Four Tips to Help You Maintain The Tyres on Your Family Car

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Car tyres are to cars like feet are to the body: so essential for getting around that we often take them for granted. As a busy parent with a home to run and children to raise, the family car can quickly slip down the list. These tips will help you stay on the safe side of your tyre maintenance schedule. 

Fit Quality Tyres

Begin by fitting your family car with quality tyres, especially if you purchased your car in a private sale. It pays to invest in respected brands like michelin tyres over unknown tyre manufacturers. Not only do better quality tyres last longer, but many trusted brands offer extra peace of mind in terms of warrantees and safety specifications. If you bought your car second hand, starting your car’s new life with good tyres is half the battle won. New tyres means you don’t have to worry about the previous owner maintenance habits and you can kick off your own maintenance schedule with confidence from day one. 

Check For Wear & Tear

Perform monthly inspections of your tyres to ensure that they are not showing signs of damage. In addition to these regular checks, look out for obvious signs of wear and tear every time you load your family into the car. It’s normal for tyres to look a little worn after regular use, so how do you know when the damage becomes cause for concern? As a general rule, if it catches your eye, get it checked out by a professional. Anything from a bulge to a cut can result in a flat, a blow-out or dangerous skidding when you’re out on the road. 

Measure Your Tread

On a sunny day, you might get away with worn tyre tread, but wet weather conditions can pose a danger if your tyre tread is not up to scratch. Aside from the safety concerns, your tyre tread will impact your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. The legal minimum depth for tyre tread is 1.6 millimetres. Below this, and your tyres are in urgent need of replacing.

The Essential Spare  

Nobody likes to think that they will have to chance a tyre one day, but it’s vital to be prepared in case you do (don’t forget a jack!). Always have a spare tyre available, and treat it to the same rigorous schedule of maintenance that you apply to your other tyres. What could be worse than fitting a spare tyre that turns out to be flat? If you’ve never changed a tyre before, ask someone experienced with cars to show you how. Unlike some forms of knowledge, changing a tyre is something it’s best to learn by doing. To check that you have understood your tyre-changing lesson, it’s well worth having a few practice runs at home to prepare you for the real thing.

Especially if you’re not the natural lover of wheels in the family, taking responsibility for maintaining the family car can be a daunting prospect. These tips will help you stay on top of that essential maintenance schedule and keep your family safe on the road.  

Degustabox | July

I was sent this box for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is that time of month again for my Degustabox review. This month, the theme of the box was ‘Picnic’. The box retails at £12.99 but you can get your first box for just £7.99 with shipping included. Just use this code WDGX9 on the website here (the code gets you a one time discount of £5).

So what did we receive in this months box?

MONIN Butterscotch Coffee Syrup – £3

Now neither me or Steve drink coffee but love butterscotch. We haven’t tried this yet but may use it in other things instead of coffee such as porridge.

Ribena Frusion – £2

I have been seeing ads for this everywhere and had been meaning to pick a bottle up so was glad to see this in the box. Everyone is really enjoying this – it is deliciously refreshing and is low in calories with no sweeteners or preservatives. Yummy.

Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne – £1.50

Steve loves a hot sauce so was very happy to see this included in the box. It is very flavourful and great paired with some BBQ food!

Ravish Pineapple & Yuzu salsa – £1.50

Words cannot express just how much Steve and I like this – it is delicious! It was almost gone within an hour of opening, we had to restrain ourselves from eating it all. We will definitely be getting more of this…so good!

Kallo Belgian milk chocolate mini rice cake snack packs – £1.99

These were another item from the box that almost went straight away. My kids love rice cakes as a snack and these snack packs each contain six miniature rice cakes. Both my kids really enjoyed these so we will be buying more on our weekly shop.

Ape Snacks Coconut Bites Sesame Seed – £1.49

These were a delicious little snack that I wasn’t expecting the kids to like but they really liked them too! Very coconutty and super crunchy, these are a great snack to have in your bag on days out.

Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads – £1.35

We love flatbreads and these are soooo good. They’re fluffy, filling and great for making something different for dinner.

Mister Free’d Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot – £1.99

Now these did something amazing – Steve doesn’t normally like beetroot but he really enjoyed these, especially dipped in the pineapple salsa. These were fully consumed by us all on the day the box arrived, they’re so tasty!

Rowntrees Randoms Squish’ems & Sours sharing bags – £1.29 each

We’ve had Randoms a few times in the boxes recently so it was nice to see two different items from the Randoms range rather than just the original pack. These were very popular with the whole family and tasted great.

Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 3 Step Meal Kit – £2.50

Steve and I love piri piri chicken so this is very handy. This is a chef’s authentic flavour blend and you pair it with your fresh ingredients for a tasty meal. We are yet to use it but it will definitely be used and enjoyed.

The boxes contents come to just under £19 which is great when you consider the box costs you just £12.99. That’s a saving of almost £6 and whilst other boxes have sometimes been over the £20 mark, it is still a great saving.

Fun Facts About Gemstone Colours and Meanings

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Gemstones have played pertinent roles in legends and myths of human culture. Some of these stones tell a story and are believed to possess certain powers, but all gemstones are known to share a common beauty. Every gemstone is unique and presents a special colour and story. Here are some fun facts about gemstone colours and their meanings. 


Amethyst is a purple gemstone that is perceived to have a magical colour that symbolises luxury and mystery as well as royalty. Additionally, purple is believed to be a religious colour which purifies the wearer. As a grounding gemstone, amethyst brings a peace of mind to the person wearing the jewellery. Other perceived benefits of the royal colour are increased inspiration and enhanced imagination. As a fun fact, purple is favoured the most by artists and is usually known as the “ideal colour.”  If you looking to be a part of the purple world, you can always go for gemstone jewellery made from amethyst. 

