4 Places To Look When Thinking About a Career Switch

It’s not easy, changing careers. For starters, it’s difficult to tell whether you’re actually looking for a change, or you’re just temporarily bored with your current position. However, eventually, you might decide that you really are ready to mix things up. When those times roll around, what do you do? With so many options out there, it’s difficult to narrow down your focus and find which job to pursue. Below, we take a look at four places where you can look, and which might just lead you in the right direction.

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What You Love

It’s always good practice to look within when you’re figuring out where you should go next. It’s likely that you just fell into your current career, which is good, to begin with, but after a while, you start wondering if you really are in the right job after all. Before you move forward, take some time to identify what you’re passionate about. For this, you might need to head onto vacation on your own for a few days. If you spend enough time listening to yourself, your passions and direction will come to you.

What the World Needs

Of course, sometimes it’s just not realistic to turn your passion into your career. You might be passionate about juggling, but it’ll be pretty difficult to make a living that way! So if that avenue is closed, take a look at what the world needs. A career that provides the planet with something that it’ll always need is just a smart move; you can be relatively assured that your job will be safe for the duration of your working life. Healthcare, teaching and other public services are especially good options in this regard.

What the Future Holds

Like it or not, the future is coming, and when it arrives, many jobs will be lost due to automation. There’s a study that says around 40% of jobs could be lost in the coming decades! To make sure you don’t lose your job thanks to AI, look at jobs that are future-proof. For that, you need to look at the trends and industries that are on the rise. With a master computer engineering degree, for example, you can be at the forefront of the electrical systems of the future. Make yourself valuable for jobs of the future, not just today, and you’ll find that there’s always work available.

Something Completely Different

Of course, sometimes you might just want to try something different. Your next job doesn’t have to be the job you’ll have for the rest of your life. It might just be another step along the path! So branch out. If that means trying something completely new just to see if you like it, then that’s fine.


There’s a lot of stress that accompanies a big change like a new career. But don’t overthink it; you have time to figure it out, and you’ll get there eventually, so long as you keep going into life with a positive attitude.


6 Major Signs That It Is Time For A Career Change

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A career change can be a scary thing, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you’re making the move at the right time and you understand the journey you’re about to embark on, a career change just might be the best thing for you. If you’re trying to gauge if you’re in the right position to make the move, examine the circumstances surrounding your current job and your wellbeing. If things aren’t adding up, it might be time to develop an exit strategy.

  1. Your Workplace Feels Completely Different

If you were excited when you started your current career, think about all the things that made you excited. Over the years, things change. Policies shift, companies cut corners, and priorities become radically different. If all the things that made you feel excited about the job have now cycled out of your workplace, you’re probably only still there because you’ve become used to it.

You may not need a total career change, but consider switching employers. If you can find something that reminds you of why you loved your line of work, you can reinvigorate all the positive feelings that came with starting your career.

  1. You Don’t Feel Appreciated

Not feeling appreciated at work can damage your self esteem. You work very hard, and you deserve to feel appreciated for your efforts. Highly talented people expect more and get more from their workplaces. Do you have access to a wellness program? What about flexible scheduling? Are there any perks you receive that make you feel like it’s worth it to work as hard as you do? Consider a career change before you wind up burned out.

  1. Expenses Have Gone Up and Your Salary Stayed the Same

Inflation makes things more expensive with time, and wages don’t always catch up. There are some things you can do, like learning to trade, that will help the money you currently make go further. If you don’t have the time to maximize your current income, it might be helpful to start networking in an effort to find a better paying job. If you’re paying more in rent and bills than you were before and you haven’t received a noteworthy raise in a while, a career change may be a better idea than sacrificing the quality of life you’ve become accustomed to.

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  1. Opportunities in Your Industry Are Changing

Take a look at job boards for positions being advertised in your industry. Does it seem like there are fewer of them? Do the prospects seem bleak? Are you almost out of opportunities for advancement? Don’t let yourself get stuck in a dead end job. If you have potential and ambition, you should be using it. Even if it means carving a new path for yourself, it’s worth the effort. You deserve to excel in your career, no matter what that career may be.

  1. You Feel Like You’re Ignoring Your Passions

Some people take a job because they need money and stick with it because it’s “good enough.” If you always wanted to be a veterinarian but settled for a job as a secretary, you aren’t pursuing your passion. Artists aren’t truly happy in foodservice, and scientists won’t feel engaged painting houses. If your passions call you to a different career, that career is worth pursuing. The more passionate you are, the higher your potential for success will be.

  1. You Know You’re Unhappy

It’s never worth keeping a job that makes you feel truly unhappy. If you’re having trouble sleeping or missing out on important life events due to stressful work commitments, it’s time to cut the cord. Developing a toxic relationship with your job is just as bad as developing a toxic relationship with a person. If your wellness demands that you make a career change, you owe it to yourself to move on. Even if you’re making less money by switching careers, it’s important to remember that money isn’t everything. It’s more important that you feel happy and well.

If you feel like it’s time to make the switch, keep it quiet for a while. Start looking for new opportunities before you leave your current job, and give them notice when the time is right. Your transition will be smoother, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful next chapter in your professional life.

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Anna Ashmore is a woman of many talents. She is passionate about literature, sports, travel and education among many other things. She is also an amateur writer who hopes to make it big in the blog world.  

Handling Jack’s Colourful School Adventures With ACE | #ACEforSchool Challenge

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk/ or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.

Now I don’t know about you but my son gets very messy at school. He’s now in Year 2 and whilst you think a normal school day would be messy enough, he also does football after school on a Thursday, a club after school on a Friday that he sometimes wears his uniform too and has just signed up to a new club for a Wednesday.

As you can imagine, these colourful adventures of Jack’s can lead to a lot of mess and cleaning up for me, especially when it comes to his clothes after a day at school!

