Primark & Boots haul

Primark & Boots haul

Hey girls, how are we all? What amazing weather we’ve had today! Hope you were all out enjoying yourselves!

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending the last of my money getting some clothes for holiday, and as I now need to accommodate my growing bump, I had to buy a couple of sizes bigger for most items.

Skirt, Primark, £5

Denim shorts, Primark, £5

Vest top, Primark, £2

Dress, £4, British Heart Foundation (originally George at Asda)

I also bought another vest top in nude from Primark, however the picture seems to have disappeared off my computer!

I also bought these gorgeous things:

I bought the offer at Boots of two Dove deodorants with a free Nails Inc nail polish. There are two colours to choose from,  Havana(the one I got, pictured above) or Copacabana, a bright coral colour which I decided against, having far too many coral varnishes!

I also received my free purple eyeliner from Helen E Cosmetics, a great freebie which I heard about last week. The company is planning on doing another free giveaway soon, so make sure you like their Facebook page here and their Twitter page here to be in the loop when they next give away some freebies. Unlike some ‘freebies’, this gorgeous little company actually means free, meaning you pay no postage and packaging costs either.

Here is the eyeliner I received, and a quick swatch:

Not the greatest pictures, I know, but they were done late last night when I just wanted to go to bed! As you can see though, it really is a vivid purple, and I shall be posting pictures up once I start wearing it!

Only 4 days to go until my holiday, don’t miss me too much!

For now,


A (very late) May Favourites.

A (very late) May Favourites.

Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Colour Vibrant Shampoo and Conditioner
With the amount I’ve been working lately, I’ve unfortunately not had the time to get my hair dyed again. I suppose I could buy a dye and do it myself, but I find the results are just not the same. This shampoo and conditioner give my hair shine, and although the colour has faded a lot since I had it done, I do believe that if I hadn’t used these products, there would be no evidence of dye at all.
The Pink Cow ‘Ginger Bread’ – A Very Warm Bath & Shower Gel
I picked up this little beauty in my local Boots not so long ago, and I must say the first time I tried it, I wasn’t impressed. The smell of ginger bread seemed overpowering, but luckily enough for me, I decided to try it again, and its now made its way onto my favourites! I think that the strong scent when I first used it was simply because it had just been opened, but I adore using this when I’m in the bath now. As you can see, I use it all the time, and I have nearly run out! I will definitely be buying this again, and looking into the other gels in the range.
FCUK Polished Sugarscrub
I was bought this as part of a set for my 21st birthday in January by my former manager Lauren, yet had not got round to using it until last week. However, I am now addicted to it, and cannot bear to part with it! It really feels like you’re rubbing sugar into your skin, and it smells divine! I have never really been one for body scrubs, but after my great experience with this and reading Fee’s amazing post ‘The Scrub, The Bad, The Ugly’, I’ll definitely be researching the best ones around & trying them out!
And finally…
Cuticura cucumber facial scrub
What can I say? Simply amazing. I had seen some good & some bad reviews around, so I was a tad wary about buying this (and I can’t remember where I bought it from – think it was either the 99p shop or Poundland…) but I love it. The smell is fresh and your skin feels silky smooth afterwards! Definitely a worthy investment, and I shall be including this in my Holiday Essentials bag for my holiday (12 days to go!!).
Have you got a May/June favourites post up on your blog? I would love to read it – just leave me a link in the comments!
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Mini Boots Haul & Glamour freebies

Mini Boots Haul & Glamour freebies

Behold my mini Boots haul of the other day…I only went in for a Meal Deal! Excuse the boring wooden background, I took this picture at work so it’s a tad boring! I am aware this is last months issue of Marie Claire, but I got it the day before the new one came out and I really wanted the Body Shop Body Butter, so I’m happy.

Pictured above are a silver photo frame (reduced down to £3 – I gave this to my grandparents for their anniversary on the 8th June), Vaseline Rose Lips (I’m a fan of both the Original and Aloe Vera tins, so I thought I’d go for the whole set and invest in the Rose Lips as well, and I must say, I love it already!

Also, I have the Marie Claire June issue – just because I wanted the free gift, however, having not read the magazine for many months now, I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of some of the articles. I particularly loved Grace Dent’s column, and I will also be blogging about the Marie Claire mentor scheme in the next few weeks. It is an amazing idea, and I think us girls should definitely consider applying for it. They have mentors from every career you can imagine – journalism, retail, authors, CEO’s of top businesses… Just incredible.

How cute is the little Celia Birtwell compact mirror (the black flower)? I had to have it, and as it was in the reduced section, I thought nothing of popping it into my basket! I also saw the last Impulse and Barry M set they had. Now, I know that Boots had stopped selling these, but they obviously had just the one left, so reduced it to get rid of it. Now I’m not one to shirk a bargain, so I snapped it up! I can’t wait to try it out, and reviews of the lipgloss, Vaseline and body butter will be up shortly.

Also, already having seen countless blogs about the Glamour magazine Benefit freebies, I’m not going to bore you completely about them. I was planning to blog as soon as I bought them yesterday, and not be so far behind everyone else. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to work, and last night, me and the Mr had plans so blogging had to wait until today, I’m afraid.
Yesterday, though, the girls at work were all raving about the freebies, and I was the first on break to go and hunt one down. I visited both WH Smith and Boots, who had unbelievably sold out within two hours of getting them! Luckily for me, I popped to the little newsagents across the road, and the lovely man who owns it was only putting two out at a time, so when I took my copy up to the till, he let me choose what product I wanted from his box behind the till! I was so happy to find one believe me!

