Why I Love Gisele Scanlon

Why I Love Gisele Scanlon

Gisele Scanlon, I hear you cry? & I’ll answer yes. I know that most of you probably haven’t heard of her, except possibly Fee over at Makeup Savvy who is a serious fan of her books, & wrote a review of ‘The Goddess Experience’ here.
Gisele, simply put, is the woman I aspire to be. Her books fill me with so much inspiration and joy that I feel myself wanting to rush off to Paris to get some macarons from the Laduree bakery, or to interview some amazing people such as Vivienne Westwood. Each page leaves me smiling, and the illustrations drawn by Gisele herself make each page seem all the more personal.
I adore her books because she mixes a bit of fashion, a bit of beauty, some travel, some home, some food & stirs them all up to create something absolutely beautiful. What’s even better is that her website also showcases the best in fashion, beauty & everything else, I think I’m slightly addicted to it – find it here đŸ™‚
The main reason I’m telling you all this is because I think that everyone should own copies of these books, they’re inspiring & a great gift for any girl who is interested in pretty much anything. Also, Gisele tweeted me back 😀

Also, these books are basically like all the blogs you love to read, all mixed together into a gorgeous little book <3

If you don’t own a copy of either book, BUY THEM NOW. 
My slightly battered copy of The Goddess Guide, picked up in River Island a couple of years ago by a curious teenage girl 🙂
The gorgeous cover lurking under the dust-jacket of The Goddess Experience. Book is worth it just for this cover <3
Closeup of The Goddess Experience’s cover
ï»żA recurring theme, especially in The Goddess Experience, is happiness.
So, on that note….
What makes you happy?

Book Fiend

Yes, you read that right. In a way to boost my Boots points and treat myself, I had a good old splurge on Play.com the other day. I browsed through tonnes of CD’s, DVD’s and the like, yet nothing caught my eye. Then I noticed there was a book clearance, and oh my, did I spend, spend, spend!

I am going on holiday at the end of this month, so I definitely needed some new reading material, however when I’ve already got a pile so high it reaches my knee to read, it probably wasn’t a wise idea to buy as many as I did.

Add to that the fact that I won Lady of Quality and Arabella by Georgette Heyer from Alex’s blog giveaway at Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks and I certainly have a decent enough pile to read.

I have always been a reader, however, recently, I have found my time to read depleted by working, being ill, housework and actually spending time with my family and friends. Not to mention blogging.

I am also one of these people who have phases. I will read constantly for  a whole week, and get through three or four books, and then it will take me a month to finish the next one.

So I bet you are all wondering what I’ve been buying? Well, here goes…

*Following on from winning Alex’s blog giveaway, one of the books that another blogger won really stood out to me. It’s called Class and its by Jane Beaton, and is about a teacher who moves to a new school in Cornwall, and the effects this has on her relationship. Not to mention there’s a very dishy teacher at the boys school up the road 😉
*Being an avid moneysavingexpert.com visitor, I invested in two of Martin Lewis’ books. Yes, trying to save money is not going to be helped by a book splurge, but I was treating myself, so nuh :p
I bought Thrifty Ways for Modern Days and The Money Diet.
*Sticking with the thrift theme, I also bought The Thrift Book by India Knight. I have read this before having borrowed it from the library (oh, how I love libraries!) , however I wanted my own copy.
*Two collections of short stories by some of the most talented authors around, Big Night Out and Girls Night In. Featuring Marian Keyes, Candace Bushnell (author of Sex & The City) and the ever-glamourous Joan Collins, I can’t wait to delve into these!
*The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar and other stories- Simply put, the story of Henry Sugar captivated me as a child and I think Roald Dahl was one of the best authors to ever put pen to paper 🙂 His imagination is unparallel to none!
*Finally, two Mary Westmacott collections. That name may be unfamiliar to you, but if you are an Agatha Christie fan, you would know that Mary was her pen name for her selection of romantic stories. I have searched high and low for these collections for many years, and finally finding them on Play, I had to snap them up!

So, these are going to keep me going. Whats in your pile of summer reads?

For now,


Charity Shop Finds!

Charity Shop Finds!

Hi there, everyone!
Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, a few things have been going on in my life that needed sorting out.
Anyway, today I got paid! RESULT! So I decided to visit the local charity shops and see what I could find.

To be honest, there wasn’t much around to be honest. I bought two books, ‘The Interpretation of Murder’ by Jed Rubenfield, a book set in Manhattan in 1909 (looks pretty interesting!), and ‘A Woman’s Courage’ by Jacqueline Gold, the woman who began the Ann Summers chain. This definitely looks like it could be an interesting read and I can’t wait to start reading it.

However, my favourite buy of the day was a scarf I found in Scope for ÂŁ2. I’ve been wearing it down the pub tonight, and quite a few people complimented me on it. It looks pretty expensive, but I’ve only just noticed that its from Primark! Its absolutely gorgeous though!

How gorgeous is the print on this scarf though?

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it! I know that considering the scarfs from Primark, that it may have cost little more than what I paid in the charity shop, however I had to have it when I saw it – so I did!!

Sorry about the picture, please excuse the fact that I had just got in from work, and was heading down to the pub to meet S and his golfing buddys after their golf competition this afternoon.

Talking about scarves, I was reading another blog the other day, and the blogger was talking about how they’d found a copy of the famous Alexander McQueen scarf in River Island for a fraction of the price. She also went on to say that the adult seemed too long, so she’d opted for the young girls version. I took a look on the River Island website, and needless to say, I have now got 1 girls scarf winging its way to me from the River Island warehouse!
If you haven’t seen it, this is what it looks like:

(Picture sourced from River Island official website)

I love it! I seem to be in a scarf phase at the minute, I can’t get enough of them! What are your current obsessions?

I’m planning to do a post on my birthday haul over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!

For now,