Happy Birthday Jack -1 Today! {12 month update}

Today marks one year since Jack made his entrance into the world…I can hardly believe how quickly his first birthday has come around – it really has gone by in the blink of an eye. He has had a great (but hectic) day, seeing family, opening his cards and presents – but he still managed to find the time to pose for a few birthday pictures. 



What a cute t-shirt, right? A present from Auntie Sarah!

He has received so many great presents today; money, toys, clothes, puzzles. Everything you could think of! He also had a little party on Sunday where he walked the most he has ever walked! He managed about 15 steps before stumbling, it is definitely going to happen very soon! He loved all the attention and I managed to get a few nice pictures…

I love these pictures! He was so happy, crawling around and playing with his cousin Erren. Now to save up for next years birthday…

Jack: Eleven Months On

Just one more month until this little man turns one! It’s so strange to think that nearly a year has passed since he arrived in the world! I vividly remember madly scheduling blog posts like there was no tomorrow, receiving tweet after tweet from you lovely people, asking if he had arrived yet – which he finally did, ten days late!
I have some exciting news to share with you all too! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this already but….Jack said his first word!

I know he was already making sounds like mama, dada and so on, but he finally came out with his first proper word the other day. What was it?

He said it whilst being told off by his Daddy for being naughty, as you can imagine, we cracked up at the sheer cheek but we were so happy! He now thinks it is a fun to say all the time now though, so all I’m hearing at the moment is ‘no, doh, doh, doh, doh, doh, no’ – it’s already starting to wear thin! 

He is also standing up unaided for quite a while now. He only falls down if he gets distracted by something, or if he tries to take a step, bless him! He is really trying to walk but hasn’t quite grasped it as of yet. I’m hoping that by his 12 month update, I will be able to share with you that he has mastered it!

He has a general checkup with the health visitor tomorrow. It was meant to be scheduled a couple of months ago, but no one ever got in contact with us, so he is going down a bit late. I can’t wait to see how much he weighs, he is a proper chunk-a-chunk now! He’s also incredibly tall for his age too, eek!

Jack : Ten Months On

Yes, that’s right. My cheeky little chappy is nearly a year old! Where did that time go? I ordered his first birthday present today with some Amazon vouchers I had. I can’t wait to spoil him rotten, even if it means I have to go without frivolous purchases for myself for a while!

He is now standing by himself for around 10 seconds at a time before realising he isn’t holding onto anything and plonking himself down. He is so close to saying certain words it’s unreal – Mama is his favourite word at the moment. He still hasn’t got any teeth through – but apparently as he has gone this long without, they should all come through together. 

He has a very happy and vibrant personality but is a little handful at times. He knows the word no and what it means, but if he is having too much fun, don’t expect him to listen! He has also learned how to give kisses which is the cutest thing – however, sometimes they are open mouthed or sometimes even a  tongue sneaks out to lick your face – which isn’t so cute!

I’m really struggling being away from him now I’ve gone back to work…it is so odd being away from him, even if it is only for a couple of hours a day.

Jack: Nine Months On

It’s hard to believe that my little monster is 9 months old! He has now been in the world for the same amount of time as when I carried him! I can’t believe how close to one year old we are!
This past month, he has learnt to clap, twist his tongue and make funny noises and wave. These are all very cute things to see and I can’t wait until he walks or talks now! He has such a little personality, he’s an independent soul and my love for him grows each day.

Jack: Eight Months On

Yes, another month has gone past and my little boy is now eight months old! It seems like just a few days ago that I was announcing my pregnancy on here, let alone his birth and then his monthly updates!

He isn’t doing much more than he was doing last month, except he has a few new-found obsessions. He loves to blow raspberries and anyone within a certain distance gets covered in baby spit. He also makes a humming noise if you strum your finger across his lips and his newest thing is popping his mouth, opening it up and closing it like a goldfish.

He is constantly saying ‘mamamamamama’, ‘dadadadada’ and ‘babababa’ at the minute, so it shouldn’t be too long until we hear a proper word. He loves balloons – so much so that I had to confiscate it yesterday before he burst it himself and started crying! He gets way too eager with them & you can see what is going to happen if you don’t get involved.

He was recently given a walker by some of our friends and he grasped the concept on the first day within seconds of receiving it. However, now he kind of stumbles instead of walking along with it. He has also had fun over the past couple of weeks interacting with other babies, I wish I knew what babies talked about with all the ‘babababa’ talk I’ve heard him talking to other babies recently! He especially has a soft spot for our friends little girl Bailie, aww! 

He has developed more of an interest in books now, and seems to like it when I read to him. Also, his passport arrived the other day…He looks adorable, even if I do say so myself!

I can’t believe that in just a few months, my little boy is going to turn one! It seems crazy to think of how quickly the time has gone! I’ve started to buy his birthday and Christmas presents already (his birthday is exactly 3 weeks before) & I’m also trying to win some lovely things too.

Do you like catching up with Jack every month? Let me know.