I got the High Beam freebie, what one did you girls get?

Unfortunately, I am seriously lacking on the money front, and so even though I want to buy Red for the Jemma Kidd lipgloss, and Marie Claire for the free Inika makeup, they may just have to wait until payday. Luckily though, I get paid the day before my holiday, and boy, am I going to need some holiday reads, so hopefully the freebies over the next few weeks in magazines are up to scratch! Haha!

Great to catch up with you all, would love to hear from some of you.

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Boots Mega Points Bonanza!

So girls, who amongst you have taken advantage of the super points bonanza currently going on this Bank Holiday weekend at Boots?

I’d love to see what you’ve all bought. To be perfectly honest, yesterday I was quite boring and bought my friends birthday presents and nothing for myself! I’m actually rather annoyed with myself, and plan to take full advantage tomorrow on the last day of the points giveaway.

For those of you that don’t know, Boots are offering ten points for every £1 once you spend over £15 in store. It’s a great offer, as you can earn pounds when you would originally be earning pennies in points. Now, if it can be bought in Boots, I am the kind of person who will buy it there. It may be slightly more expensive than somewhere else, but the Advantage card and the points certainly swing it for me… why shouldn’t we get a little something back whilst buying our health and beauty products, or even our lunch?

I have been raving about this points extravaganza at work, on Twitter, everywhere, and I think my other half is just about fed up with me now, haha!

How have your weekends been? I worked yesterday, and then went for a lovely Italian meal with my friend Sophie. We shared garlic bread, then I had tagliatelle al funghi for my main course, whilst she had tagliatelle al tertrazzine. As per usual, I completely forgot to take pictures.

Today, me and the man have just been relaxing at home. I have got some housework done, we have caught up on our V+ recordings, and he even made me gooseberry crumble. Yummy! Unfortunately, there are also no pictures of this as I devoured it as soon as I could possibly could.

Tonight, I think we’re going to sit down in front of the box, and watch Britains Got Talent. I was so annoyed that it wasn’t on last night! Talking about last nights telly, do any of you watch Dr Who? What do you think of that cliffhanger they left last night? Talk about having us fooled!

I also started watching Saw VI last night, but started to fall asleep on the sofa, so we’ve set it to record tonight, and we’ll watch it tomorrow evening after Glee, hehe. The man’s also recorded How To Train Your Dragon and another childrens film – I swear I’m dating  a big kid!

I would love to know what you girls & guys have been doing this weekend, and what Boots purchases you have made this weekend!

On a last note, I have found a great new blog that you simply must follow here – shes absolutely amazing! Also, if you have Twitter, please don’t hesitate to follow me at @OhNoItsBex .

For now & enjoy the rest of your weekends,


Favourite Perfumes.

Favourite Perfumes.

Everyone has their favourite scent. Whats yours?

If you’d have asked me three years ago, I’d have said this little beauty here:

Flower by Kenzo RRP £36.99

This perfume is described as having heart notes of opopanax and white musk, with some top notes of bulgarian rose, wild hawthorn, cassie and palma violets. According to The Perfume Shop, it makes the wearer feel feminine, individual and spontaneous.

I personally adore this perfume, it was the first proper perfume I fell in love with. You know the little samples you get in the magazines? I smelt a Flower one many many moons ago, and I lusted after the perfume from then on, begging my parents to buy it for my birthdays, for Christmas etcetera. Unfortunately, they never bought it for me, however, once I got my first proper job, I treated myself to a bottle of it. I now have three bottles of it, as everyone found out it was my favourite perfume and I got bought it by my managers at the pub when they left, and then when I eventually left the pub after two years of working there a couple of months later, two of the customers bought me a bottle too. I had only just bought myself a bottle! So, I now have three bottles…but I’m not complaining.

Another fragrance I love is this perfume here:

Britney Spears Curious RRP £39.00 currently on special offer at £17.99 at The Perfume Shop

Described as having heart notes of vanilla infused musk and top notes of dewy lotus flower, this fragrance is meant to make you feel daring, outrageous and youthful. I have to agree, even though I am only 21, wearing this reminds me of nights down the pub when I was 18 and the things that used  to happen…ah, memories.
Almost everyone I know owns a Britney Spears perfume of some description, whether its Curious, Fantasy or another. In a world full of celebrity endorsed fragrances, Britney has really won the perfume critics over with her gorgeous range of fragrances.

My other favourite was bought for me by the OH’s parents, and can be seen here:

Versace Woman RRP £39.00 currently on offer for £32.99 at The Perfume Shop

This beauty took a little while to grow on me, Being a loyal supporter of my Kenzo fragrance, with the odd affair with Britney, I was reluctant to let another perfume into the fold. However, this perfume soon found its way into my heart and onto my pulse points. Its heart notes are plum, raspberry and lotus, with top notes of bergamot, frangipani and jasmine, this fragrance is meant to leave you feeling elegant, feminine and sophisticated, and it certainly does what it claims to do.

You know that woman, we all know one, whose perfume seems to define her personality? Strong, powerful yet feminine and elegant? This perfume definitely gives off this vibe, and I definitely feel a lot more confident when I am wearing this. Just like the label it comes from, Versace Woman certainly gives the impression of stylish sophistication, and I love it.

Perfumes are my extravagance in life, they’re worth the extra little bit of money, for the amount of satisfaction they give you.

What are your favourite perfumes? I would love to know! You can either leave a comment here or I would love to see a post about it. If you do post, be sure to leave me the link!

For now,