Wedding Planning Wednesday 003

Last week, I talked about setting the date. This week, I am talking about choosing a venue. I have only recently started looking for a venue but already have a few ideas in mind: I want it to be local to me (thus in the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire area) and be able to fit all of our proposed guests in – both Steve and I come from incredibly large families and although we know that realistically, we will have to leave some of them out, we also need to know that our venue can fit those that do come!

Ever since last weeks post, I cannot get the picture from Sopwell House out of my mind. Sarah from Friday Is Forever made me want to check it out in the flesh even more after this post. I know that I really shouldn’t fall for the first place I’ve seen pictures of – I mean, I haven’t even seen it in real life yet! – however, I can’t stop thinking about it.
I’m currently looking around for local bridal fairs so that I can see what other venues and businesses have to offer.

Is it normal to fall in love with the first venue you look into?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Friday Letters


Dear Sarah, Thanks for putting up with me and all the silly things I constantly query you about. You are my go to guide on pretty much everything!

Dear blog readers, Thank you so much for showing an interest in my new Wedding Planning Wednesday series – it means a lot and I am really enjoying writing it. P.S here are some other places to find Futures once Google Reader bites the dust.

Dear Lotte, Kerry and Sarah, I am SO looking forward to June and spending two days in your company. Britmums is going to be amazing!

Dear Jack, You constantly make me laugh these days – dancing seems to be your new thing and it is ever so cute!

Dear Charlotte, You certainly hit the nail on the head with this blog post. I cracked up!

Who are your Friday Letters to this week?

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Finding Futures

I’m sure we’ve all seen the numerous tweets, posts and everything else about Google Reader dying a death come July. I’m sure plenty of you have also been worrying about GFC and although nothing seems to have been confirmed as yet, I thought it would be a good time to tell you where else on the web you can find me/Futures.
I apologise in advance if you have seen an influx of these posts today  – I know I have! All of my profiles will be linked to in the titles.
What seems to be the new reader of choice. Never been a big fan of this, but I suppose things can change over time – I’ll be giving it a go!
Not one of my favourites as the follow button tends to mess up for me when trying to follow a blog, however it is a great way to find new blogs and keep up with all of your old ones.
I really need to start using this a little more! It automatically posts my blog posts but my actual interaction is poor. Maybe it is time to spend a little more time on there?

I’m on Twitter quite a lot – all posts automatically post there and I do tweet A LOT too.
I haven’t really got round to using this as a blogging tool yet, but its there if you want to pop along.

I don’t understand G+ and I don’t really like it but I have both a personal page and a blog page – do you understand it? Care to give me a few tips?
I recently deleted most of my boards and wanted to start afresh. I used to be addicted, then drifted away. Now it seems to be drawing me back in again…

I have also found out about another reader called Feedly which is much like Google Reader – I have signed up to see if it makes blog reading as simple and as plain sailing as Google Reader did. I used this blog post by The Young and The Relentless to start the ball rolling.
What do you think of all these goings on? Are you now migrating to other sites to read blogs? Let me know!
I don’t normally condone lots of links in the comments either, but if you want me to follow you somewhere, please do leave the link in the comments below πŸ™‚

Wedding Planning Wednesday 002

Last week, I shared with you my favourite selection of wedding planners (link) which I feel is probably the first step to planning a wedding – after all, you’re going to need somewhere to jot down all of your ideas, right? 

The next step is perhaps the biggest of them all and one that myself and Steve have been discussing at length this past week.

Setting the date.

Setting the date gives you something to work towards. Both Steve and I know that it is pretty much impossible for us to get married before 2015 and we don’t mind that, this gives us at least 2 years to plan. However, we also know that our finances aren’t in the greatest stead right now and we may have to put it off until 2016 to make sure we have the day we’re dreaming of. Luckily, it looks as if our finances may be looking up so hopefully our savings account will start seeing a healthy, steadily growing amount very soon. I know this is a post about setting the date and although it looks like we won’t actually be setting ours for a little while yet, it is obviously the second step in the process – as without a date, how can you know when you’ll need your dress for, book photography, book caterers, sort out bridesmaids and ushers?

I do know what my perfect wedding would be like – and what time of year I’d like it to be too – so I thought I’d make a collage I have made with some ideas. 
We both know that we don’t want a church wedding for a variety of reasons, none that I will go into here. We have been looking at manor houses and whilst creating this collage, I came across this picture of a local wedding venue and fell in love. How lovely would it be to take some pictures on that bridge or under that tree? The building is just as amazing and I admit, I did request some more information about the venue!! I chose the dress as it is strapless which is one of the main things I am looking for, it is also not too big (I hate huge wedding dresses, just a personal thing!) but still looks elegant. The shoes are actually a pick from Clarks – I chose these because they are just the right amount of sparkle without being too flashy and taking away attention from the dress.

I still feel very unprepared when it comes to this wedding which I suppose is only normal, I’ve hardly started planning just yet! That being said, hopefully our photographer and wedding cake are already sorted – I spoke to my friend as soon as I got engaged about being our photographer – you can check out her portfolio here. Although I haven’t seen her in a while, she was one of my closest friends in secondary school and is a fantastic photographer – someone who I know will do the job amazingly. We also know that Steve’s cousin has offered her services as our cake maker – and I know just how good her cakes can be!

Are you or have you ever planned a wedding? What parts did you find most stressful?

Sioux City Cherries & Mint

If you’re a long term reader, you’ll know how much I love Cybercandy and what they have to offer. I’ve written about them extensively in the past (all posts here), so when I was offered the chance to try one of their new sodas, I knew I was on to a good thing! 
Lulu from Cybercandy gave me quite an extensive list to choose from and it was very tough to whittle it down, however I finally picked the Sioux City Cherries & Mint as shown above. Cherry happens to be one of Steve’s favourite flavours and mint one of mine so I was interested to see how the combination of flavours would work together.

I am very impressed that this drink is caffeine free. All too often these days, you see drinks pumped full of caffeine and even nastier things. I love my caffeine as much as the next girl but it is refreshing to see a soda that isn’t like the norm.

What can I say about the flavours? It was an odd experience. Steve himself wasn’t too keen, he isn’t too fond of mint. I did like it, although as I said it was a strange experience…the mint definitely overpowered the cherry for me and although I would drink this again, I don’t think this would be the one I’d pick first. It is, however, a great drink for the upcoming summer and would be a great addition to any picnic.

What did I like?
*Caffeine Free
*Mint taste

What didn’t I like?
*Lack of cherry flavour – should have been a little more intense.

Have you tried any of Cybercandy’s new sodas? What would be your first pick?