This is where I am glad to have ACE products close to hand. ACE is said to keep garments bright, robust and clean meaning clothes last for longer – in my experience, this is very true. With the ACE for colours, colours are kept bright and fresh (much needed for his PE kit with his house colour t-shirt and his football kit). For those tougher stubborn stains such as grease, the ACE Stain Remover also comes into its own.

Jack has been coming home with all manners of things on his uniform in recent weeks – stains from his lunch, pen marks. We’ve been using ACE for a little while now to see how it works and the products have been leaving his uniform looking as bright as ever – other products in the past have made the red of his shirt washed out –  and the stains have disappeared. Not an easy task when you have caked on macaroni cheese, some pen that you aren’t quite too sure if it is a sharpie, specks of mud and various other icky bits!

With a toddler in the house too, stains are the bane of my life and my laundry pile certainly seems never ending. Add to that a partner who works in the same school that Jack attends and who has a very active job and it seems like my washing machine is never off. I need products which I know will do the job and it looks like I might have just found them.

What do you use to get stains out of your child’s uniform and to keep the colours bright? I’d love to know!

Getting Ready For Winter With Simply Hike

We were sent a couple of items from the Simply Hike range to help with creation of this post.

Have you heard of Simply Hike? They’re a fab brand who offer a range of outdoor clothing and hiking gear, among other things. We were recently contacted by them and asked if we’d like to try out some of the items from the range. With Steve starting a new job that sees him outside in all weathers (he’s the site assistant at a school so has to fix things outside, come rain or shine), I knew he needed some weather appropriate clothing and footwear to stand up to the job.

As well as offering outdoor clothing and hiking gear, the brand also offer both and adult and kid’s ski wear so it is a perfect place to not only get yourself kitted out for winter but also kitted out for winter sports too!

So what did we opt for and what did we think?

 Above see’s the Berghaus Mens Expeditor Ridge 2 Walking Boot – both as new and after a month’s worth of wear. These retail at £78.99 and whilst billed as a walking/hiking boot, are great for jobs like Steve’s as he needed decent boots for his role. The big plus point for these boots is that they are waterproof, with an AQ® waterproof lining that keeps out the wet and lets your feet breathe. They also have a great grip.

If you are looking for good quality walking boots, these are definitely worth checking out. They wear well – all too often shoes and boots start to show signs of aging and wear after just a few weeks but these are still looking pretty much as good as new!


The second item we chose was the Jack Wolfskin Mens Arroyo Jacket in Ebony which retails at £62. It is soft in texture which differs from a lot of other waterproof coats which can rustle and make noise. The jacket has articulated elbows for easy stretching and movement. It also comes with pockets, perfect for putting your essentials in.

Steve obviously also needed a decent jacket for his new role and again, it needed to be waterproof. This jacket is great for all weathers – the zips have a water resistant chemical coating and the back side of the coat features a microporous PU Coating- it is waterproof to 6000mm.

This has been great in the past few weeks – it has been hard to gauge how the weather will be from day to day – even hour to hour at some points. The weather has been miserable in the mornings on some days and then blazing hot by the time mid afternoon reaches us. However, a lightweight but durable waterproof coat has been perfect for these weathers – you’re not going to get too hot but you’re also not going to get wet if it starts bucketing down!

If you’re looking for some great quality winter clothing for the whole family – or perhaps even some stuff for winter sports – then I’d certainly check out Simply Hike. They’re affordable and good quality.

Have you ever bought from Simply Hike before?

How To Pack For Your Next Family Holiday

When you are going on holiday with your family, it can be very difficult to make sure that you have packed everything. You’ll need to not only focus on your own clothing and extras, but you’ll also need to pack for all of your kids. To help you with the stress that is packing for a family holiday, we have put together some tips in this article. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

Pack For One Person At A Time

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of packing that you need to do but if you split up the workload then you’ll be able to do it more effectively. Think about working on one person’s suitcase at a time and don’t let yourself get distracted by other bags that need to be sorted out. Try to split up the packing and you should be able to get on track.

Pack Important Travel Documents

Nowadays, everyone uses their phones for their travel documents and itineraries, but have you ever thought about the fact that you might lose your phone, or it might run out of charge. This is why you should spend some time printing out some copies of all of the documents that you might need on your holiday. This includes things like travel insurance, hotel details and the times that your airport transfers will be picking you up. On top of this, you’ll need to make sure that everyone has a valid passport and relevant visas for the time of travel.

Don’t Do It Alone

If your kids are old enough to pick their own outfit each day, then they are old enough to help with packing their own suitcase. Of course, you might want to spend some time looking through the suitcase to ensure that they have everything they need but if you get them to help out you’ll find that it gets done a lot quicker. Make sure to get as much help as possible and you’ll find that you aren’t as stressed out.

Buy Some New Clothes

Of course, you might not be able to afford to buy everyone new clothes for this holiday but if you can buy some special new pieces of clothing, your kids might be more excited about packing them in their suitcase. You’ll find that plenty of stores will have clothing suited to your holiday and if you take your kids shopping, they’ll get into the holiday mood. If you don’t have a lot of time for shopping, then you can always shop online. You’ll find stylish swimwear for your child from Folpetto.com so make sure to have a look.

Pack In Advance

Our final tip for those who are packing for their family holiday is to pack far enough in advance. No one wants to be running around on the night before the holiday worrying about packing five different suitcases. If you can start packing a week or two in advance, you’ll be able to get everything that you need and have it in the suitcases before the last minute. This will also ensure that you don’t forget anything as you will be able to look through your suitcase a few more times before the big day.

If you are going on a family holiday any time soon you should make sure to take on board all of the advice that we have given you in this article. When you do, you’ll be able to pack the bags in a stress-free manner.