Spending My Time; Watching The Days Go By

Not a very wordy post today, just spending some time with my little boy – he’s nearly 5 months old now and time is going by so quickly, so I am going to quickly check my emails, list some things on Ebay, then get back to having cuddles with him when he wakes up from his nap. Then it’s time for my tv night – Touch, Alcatraz and a film.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this little picture that just melts my heart…


Jack: Four Months On

How grumpy can one little boy look?
That’s right – Jack is now four months old!
So what has he been doing for the past month? He’s rolling over from stomach to back and almost conquered rolling from back to stomach. He’s developed quite a personality, he’s generally very chatty and giggly when awake (unless he wants something, of course!)
He’s starting to respond properly to his name now – he used to just look around when we called his name, but now searches around the room until he can find us and smiles.
HE’S STARTED ON SOLIDS! Only one a day, but it’s a start – he’s eating most of the things we put in front of him but seems to prefer the fruity purees more. Once he’s having a few more purees a day, we’ve decided we’ll start making our own.
He had his 4 month injections the other day and they really did not go down too well. He screamed for an hour on Monday night after them and would not settle down, no matter what we tried. He seems okay now though, but I’m glad he doesn’t need any more injections until he’s a year old!
Do you like reading monthly updates on Jack? Is there anything else you’d like to see on Futures?

Project FAIL & a Jack photobomb

I failed miserably at the Project 365 – I kept forgetting to take pictures on some days and took loads on other days – it just wasn’t enjoyable for me and I’d much rather go back to doing Week In Pictures posts where I can put as many (or as little) pictures as I want. On that note, here is my week in pictures for the week just gone, beware it is a Jack photobomb opportunity…
Posing//Posing again//Cuddles with Auntie Sophie//Sunday lunch//Playing with Mummy’s phone and accidentally taking a picture of himself//First ever baby food puree//He liked it so much, he finished the pot//Remnants of an afternoon munching a Farley’s Rusk
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Jack: Three Months On

Jack’s been coming on leaps and bounds in the past month. If he isn’t crying for a feed, nappy change or because he’s tired, then he is always smiling, giggling and cooing.
He is desperately trying to crawl now – and is almost rolling over. Whenever we give him tummy time, he is trying to scuttle off which almost ends in him turning over but he can’t quite manage it just yet.
His cries and coos are definitely starting to develop a voice to them – rather than just sounding like a newborns’ cry, they’re starting to sound more boy-ish if that’s even possible!
He is sleeping through the night most of the time and is slowly starting to develop a routine, but we’re not quite there yet. He now weighs 11lb 7.5 oz – getting to be a proper chub round the face, but he’s SOOO long! Definitely going to be tall when he grows up.
Can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing next month!

Jack: Two Months On

I promised you an update on how Jack was doing each month, so here is his two-monthly update!
He’s smiling a lot more now, even trying to laugh. Although he is a little scared of his little chuckles _ each time he does one, he starts crying immediately afterwards! It’s so cute to watch.
He’s also starting to hold his head for quite a while now whereas before he could only manage a second at a time. We bought him a little playmat in Tesco today for him to have some ‘tummy time’, if he’s in a fab mood then he loves tummy time, but will scream if he’s not!
He’s definitely starting to find his voice, I’ve heard more coos, goos and gaas this past week than I have ever heard before. He seems to enjoy making noises, he seems to be trying to have a conversation with you most of the time.
Unfortunately he’s having his injections on Monday – something I’m really dreading as both Steve and I dislike needles with a passion! I’ve been told to make sure I have Calpol to hand in case he develops a fever after them, and to give him lots of cuddles once they’re all done, which of course I will do!
I can’t believe two months have gone already – it seems like yesterday that I was posting my pregnancy updates, and now here he is, two months of age!
I can’t wait to see what he’s doing in a months time!