Jack: Five Months On

Jack: Five Months On
I can’t believe that I’m three days late in posting this! It completely slipped my mind until 1am this morning when I was thinking about his monthly updates and realised I hadn’t yet written one!
So what is Jack doing now?
I’m getting used to big beaming smiles, hearty little giggles, full-blown whinges. He’s learnt to roll over and managed to roll right under Steve’s recliner seat the other day! Steve obviously couldn’t move to get him, so I had to rescue him…I don’t think Jack was too pleased that we had ruined his fun!
He is desperately trying to crawl – he’s almost got it, but he seems to think his head is a battering ram and that if he keeps ramming things, he can move them out of his way! He’s also trying to copy us now. Although he can’t speak, he is trying to form words, his lips often try to move in the same way as ours – and sometimes the noises he make sound just like what we said!
He loves his cuddles at the minute and has developed an attachment to our friend Duncan – sometimes he wants Duncan rather than me!! – but it’s nice to see that he’s not afraid of people. He is a very social baby and I’m sure he loves all the attention.
I can’t believe he is going to be 6 months next month, where has the time gone?

That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures

That Was The Week That Was: A Week In Pictures
1. Lovely little wrapped package…what’s inside? // 2. This little lot! Berber Oil products to review.// 3. Jellybeans from Blockbuster…yummy!//
4. Finished Catching Fire this week, almost finished Mockingjay too!// 5. Some yummy food to review// 6. Jack rolled right under Daddy’s recliner and couldn’t roll out again!
7. Gorgeous chocolate cake made by Duncan// 8. T-Zone mask, sent by Zoe to review// 9. Two very random  books came through the post – right address but no name on them..think they may have come from a GoodReads giveaway but unsure
This week, I have joined a book club (search #kindlebookclub on Twitter for more information), seen some family and generally had a good week. I received some lovely penpal letters from Tiffeny & Rachael, sent off some World Book Night books to some lovely bloggers, sold loads on Ebay and seen a few friends too!

I really didn’t need another two books to add to my to-read pile, but I am definitely not going to complain. Hopefully, they will help me towards my book challenge. Nine books down, 116 to go – think I may struggle to make it, to be honest, but I’ll definitely give it my best shot!

What have you been up to this week?


BOOK REVIEW: Hitler’s Demons by Helena P. Schrader

BOOK REVIEW: Hitler’s Demons by Helena P. Schrader

Hitler’s Demons: A Novel Of The German Resistance(*)
Author: Helena P. Schrader
Ebook version of An Obsolete Honor by the same author.
Published February 2012.
Buy it here.

