That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures

That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures
It has been an eventful week in the madhouse that is my home this week! We’ve visited family, received lots of lovely post, had some bad news, heard some good news, met a new addition to my friends family…It’s been exhausting! Here are my photos from the past week:
1. Jack enjoying a cuddle with his great-grandfather (on Steve’s side)
2. Lush roast dinner made by Steve – gammon, roast potatoes,roast parsnips, Yorkshire puds, stuffing, various sauces and for some reason, onion rings and potato letters – Steve tried to spell my name! 🙂
3. Comfortable in front of the camera
4.My awesome prize from Emma’s giveaway
5.The lovely little note she included
6.How beautifully wrapped are these?
7.My goodies
8.I found a seller on Ebay selling books for a starting price for 25p with free p+p – the above picture explains what I thought of that
9. Random prize win from Magners
10. Putting all our games and DVDS on our new shelving system – still haven’t finished
11. Obviously Jack thinks his hands are super yummy!
12. This is gorgeous – tasted just like apple juice!
13. Jack has a new obsession in his feet.
14. I saw Lauren’s tweet the other day about alcohol so I polished off this beauty – haven’t drunk WKD in ages but this is yummy!
15. At Nanny and Grandads, chilling on Marley.
16. Received my first penpal letter!
17. The lovely letter Tiffeny sent me 🙂
18. I fell victim to the hype – this L’Oreal Caresse in Fashionista Pink is beautiful!
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Three Years ♥

Three Years ♥
I apologise if this is an overly gushy post but today marks mine & Steve’s three year anniversary. Such a lot has happened in that time – we’ve moved more times than we care to remember and of course, Jack has come along too to make our little family complete.
So – happy anniversary Steve, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us…
Our little family

Week In Pictures

Week In Pictures
Yes, it’s that time again…here’s what I’ve been snapping this week…

Cute little letters//Tweeting & reading in the bath//FOTD with freshly washed hair//Pretty flowers//Chinese Chicken burgers with cheese//Limited Edition Mango & Passionfruit flavoured Fanta- lush!//My lovely win from Reidz & Emma//Not entirely impressed by Daddy’s new Lazyboy//Very cheesy carbonara with garlic bread-yum yum!!//Saving some for later, maybe??//Luxurious bubble bath
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Jack: Four Months On

Jack: Four Months On
How grumpy can one little boy look?
That’s right – Jack is now four months old!
So what has he been doing for the past month? He’s rolling over from stomach to back and almost conquered rolling from back to stomach. He’s developed quite a personality, he’s generally very chatty and giggly when awake (unless he wants something, of course!)
He’s starting to respond properly to his name now – he used to just look around when we called his name, but now searches around the room until he can find us and smiles.
HE’S STARTED ON SOLIDS! Only one a day, but it’s a start – he’s eating most of the things we put in front of him but seems to prefer the fruity purees more. Once he’s having a few more purees a day, we’ve decided we’ll start making our own.
He had his 4 month injections the other day and they really did not go down too well. He screamed for an hour on Monday night after them and would not settle down, no matter what we tried. He seems okay now though, but I’m glad he doesn’t need any more injections until he’s a year old!
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Project FAIL & a Jack photobomb

Project FAIL & a Jack photobomb
I failed miserably at the Project 365 – I kept forgetting to take pictures on some days and took loads on other days – it just wasn’t enjoyable for me and I’d much rather go back to doing Week In Pictures posts where I can put as many (or as little) pictures as I want. On that note, here is my week in pictures for the week just gone, beware it is a Jack photobomb opportunity…
Posing//Posing again//Cuddles with Auntie Sophie//Sunday lunch//Playing with Mummy’s phone and accidentally taking a picture of himself//First ever baby food puree//He liked it so much, he finished the pot//Remnants of an afternoon munching a Farley’s Rusk
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