, leading from the toilets. I told her what had happened and collapsed on the floor, I just couldn’t get up. Even though I knew what was coming, I just couldn’t accept that she was gone. My manager was good friends with S at the time, and as S was working in London at this point, texted him to let him know. Everyone of my friends was at work, except one, so I rung him and simply said ‘It’s happened.’

He told me he was on his way down to the pub to meet me, and to wait right there. Within seconds he was there. Since he was walking from the other side of the village, this was quite a mean feat. It transpires that as he started his way down to the pub, my best male friend had just finished work and was on his way down too – this friend knew nothing of what had happened. He asked my friend, Duncan, why he was in such a rush, and Duncan told him. Apparently, Jim put his foot down, just so they could get to me as quick as possible. To this day, this shows me what true friends are -these two truly were there when I was in my hour of need.

To be honest, my Aunts final days wouldn’t have been half as comfortable without the MacMillan nurses there to treat her. Of course, she was still in agony, but they tried their best to make sure her last few weeks were as comfortable as can be.

Sadly, my family and its battle with cancer was far from over. As my aunt entered her final weeks, my brother had discovered that he was finding it hard to swallow food. Him and his wife went to their doctor, and he referred them to a specialist. It was here that my brother found out that he too had cancer. I can’t imagine the terror he must have felt, knowing that he had this disease, and that it was to claim his aunt in just a few days. It took a couple of months for him to build up the courage to tell my Dad and his mum (he’s my half brother), and asked my Dad if he could break the news to the rest of the family.
The day I found out I had been out with S for the day. I got home to Dad on the phone to my aunts answerphone. I could tell from his voice that something was seriously wrong, he was trembling and acting in an odd way. I asked him what was wrong, and that was when he told me. The next thing I remember is telling my Dad I needed my Mum, and jumping into S’ car to go to my Nans and meet her. It was an extremely scary time, and I was so glad when 2009 finally finished – because without doubt, it was one of the worst years of my life (my great-grandmother also passed away in the November of 2009).

Although my brother is still not out of the woods yet, he is recovering very well, and we hope he will be in remission very soon.

I also recently found out that my great aunt on my Mums side was suffering with the disease. Now, none of my Mums side of the family, except one great uncle, talk to this aunt, but even though I’ve barely said two words to her my whole life, I was still upset, as was the whole family – she is still family, after all. I have heard that she’s responding as well as can be expected to treatment.

I also recently attended the funerals of two family friends, whose lives had been blighted by cancer. One was my Grandad’s best friend, and another was the wife from one of the regulars at the pub I used to work at, and I had grown quite close to her. This disease is awful, and has affected so many people close to me, either personally, or through their families.

I ran the Race For Life last July, raising over £500 for Cancer Research UK. I cannot tell you how important these charities are in helping those suffering from cancer, and their families!

This has been extremely therapeutic writing this, I can tell you 🙂

If you would like to donate to my JustGiving page, in memory of my aunt, then you can find it here

Thank you for reading


New Directions.

Just a short post today, I’m afraid.

I’m not too sure where this blog is going just yet, I don’t want it to be all about fashion & beauty like so many other pages, nor do I want it all about me.
I’m a competition addict and a shopaholic, so expect my buys and my wins to feature a lot within the blog, however, I am open to any other ideas about what I can post about – obviously, I will write about whats going on in my head, but if you would like to see any features, I’m more than willing to give them a shot!

Today has been pretty uneventful. I worked for six hours, and came home to my boyfriend asking me if I wanted to go out to dinner. I however opted to get a takeaway, and we ordered pizza for him (Super-Sized Alligator with cheese stuffed crust for him, and Chicken & Mushroom Pasta for me!) It was yummy!
We then decided to go down to our local pub quiz, and although my boyfriends team won, and I have been frequenting the quiz for longer than I care to remember, I don’t believe I will be going again, due to the actions and complete and utter rudeness of the Quiz Master tonight.

Last things last, I found the most gorgeous little bag in Boots on my lunch break today! It’s a lunch bag that costs one pound, and forty three pence of that pound go to Macmillan Cancer Care, a charity that is very close to my heart as they helped to nurse my auntie through cancer in her last few days. I wish for the life of me I could remember who it’s designed by, but unfortunately, my Mum saw it and has stolen it off me, so until tomorrow (when I go and buy another one) I will remain clueless to who its by. I have tried looking on the Boots website, but I cannot see anything about it on there, so will have to let you know tomorrow.

