REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Beauty Oil

REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Beauty Oil
In November, I reviewed another product in the Rio Rosa Mosqueta range, the Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream. In my review, I mentioned that the product seemed to work best with the oil alongside it, which I unfortunately did not have in my possession at that time. The lovely people at Rio Rosa read my review, and offered to send me a bottle of their beauty oil to try out for myself.
The Rio Rosa Mosqueta line is part of the Rio Amazon collection, started over 20 years ago by the founders of Rio Health, who were then living in Brazil. They had experienced the vast benefits of the South American herbs available and felt that we should benefit from them too. Thus, the Rio Amazon collection was born.
The beauty oil claims that it is proven to fade scars & reduce signs of ageing – naturally.
It also claims to be 100% natural pure, pressed unscented oil – free from all those nasty parabens and chemicals.
For a new mum like me, a beauty oil that is said to reduce scars is an absolute godsend. I have some awful stretchmarks, and have been using this oil regulsrly to see if I can spot a difference.
The packaging of the product is fairly simple, and extremely similar to that of the day & night cream. The only difference is thst whereas the cream came in a tub, the oil comes in a pumped bottle.
The design is sleek, simple and pleasing to the eye. A simple company name, logo and measurement are all that adorn the front of the bottle, with usage instructions placed on the back.
The oil is designed to be used sparingly, massaging 1-2 drops 2-3 times daily onto clean skin. I kept to this routine, and although I cannot see a drastic change yet, I will continue to use it and keep noting the results!
The oil itself is a clear substance and surprisingly quite fluid, not like water but not as ‘oily’ as you would expect it to be! It is not unpleasant to touch, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Many other scar and stretchmark products leave you feeling greasy for hours after application, however this product sinks in almost immediately, allowing you to go about your daily business straight away without feeling uncomfortable.
For all its claims, how does the product match up?
The positives of the product are that it is 100% natural, free from all additives, has a great design and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and uncomfortable for hours after application.
The negatives are that although I have been using this product regularly since Jack was born, I am yet to notice any major change. I know I shouldn’t be swayed by other reviews and testimonials, but I have read a few where the product has worked amazingly within the first couple of weeks.
Although I have noticed that the redness of my stretchmarks has lessened, I can’t help but feel a little put out that it hasn’t worked all its wonders for me yet! I know, however, that everybody is different to everyone else, and am going to continue using the product for the foreseeable future – it has definitely done more for my skin already than any other product has!
Do you suffer with scars or stretchmarks? Perhaps Rio Rosa products could be the one for you! You can buy the beauty oil in all good health shops across the UK or from the Rio Health website for £10.49 for a 20ml bottle (the size I was sent) or £20.49 for 50ml. It can also be found here on Amazon for as little as £7.
Have you tried any Rio Rosa products in the past? What did you think of them?
I was sent this product for review purposes by Rio Rosa. All thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own, and I will always provide a 100% honest review for my readers.

Wishlist: Funky Divaa edition

Wishlist: Funky Divaa edition
My birthday is slowly creeping up (the 29th of this month, people) and I’ve been perusing the internet for gift ideas. Not much has caught my eye so far, but after taking a look at the Funky Divaa website, a few things stood out to me (If the boyfriend is reading this, take note!)
All items found on the Funky Divaa website.
What are your favourite items on the Funky Divaa website?

Nail Art

Nail Art
I am not the greatest at nail art, I will readily admit that. However, it really interests me and I love reading fellow bloggers posts about their own nail art, and I love seeing the nail art my friends create.
I was round my friend Laura’s flat the other day, and she was in the middle of painting her nails -they looked amazing! She also showed me some pictures of her previous nail art, and I loved them.
So much so, that I asked if I could share them with you.

I can’t decide whether I like the winter themed design or the multi-coloured design  the most! I think they’re equally as gorgeous.
Are you interested in nail art?
Would you be interested in seeing some tutorials?

Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage
As mentioned in my Like, Love, Loathe post of yesterday, I have makeup spilling out everywhere. So yesterday, I bought some storage for it:
Matalan, £20
I know, it doesn’t look very full does it? That’s because I still haven’t picked up all of my makeup from my parents! I also had the problem that the next size down would have been too small for my collection, thus this size instead!
The above storage doesn’t include my perfumes, body lotions, deodorants, shower gels and haircare products either!
Some can be seen here:
I’m definitely considering doing a Project 10 Pan: Bathroom edition! The majority above is shower gels and body lotions – do I really need that many? That’s not even all of them!
What storage do you use for your beauty products?

Week In Pictures

Week In Pictures
I’m still amidst piles of baby clothes, boxes and rubbish bags as I struggle to get everything unpacked! Yet again, stuff is still at my parents – lucky I don’t have to rush to get them, isn’t it? Amongst all my possessions, I have found plenty of unused makeup and unworn clothes – thinking about doing a blog sale, would anyone be up for that?
Until then though, here is an insight into my life this week:
Dominos Pizza//The yummy Full House pizza with Dominos with PLENTY of extras – Pepperoni Melt sub, Mozzarella Dippers & Cheesy Garlic Bread//Dogsitting for Steves parents on his Dad’s 60th birthday//Playing around with different apps on my phone//Watching WWE like the geek that I am – the Y2J thing was definitely one of the worst kept secrets in their history!
Cadbury Creme Egg Splats – had to have them after seeing them on someones Twitter pics – love them already. Have you tried them? // Mummy & Daddy buying yet more clothes for Jack //Trying out my Lush Bath Bomb at my parents house – lighting was extremely poor 🙁
I love seeing Week In Pictures posts, so I thought I’d start doing them again! If you’ve recently posted something similar, be sure to link me up, I’d love to see it!