Ten To Follow.

Well, my due date has finally arrived.
Whilst I’m currently either a)looking after a newborn baby b) in labour or c) about to go overdue, why not check out these lovely blogs that I love to read?
Some of them I’ve only recently found, others I’ve followed for ages, but here you’ll find a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and books. Why not take a look?
Whose blogs do you like reading? I always like to find new, interesting blogs – so leave some links below!

Five To Follow

Some of these bloggers you’ve probably heard of, these are the five that this week keep me coming back for more…
  1. Vintage Vixen – I adore this woman!
  2. It’s Em – She bounced back from a breakup with a new look and is back to her blogging best.
  3. A Slice Of My Life – A fairly recent discovery of mine, I always look forward to Leanne’s posts.
  4. Makeup Savvy – Fee’s blog is just absolutely stunning. Savvy, she truly is, seeking out the most affordable makeup treats she can find. Having spoken to her a fair few times on Twitter too, I can honestly tell she is one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve ever spoken to.
  5. Little Chief Honeybee – I look forward to every single post of Kaelah’s. I love her outfit posts, her posts about her business and her Honest To Blog posts – she isn’t afraid to say what she feels, and I love that in a blogger. Plus, she’s also absolutely gorgeous!
Do you have any new favourite blogs that you’ve discovered?
Let me know!

Five To Follow

Whilst I’m enjoying some time away, take a look at some of these blogs here, each definitely worth a follow!
There are plenty more of you lovely people that I could feature here, but I had to pick five – so these are my five picks of the week!
Have you found a blog that you adore recently? I’d love to know about it. I follow over 200 blogs and read them all – leave me a link to their blog, or even your blog, if you like!

My Top 5 Blogs of the moment!

Just a quick note about some blogs you need to check out:

1. The Only Exception I check this blog everyday, perhaps once or twice, maybe even more times, for new posts. It is written by my good friend Charlotte, and is a wonderful mix of personal life, reviews, fashion, makeup, giveaways etc. The information is always up to date, and fresh and I absolutely adore her blog <3

2. Mairead Clabby Fashion This blog is perfect for all your fashion needs, and host some great giveaways. Mai wants to work in fashion herself, and is slowly but surely building herself up a reputation through this blog.

3. Super Lucky Di This blog was recently featured in The People, as part of an article on Di Coke, the author. I always make sure to check out this blog for new competitions, as Di is always in the know about any new competitions that come about. If you can, take a look at The People’s website and read the article, she truly is super lucky!

4. A Little Bird Told Me I only discovered this blog a couple of days ago, and I must say I’m already hooked! I wish I could look as good as Jen does – she always manages to look amazing, and her blog is always chatty and refreshing to read!

5. Brittany Love Another favourite fashion/beauty blog of mine. Honest updates on Britts life and very readable. Definitely one of the best beauty blogs around!

All these blogs are definitely worth a read. What are your favourite blogs? Comment with your links 🙂

For now,