Lemon Yellow or Orange-Brown

The juicy lemon yellow and the bright orange-brown colours of the citrine make this gemstone attractive. Most people prefer choosing the citrine based on their own preference, but citrine with clear, radiant yellowish colour is the most sought-after stones. During ancient times, citrine protected the wearer against evil thoughts and snake’s venom. However, citrine is today associated with prosperity and success. 


Ruby, spinel, garnet, and tourmaline are gemstones that are red in colour. Red Gems are said to symbolise passion and courage. Red has always been known to be a luxurious and passionate colour – from Valentine’s Day to the red carpet events. The red gemstones add luxury and glamour and help in boosting the wearer’s confidence. As a fun fact, most Chinese wedding utilise the red theme since this colour is believed to bring joy and prosperity. 


There are different gemstones that are green in colour. Some of these stones include emerald, jade, Peridot, aventurine, and green tourmaline. The colour green is used to represent fertility, life, growth, nature, and harmony. Green gemstones help in enhancing fertility to the wearer in addition to bringing balance and order. Moreover, green signifies luck and positivity. As a fun fact, green was the Egyptian’s sacred colour which represented the joy and hope of spring. The temples’ floors were green in colour.


The colour pink is known for promoting love and enhancing prosperity. Morganite is one of the gemstones that is known for its soft colours of clear pink, thus earning the nickname, a stone of divine love. Since the fashion industry is dominated by shades of pink, it is not surprising to see why morganite is a women’s favourite. Available in pinks from bright fuchsias to subtle lavenders, as well as blends of pastel pink apricot, morganite exudes so much charm and tenderness. Other pink gemstones include pink opal, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, and rose quartz. These gemstones are beautiful for the gentle feminine touch and can be an excellent addition to your jewellery box.


Gemstones come in different colours that are used to signify different things or pass across different messages. The above are just but a few fun facts you should know about gemstone colours and their meanings.

Remembering Your Wedding Day

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When you are designing your wedding day and starting to plan it out, one of the major things that you want to be sure of is that you actually remember it as clearly as possible. There is nothing worse than realizing afterwards that you don’t remember a thing, or very much of it, and this is something that you will need to think about if you are going to make sure that you can make your wedding day as memorable as possible. There are a few important ways to approach this, so in this article we are going to look at some of the best that you can think of taking on board. As long as you make sure of these, you should find that you can remember your wedding day much more easily.

Be Careful With Alcohol

One thing that you are certain to find at almost any wedding is a large amount of alcohol. While for most people this is part of the fun, and is certainly a necessary element of a wedding, you will find that it is also bound to interfere with your ability to remember the big day itself. Therefore, if you want to be able to remember your wedding day as well as possible, you will need to make sure that you are taking care with your own consumption of alcohol on the night. That doesn’t mean not having fun – but it does mean trying to keep the balance right, so that ultimately you are going to remember the most important day of your life.

Thomas AE
Have It Recorded

Of course, most people will choose to have their wedding day recorded in some way or another, and this is certainly what you want to think about if you are hoping to ensure that you can properly remember your own wedding day much more effectively. There are actually a number of ways in which you can hope to record your wedding day, and it is not always about the traditional means of going for professional photography, although that can be a good method. More and more people these days are turning to the services of a wedding videographer instead, in order to capture moving images of the day. These can be much more impactful, and certainly make the day a lot easier to remember on the whole.

Make It Unique

In a sense, you are of course always going to remember your own wedding day much more easily than that of other people, but even so you can make this a little easier by trying to make your wedding day more unique. The more that you have to distinguish your day from other wedding days, the more likely you are to remember it clearly. If you have some kind of crazy over the top decoration, for instance, then you are bound to find that you remember it much more clearly than you might otherwise, and this is certainly going to prove important.

Common Situations That Can Cause Financial Stress

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When it comes to your finances, we can’t take anything for granted. It is so unfortunate that what we sometimes will deem as secure, we might end up losing in an instant due to things that are completely unavoidable or out of our control. Of course, preparation can be the key ingredient to ensuring that you protect yourself. With that in mind, here are four of the issues that can seriously affect your finances and how you can overcome them.    

Losing your job

No job is ever secure. As much as you feel like you are doing a good job, and that you are making the right decisions and choices, anything can change in a day. You may have a restructure at work and be made redundant, you may not get on with a newly employed manager, or you may even make a mistake that causes you to be fired. It can happen. A good financial decision to make is to ensure that you save a small proportion of your salary each month. The buffer you create can help you deal with a transition period while you find yourself a new job. 

Allef Vinicius
Suffering with an injury through work or a car accident

You can be going about your day, you might be driving completely unaware of what is to come, and you can find yourself in an accident that is not your fault. It may happen at work, or you may find that you are involved in a car accident. Whatever the situation is, the result might be that you are injured and therefore need time out of work in order to recover. This can seriously affect your finances so you may want to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer to help with your case and seek you justice and compensation. In situations like this you may find that it is better to seek resolve, rather than struggle when a situation wasn’t your fault. 

Being the only one who is financially providing

You may be fine and secure in your job, but what about if your partner suddenly loses their job and the responsibility of paying the bills comes down to you? This can easily happen and the stress and pressure to make ends meet can solely be left to you to control. If you follow the same advice for your own job, then hopefully this shouldn’t be an issue. However, your partner can use the time between jobs to explore other ways of bringing some extra money into the household such as filling out online surveys, selling unwanted items online and even performing mystery shops. 

Falling sick

Finally, another unforeseen circumstance can be falling sick unexpectedly. It might be that you suddenly struggle with an illness that forces you out of work. It could be that you find something you thought was normal to be something very serious. There are policies you can have in place to help protect you in these circumstances. 

Let’s hope that this helps you to feel more aware of what things could affect your finances.