3 Ways I Plan On Making Extra Money This Month

I’ve mentioned before that I have some debt and am keen to get rid of it as soon as possible. I managed to wipe out two debts recently and decided to check in on one today that I hadn’t looked at in a while, steadfastly paying away the set payment that I do each month. When I looked, I was shocked to see there was only just over £500 to pay on it – I had thought I still had double that so it was a nice surprise.

I’ve actually got a payment due out on the 15th – as this is this weekend, it will go out on Monday the 16th – which will take me to just over £400. Now this is at such a low amount, I am keen to get it paid off asap so I am trying to get some extra money together to pay it off this month if I can. But how do I plan on doing this?

I don’t think I can do anymore work than what I am – and realistically I’d like to keep that money aside for bills. Here’s how I will be doing it this month.

Online Surveys

I do a few different online survey sites. I used to do a lot more but now have a select few which are more worthwhile for me – you can read about them here. Any cashouts made this month will be going straight towards this payment.

Artem Bali
Trying To Win Some

You know how much I love competitions so I’ll definitely be entering all the competitions with cash prizes a go. Yes, I may be unlikely to win but I definitely can’t win if I don’t enter so I may as well give it a go. Any wins would go straight towards this debt. I also keep a little bit of money in an online account for betting on certain sports – I know gambling isn’t for everyone and I am by no means recommending it but Steve and I often put £1 here or there on the current golf competition that’s running. If we were lucky enough to win big, then I’d be certain to withdraw and pay it off. There are guides for online gambling out there for those who want to learn more but never bet more than you can afford. I choose to place bets as a personal choice and know my limits.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

I am always decluttering and putting stuff up for sale. I need to go through my items again – I’ve got a few things listed on eBay so want to refresh my listings and put some more stuff up on the Facebook selling groups. I’ve got a few big items that could potentially wipe out this debt so I really should get my finger out and list them.

Jack’s also keen to sell some of his old toys to make some money for his money account so why not kill two birds with one stone and list them all together?

These are a few ways I hope to make some extra money. If there is the opportunity to make some extra cash through some more work this month though, I’m definitely not going to pass it up! Do you have any plans to make any extra money this month?

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The Right Way To Deal With Health Problems

Finding out you have a health problem is never a great experience. Suddenly, your life becomes devoted to sorting out this issue, and it’s all you can think of. There are loads of ways you can deal with health problems, but there’s also a right and wrong way. In this post, I want to go over a few things you should consider if you want to deal with your problems in the best way possible.

Avoid Becoming Dependent On Prescription Drugs

There are loads of different drugs out there in this world. When we hear the term, our mind gets cast towards the illegal drugs that people take for recreational use. If you look on ArcProject.org.uk today, you’ll see examples of how these drugs are very bad and harmful. They alter the way your mind works, which is why so many of us stay clear from them. But, it’s funny how our approach to medical drugs is very much different. When we have a health issue, we usually get prescribed drugs to help deal with some symptoms. Often, these drugs can have a profound effect on our mental and physical wellbeing, and yet we’re nowhere near as afraid of them as we are with recreational drugs.

My point is that prescription drugs are still drugs and they can alter the way you think or feel. This is a problem as I believe too many people become dependent on medication and get addicted. Instead, you will fare a lot better if you see drugs as a last resort. Try and deal with your problems naturally, and only take medication if it’s absolutely essential and you have no other options. Even then, still look for the natural remedies to try and calm the symptoms of your health problem so you know that other things are helping you too. This stops you from thinking the drugs are the only thing you need, which is how you end up addicted and in a terrible mental space!

Edgar Castrejon

Live A Healthier Lifestyle

My main point in this piece is that you shouldn’t turn to medication as your one true saviour. Instead, explore other ways you can maybe turn your misfortunes around. One idea is simply to live a healthier lifestyle.

How will this help? Living a healthier lifestyle means you start to eat things that are good for you, and you cut out bad things. This alone will transform your health as it can help you get the right nutrients in your body that makes you an all-around healthier individual. Couple this with being active and you start treating your body right. By taking better care of yourself, you will find it much easier to deal with and treat most health problems. Not only that, but you help prevent future ones!

In my eyes, the right way to deal with health problems is by looking at how you can alter your lifestyle to improve things. This is instead of just asking for some prescription medication and filling your body full of drugs. Sure, this can help to an extent, but a lot of medication causes side effects that lead to other issues. Wherever possible, cut down on medication and seek natural alternatives.


The best budget family days out this summer

The summer holidays are right around the corner – are you prepared?! We’re sharing some of our favourite budget family days out, so your summer is packed full of fun and excitement – without spending too much money!

Check out your village or town website

Let’s start really local! Your town or village will usually list a whole host of events you and your family could get involved in – and they’re usually FREE! Free is always good in our book. From summer fairs to charity days, they’ll be all kinds going on over the summer holidays in your local area. Don’t forget your local green areas, too. Local councils can put on free events during the summer holidays that are family-friendly, so check out your local council’s website for more information.

Take advantage of coupon sites

Coupon sites always have fantastic deals for families to take advantage of. Whether it’s discounted meals out at your favourite local restaurant, cinema trips or experience days, you should start your search on one of these sites. They’re easy to redeem and use and best of all? You might end up doing something you’d never thought of in a million years. It’s a win-win strategy.

Take a trip to the library

Free to get in, your local library is the perfect place to spend a few hours reading. There’s usually a children’s’ corner where they can sit comfortably and get lost in a book of their choosing. Reading will help them build their vocabulary and imagination at the same time – perfect for a rainy day!