I mentioned this book in my latest book challenge update and also mentioned that I would be posting an in-depth review about the novel. I realise this novel may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I hope that all those bookworms out there take the opportunity to read this book – give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll love it!
Written by Helena P. Schrader, this book is set, as you would expect, in the 1930’s and 40’s and follows the lives of various German families as they muddle through the war with growing resentment for the man in charge of their country. Main characters include Baron Philip von Feldburg,, Marianne Moldenaeur, Alexandra v. Mollwitz and their various families.
Based on over 10 years of research and interviews with numerous survivors of World War Two, Helena has created a fictional work around the well-documented real life Valkyrie plot. It is no secret that there were, in fact, numerous German officers who disagreed with Hitler’s idea of Nazism and resented the damage he was doing to their country and their troops.
The author gives the definition of Hitler’s Demons as ‘those Germans who opposed his diabolical regime on moral grounds. They sought to defend human dignity and restore the rule of law.
Although I found this ebook a little hard to get into at first and struggled a little with the various military references, I found myself very sympathetic towards the main characters, especially Philip. As a military officer himself, he gets to see firsthand just how much damage Hitler is doing and although a little dubious at first, is more than enthusiastic eventually, to be involved in the Valkyrie Plot.
Schrader has cleverly created characters you almost fall in love with – Philip’s younger brother Christian is charming and from the way he’s described, extremely good looking; Marianne, an Aryan beauty, goes out of her way to help her Jewish friends, forever in fear of being caught; Yvette, the young French girl charmed by Christian’s friend Dieter, aloof but interesting. She also introduces some characters you can’t help but thoroughly dislike – Philip’s younger sister, Theresa, brainwashed by her money and power hungry husband into believing every word that comes out of Hitler’s mouth and who is forever insulting her family and those around them; Walther, Theresa’s husband, who thinks that his newly successful status means he is above others.
I often found myself worrying for those involved in the plot, there were so many near misses where they could get caught – and they make numerous attempts on Hitler’s life, leaving me with my heart in my mouth, wondering what would happen. As a fictional piece of work, I knew that Schrader could make anything happen and this kept me engrossed to the very last page. However, as we know, all assassination attempts on Hitler’s life ended unsuccessfully and the author kept true to real life in that respect.
I was a little disappointed in the ending, it seemed abrupt and I felt a little annoyed that some great characters were lost in a few sentences, rather than given the sendoff I felt they deserved. However, I found this an interesting read. I enjoyed learning more about real-life characters the author included in the book, such as General Olbricht.
As a history geek and a total bookworm, I found this very interesting and would like to read more of the authors work. If you have any interest in Hitler’s Germany, the Valkyrie Plot, history or just like reading in general, I’d definitely suggest giving this book a try.
                                                      ABOUT THE AUTHOR:                                                         
Helena P. Schrader is a historian, novelist and diplomat
from the United States. She has written various other books
in various eras, such as Ancient Greece and Sparta, WWII
and the Middle Ages amongst others. She published her
first book in 1993. You can find out more about her here.

Would you be interested in reading this book? Are you a history buff like me?
This is a sponsored review post.

OOTD: Running Some Errands

OOTD: Running Some Errands
Glasses, Gucci
Blue two-toned dress, ASOS via Ebay
Leggings, TU @ Sainsburys
Excuse the look on my face, a rare ray of sunlight got in my eyes as we took these pictures. I quite like this dress – although I feel it will look a bit better when I lose some of my pregnancy weight – shocking, I know, but I haven’t lost a pound yet! I’m getting back into eating healthily, going to Zumba and doing the Wii Fit as of next week, promise…..
Wedge boots, Everything5Pounds.com
So annoyed at the little dent on my right boot – boo! These are my favourite item in my wardrobe, I wear them pretty much all the time. These cost me just £5 and everyone always asks where they are from!
Gold chain, Steve’s
I decided to steal this off Steve the other day and put it on myself. It’s his 18th birthday present from his parents and he’s worn it for years, but every so often he takes it off for a while, so I quickly picked it up and put it on. I’m not a big gold fan but I love this chain.
On the left: Gold ‘protection’ ring from my brother for my 18th
On the right: Gold ring, Boots
Again with the ring from my brother – I never take it off, although it seems inevitable now as it is starting to get a little tight…boo. The other ring is part of a cheap set I picked up in Boots – the type that are good for a while but then start to get a little icky – for around £5.
I wore this little get-up to run some errands today – taking Ebay parcels to the Post Office (I’ve still got some items listed here), meeting up with my Mum and dropping a book (another Ebay purchase) off to a friend. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to post this or not, but the lovely Catt persuaded me to!
Are OOTD’s something you’d like to see a little more regularly here?

Prizes From The Pigeons Nest

Prizes From The Pigeons Nest
My special guest for my A Picture Tells A Thousand Words feature this week was the lovely Bex from Musings From The Pigeons Nest. As some of you lovelies may know, she recently held a giveaway from her newly opened shop (named, of course, The Pigeon’s Nest) and guess what?
I received these beautiful little hand warmers through the post the other day and although I haven’t had a chance to try them out just yet, they have definitely got Jack’s seal of approval. Within seconds of me opening the packaging, he had them both in his hands, lifting them to his mouth as if to say ‘They’re mine now, Mummy!
How adorable are they though? I’m not sure what names Bex has given them, but I think they look like a Bert and Ernie, don’t you?

What names would you give them?

Don’t forget to take a look at Bex’s shop here!