Sunday Snapshots.

Sunday Snapshots.
Here’s just a few pictures of my Saturday night.
My friend was hosting a charity night for Keech Cottage, a local charity which has a very special meaning to her. I’m not entirely sure how much money was raised, but a great night was had by all!

Me and my Chellebelle, 21 years of friendship and going strong 🙂

Me & my work girls.

Me & Laura, aka @Ackles_Addict on Twitter <3

Me & my Embem

Me and Sophie

The landlord getting his chest waxed for charity, this alone raised over £150!!

As you can see, I didn’t take many pictures, mainly because being pregnant, I was sober & everyone else was pretty drunk!
What did you do for your Saturday night?


Jumper dress – Store Twenty One / Maternity jeans – Dorothy Perkins /  Bracelets – Boots / Necklace – Boots
Now I very rarely do OOTD posts as you know because even though I often get told my clothes look nice on me, I very rarely feel totally and utterly confident in an outfit, especially now that I’m pregnant.
I actually got in from work today, knowing we were going to Steves parents, and then I was going on to the pub quiz with my Mum, and put on something completely different on top – a vest top and a cardi. Steve was actually the one that turned round & said I looked nice in the jumper dress, so lo & behold, I put it on and BAM! I felt brilliant 🙂
I bought the jewellery today from Boots on their clearance shelves… I went in for a packet of crisps and emerged later with two necklaces (the other which I’ll show off in another post), a set of bracelets, some food & the new issue of Marie Claire complete with free Ciate nail polish & free Dove conditioner.. Damn Boots, spending all my money :p
Hope you’re all having a great week

Why I Love Gisele Scanlon

Why I Love Gisele Scanlon

Gisele Scanlon, I hear you cry? & I’ll answer yes. I know that most of you probably haven’t heard of her, except possibly Fee over at Makeup Savvy who is a serious fan of her books, & wrote a review of ‘The Goddess Experience’ here.
Gisele, simply put, is the woman I aspire to be. Her books fill me with so much inspiration and joy that I feel myself wanting to rush off to Paris to get some macarons from the Laduree bakery, or to interview some amazing people such as Vivienne Westwood. Each page leaves me smiling, and the illustrations drawn by Gisele herself make each page seem all the more personal.
I adore her books because she mixes a bit of fashion, a bit of beauty, some travel, some home, some food & stirs them all up to create something absolutely beautiful. What’s even better is that her website also showcases the best in fashion, beauty & everything else, I think I’m slightly addicted to it – find it here 🙂
The main reason I’m telling you all this is because I think that everyone should own copies of these books, they’re inspiring & a great gift for any girl who is interested in pretty much anything. Also, Gisele tweeted me back 😀

Also, these books are basically like all the blogs you love to read, all mixed together into a gorgeous little book <3

If you don’t own a copy of either book, BUY THEM NOW. 
My slightly battered copy of The Goddess Guide, picked up in River Island a couple of years ago by a curious teenage girl 🙂
The gorgeous cover lurking under the dust-jacket of The Goddess Experience. Book is worth it just for this cover <3
Closeup of The Goddess Experience’s cover
A recurring theme, especially in The Goddess Experience, is happiness.
So, on that note….
What makes you happy?

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it – A Makeup Storage Post

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it – A Makeup Storage Post
Quote by Confucius.
A couple of days ago on Twitter, I asked if makeup storage posts were too common, or whether people found them interesting. I only received one reply, however, the person who replied urged me to go for it – so here we are.
So here goes….
I find that a lot of the makeup I use regularly is either in my makeup bag or rattling around the bottom of my handbag, & that in fact, the stuff that is actually stored away is either the stuff I haven’t got round to using yet, or stuff I forgot existed. Bad, I know. Luckily, whilst preparing this post, I found some brilliant products which I’d forgotten all about and will be using them frequently in the coming weeks.

This gorgeous box holds a lot of makeup that I gained in my 21st birthday present haul. The box originally held the Kelly Brook Couture hatbox collection of bath products, however I soon shifted those off to the bathroom so I could use this for storage.

I’m a sucker for a pretty box. Others store their makeup in all manners of ways – pen pots, storing their brushes in jam jars – but give me something in a pretty box, & I’m hooked.
This is another gorgeous box which holds some of my makeup. This was from a FCUK bath set that my then-manager gave to me for my 21st. Again, the bath products went to their rightful place & I used the box once again for storage.
Some of you may be expecting fancy ways of storing my makeup, but this is my own special way, and I haven’t got tonnes of room to store it in a fancy way. Pretty boxes do the job just as well, don’t you think?

This is possibly my favourite box. Although I am not a floral fan, this just seems SO pretty, I had to use it.

Excuse the mess…this is what I mean when I say I discovered these products again – no filing away eyeshadows and lipsticks and palettes into different sections for me, oh no. Once we’ve moved out (in a couple of weeks, yikes!), then I shall have more space and be able to more organised with my storage. However, atm I like being able to find ‘treasures’ again that I forgot I had!!
You may remember at the top of the post I mentioned I had found some products again & would be using them in the upcoming weeks. Would you like to see reviews of any of the products below? Let me know.

Champneys collection lipgloss & Vitamiracle rejuvenating hand and nail cream – A present to myself at Christmas from the Sainsburys 3 for 2 offer
Missguided splash & polish – I think this came free with a magazine :/

Marks & Spencers ‘Perfection’ hand cream and eyeshadow and lipgloss palette. Part of my 21st present haul.

Found on the clearance shelf at Boots – Rimmel & my favourite lipstick, as mentioned before. Can you remember the name from a previous post?

Another Boots bargain, Botanics Aromatherapy gel.

Again, a Boots bargain – Maybelline Pure Foundation
I bought this from my friends Neals Yard Remedies party in preparation for the summer & then forgot about it. Typical me.
Boots No7 lipgloss and shadow palette. How gorgeous is the packaging?
Boots No7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser… is this as good as Liz Earle?
Not exactly makeup, & I DO use this. Lavender sleep pillow mist, part of a present from a friend.
Another Neals Yard Remedies product – Power Berry Daily Moisture.
Would you like to see reviews of any of the above products?
& what did you think of my makeup storage?
I love to read all comments, so please let me know what you think