What charities do you hold dear to your heart? And why so?


About Me – Starting Over.

Yesterday, I decided that even though I started this blog a couple of months ago, I would actually get into my blogging in a big way, and not look at it as a chore or something that I only have time to do every other few days.

My aim is to post once a day, or every other day, depending on what I am doing.
I apologise now for not posting in quite a while, as I’ve had an extremely busy few weeks, what with working in a high street shop, and having at least five extremely important birthdays to attend – including my very own 21st 🙂

Basically, this post is to let you all know a little bit about me, and what you can expect from me.

My name is Rebecca, but I prefer to be called Bex. The only people who call me Rebecca are my parents, people who email me, and the bank 🙂 Even my grandparents call me Bex, they seem to actually prefer it!
I am 21 years old and I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire – home to Enter Shikari, and we also have a place on the new Monopoly board! Beat that!
Actually, I lie. I live in a small village outside of St Albans, but its so tiny, it may as well not exist 🙂

I live with my boyfriend, who shall be known on here as S for now, as I don’t think he would like to be broadcast on here just yet. As I said before, I work in a shop, so sometimes have to work a lot more than I was originally scheduled to do! I love my job, but it is tiring and demanding at times, and the odd bad customer does make you feel really bad about yourself. However, sometimes you can have the most amazing customers and they will lift your spirits again. I met the nicest customer today, who didn’t exactly do or say much, but she made my day just a little bit brighter.

I am the youngest of five – I have three brothers and one sister. They are actually my half brothers and sisters, but I don’t call them that as that makes it sound as if I only love them half as much as any of my full blood family, which is totally not true!
I have no pets, so far, but me and Mr S are looking into getting a dog in the not so distant future.

Thats just a brief insight into my personal life so far, my next post is going to let you have an insight into my everyday life and routine with a ‘Whats In My Bag?’ post to kickstart the reinvention of this blog 🙂



Catching Up.

Catching Up.

Well, its been a few days since I blogged. To be honest, I’ve had little time to do anything what with the run up to my 21st party on Saturday, sorting out the last minute arrangements, and also with work.

First off, I promised Mairead of that I would post up a picture of the Me and Zena charm bracelet and charm that I bought off with the £25 voucher I won on her very first giveaway.

Here is a picture from the site of the charm bracelet and charm itself:


Now, I’m not normally a gold person, I much prefer silver jewellery. However, there was something about this in gold that drew me to it! I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet, and my Dad promised me one a couple of years ago, which I am still to receive! 😀

Me and Zena TV charm £9.99 (its so adorable, I love it!)
and Me and Zena starter charm bracelet £10.00

Anyway, I was going to buy something to wear for my 21st birthday party with my voucher, but as soon as I saw this, I fell in love with it – I had to have it.

Now, for a £25 voucher, spending £10 didn’t seem a lot, so I set about finding something for another £10 so that once I had considered postage and packaging, I had used my voucher.

I umm-ed and aah-ed whilst browsing the online store, but finally found just the thing I was looking for.

I had found myself once again drawn to the Me and Zena range, and decided upon a cute little charm for my bracelet, which can be seen above!
Since receiving my bracelet, I have had many compliments on it, with plenty of people asking where I purchased it from. Here are a few pictures of me with the bracelet on: (apologies for the not so great photographs)

As before, I am sorry for the quality of the photos, I have taken them on my extremely rubbish digital camera. I only wish the pictures were better.
Here is a picture of me wearing it (excuse the work uniform!!!):

Again, the quality of the picture is abysmal, but you kind of get a sense of how it looks on 🙂

In other news, I have got no further in searching for a house with my boyfriend, focussing wholeheartedly on my party at the end of the week.

I have not found an outfit for it yet as I just cannot seem to choose! But when I do, I shall update the blog with pictures – this will probably be the day after my party, so you can see the outfit in all its glory!

Finally, I would like to share a link to a blog that I personally adore, by a girl who I think is absolutely brilliant! She is Charlotte!

Thanks for reading

Bex xo