How To Have The Perfect Movie Night In

How To Have The Perfect Movie Night In

We all love a good movie night in but how can we make it the perfect movie night in? Here is how we settle down for a night in at my house.

Choose The Perfect Film

When it comes to a movie night, you’ve got to get the film right. Something that is of interest to everyone and which is age appropriate for all those who are settling down to watch. We love to watch good old family films if Jack is sitting down to watch too.

Get Snuggled Up

We love to curl up under a blanket with the lights out and really get cosy, really immerse ourselves in the film and forget about the outside world. Plus blankets are great to hide under if you’re watching a scary film too!

Grab Some Snacks

What is a film night without some decent snacks? Whether you’re a popcorn fan or sweets, chocolate or crisps are more your bag, make sure you have those snacks to hand.