Invite a tree to tea

The Woodland Trust is inviting everyone to throw a Tree Party. Their free online fundraising pack comes with a variety of activities for you and your kids to play. With downloadable wildlife spotter sheets, tasty picnic recipes and finger puppet cards – you’ll have hours of fun. And it’s a wonderful way to educate your children about the significant role trees play in our ecosystem. (Get your free pack here)

Visit a gallery or a museum

Galleries and museums are usually free of charge (check before you travel) so this day out would just cost you the petrol in your car! Both museums and galleries have new and exciting exhibitions throughout the year –, particularly in the summer holidays. Pack a lunch so you don’t spend out unnecessary money in the on-site café while you’re there. A cultural day out indeed!

Take them for a swim

Many council leisure centres offer free swimming if your children are under the age of 16 in the summer holidays. This is a great activity for everyone to let loose and have fun.

Pick a nearby town to explore

Draw a circle in a 5-mile radius of your house and let your kids pick a local town to explore. All you’ll need for this is your car or public transport. Exploring a town right on your doorstep can be exciting and you never know, you might find your new favourite spot!

This post was written in collaboration with Money4yourMotors – the UK car buying service that comes to you!

Why you should switch to LED lighting

As busy households, we’re all trying to save a little money here and there. It can also feel a little difficult to both save money but look good whilst doing it! Have you heard about LED lighting? LED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting of choice for new build properties and for families trying to save a little for a rainy day.

Here you’ll find 4 reasons why you should be switching to LED lighting.

It WILL save you money

The long and short of it is, that LED’s require less energy to function – around 80% less than their incandescent bulb counterparts, which means that they cost YOU less money. Most LED bulbs pay for themselves from about five months onwards. And with free delivery on all orders from LED Hut, you can save even more without even trying!

pina messina
They last much longer

If your kitchen is full of halogen lightbulbs, then you’ll know the frustration at having one or two of them blow out every couple of weeks. Once you change two or three – then the rest will soon follow. With many households avoiding this irritating this task until they’re cooking by one halogen bulb! The good news? LED lights last around 20 times longer than traditional bulbs – meaning that your step ladder can stay in the garage for a little longer!

The colours

The lighting that traditional bulbs emit is something we’ve all grown up with and have gotten used to over the years. But did you know that with LED lights, you can fill your home with any colour from the colour temperature chart?  So, not only can you recreate the warmth and comforting glow of your traditional bulbs, but you can also change things up a little with a sunrise/sunset glow, a bolder candle flame tone or play with cool blue tones like a clear blue sky.

They’re better for the environment

We’re all becoming more and more conscious of the choices we’re making in regards to our effect on the environment. Whether it’s swapping our plastic straws for metal ones, investing in reusable coffee cups, water bottles and reusable cutlery – everyone is trying to their bit to help the environment and the planet. So, how can LED bulbs help?

Well, as mentioned above, LED bulbs use less energy, meaning less power is used in the first instance. If the use and effect of LED bulbs on the environment was more common knowledge, then the difference it would make to the environment would certainly be a positive one. Also, as mentioned above, LEDs don’t need to be changed as often, which means that there is less waste for the planet to contend with.

But, when LEDs do, inevitably head to landfill, there is a difference. LED bulbs themselves can be recycled, and there are no nasty chemicals, or toxins inside an LED bulb, which means that anything left behind will not harm the environment, unlike old style bulbs which contain mercury.

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Planning a Perfect Honeymoon?

If you’re looking to plan the perfect honeymoon a number of factors must be considered but none more than the destination you end up visiting.  The list below offers three suggestions to inspire your honeymoon holiday:

Mink Mingle

Known as being the “land of smiles”, Thailand has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a laid back beach vibe, the hustle of the city, or the traditional culture of the hill tribes.

Thailand remains a firm favourite for honeymooners but it’s very different today, to how it used to be, even ten years ago.  There is much development, though there are still a few unspoilt areas remaining in terms of the smaller islands between Krabi and Phuket.

Indeed, there are a number of five star options perfect for honeymoons in the regions of Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui, but for a more authentic experience, albeit inland, you might want to consider visiting more remote parts of the North West, such as Pai, which can be found close to the border of Myanmar.


Another firm favourite destination, on every honeymooner’s bucket list is Italy.  There are two regions within Italy that are particularly perfect for honeymoons: Lake Garda and Lake Como (about an hour from Milan airport) and Tuscany (the best option being to fly  into Pisa).

The lakes offer a certain refinement whilst retaining a comfortable, authentic and down to earth vibe that is the opposite of the pretentious vibe that can be found in some of the major tourist spots.

Here, you can take scenic boat rides, go horse riding, climbing, walking and even paragliding.  It’s the perfect backdrop for a wedding, though if you’re on honeymoon here you should consider getting a wedding photographer in order to take a few beautiful shots – as the scenery is just perfect.

Tuscany is a further popular choice as enchanting region has marvellously mild weather, almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage, and traditional local people that make Tuscany feel less of a tourist destination and more like a welcome home.  

For a real treat, if you have the budget then you might want to head to Borgo Santo Pietro – which has been voted as THE world’s most romantic hotel and deserves a place on everyone’s honeymoon bucket list.


The final option is to go on a safari, as this will create a truly memorable experience.  For many, a wildlife safari is one the most desired trip of their life, and this is exactly what you should expect from your honeymoon.  There are budget options, but budget is a relative term, when it comes to facilitating a safari.

In summary, a honeymoon is the one time you should probably feel justified in splurging – and the three options above are guaranteed to provide great value, in terms of the experience you’ll have there.  Admittedly, they’re not the cheapest, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that Thailand is a cheap country – it can be, but only if you’re willing to live like a backpacker. If you want a “dream experience” then it will still be reasonably expensive.

That said, it’s not just about money – a honeymoon should be more than a luxury resort  – it should be a life enhancing experience where memories are made that last a lifetime.