Mind the bump.

Mind the bump.
Quick post…I received my one of these today!
Will get a picture later… but I love it! Plenty of people have commented on it already, & its by far my favourite piece of maternity clothing 🙂
What do you think of it?x

Weekend in pictures.

Weekend in pictures.
Looking unimpressed in my new TU@Sainsbury’s maxidress

The boyfriend and mother on their way to pick some fruit
Raspberry bushes…YUM!
Feeling frumpy! Love the dress but my bump wanted to show majorly!
Obligatory posing picture.

The fab bag from Primark my mum bought me for ONE POUND.

Excuse the crumpled bedsheets *shame* – my gorgeous new bedroom
My bargain from Boots – 75p!
The built in dressing table. Steve thinks hes putting a tv on there. I disagree. Its only small..it NEEDS to be covered in cosmetics.
My fab new shower..Much as I love a bath, I adore showers 🙂
Another obligatory posing picture – this time in the bathroom.
My gorgeous new sofa.
Lots of space to put everything…can’t wait to see how our tv looks there..

LOVING my new mirror, my Mum doesn’t look overly impressed though.
The beautiful card Jamie at Camber Sands gave to me & Steve
The gorgeous fruit we picked at the Pick Your Own..raspberries, redcurrants & blackcurrants..unfortunately, there were barely any strawberries left.

We passed by an ostrich farm selling burgers, sausages etc. Steve went to enquire about prices, and came out with these. Disappointed to tell you that they taste like normal sausages. Worth a try though.

Don’t worry, this wasn’t the ostrich we ate. This little thing was just a week old….. how adorable?
The fantastic crystal cut glasses Jamie gave us.
About to settle down to read this book – yes, I AM a WWE fan… and according to Twitter, so are quite a few of you :p
So what did you do this weekend? 🙂

Tra la la

Just a quick hello 🙂

I have spent most of my evening sorting out the upstairs of my cottage ready for our move in a couple of weeks. Keep pile, charity shop pile, bin pile. Quite happy actually, haven’t kept too much stuff…I’m starting to shake off my hoarding habit…woo!

However, just as I’ve got rid of a load of clothes, I’ve just persuaded Steve to buy me a few maternity items from New Look and Asda.

Oops. Suppose I need them though 🙂 Plus, I gained Boots Advantage Card points on my New Look order, so I’m happy 😀 (You seriously should check out Treat Street…its fantastic! Once I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I shall be buying all my baby stuff from Boots.com and Mothercare’s website, & gain some points!!)

I shall post some pictures of my new clothes once I receive them.

What have you all been doing today?

On one last note, STEPS ARE REFORMING. This news actually made my day, as I was having a pretty rubbish day today tbh.

Who’ll come with me to come & see them?


Have a great evening xo

Wednesday Wants

Wednesday Wants

 Images 1-4 sourced from Google, Image 5 from Charlotte’s blog , Image 6 from River Island’s website (girls section) and Image 7 from the Me+Zena website.

I am well aware that I am extremely behind the times with a few things haha.

1. Lauren Conrad ‘Style’ – the world and his wife seems to have a copy of this, it’s like a bible apparently. However, I was never really interested until I managed to flick through a copy the other day, now I’m hooked!

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – Again, everyone seems to own this product, however having recently bought the lip protectant from the range after worrying about the cost for so long, I now want to add this to my collection and see if it works the wonders for me that it does for everyone else!

3. Mini Shopaholic – I am pretty disappointed I don’t own this yet. I’m sticking to my guns though, as Steve promised me it  & I will not buy it for myself! I own all the Shopaholic series, and I can’t wait to see how the story develops.

4. New York Bagels cinnamon & raisin bagels – I actually have a pack of these waiting for me at my Nan’s, because I really fancied some earlier & I asked my mum to get me some. Being the lazybones I am however, they are still at my nans and not in my tummy. More for me tomorrow then 🙂

5. Charlotte blogged earlier (find the link above) about her heart pillow creations & I’m in love with them. In fact, as soon as I saw her post, I  actually BBM-ed her to tell her that I wanted one 🙂 How gorgeous are they?

6. River Island satchel – I saw this on the girls section of the website, and as you can see from the picture above, it is a ‘web exclusive’. As it is in the girls section, I don’t expect it to be a massive satchel, quite tiny in fact, but for the price of £15 that I saw it advertised for on the site, you can’t go too far wrong!

7. Me + Zena ring – I always take a look at the Me + Zena website, however I rarely have the money to buy anything at the minute. I own one piece of jewellery by the brand, which I bought with the £25 Spoiled Brat voucher that I won over at Mai’s blog a few months ago. That said, this would be a welcome addition to my jewellery collection.

What are your Wednesday Wants for this week?