5 tips how to create tight and reliable relationships

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? If the answer is “yes”, you probably understand that it could be really difficult to create tight and reliable relationships. Millions of people from all over the world look for mutual understanding and want to live without any conflicts. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them know how to do that. Some of these people are selfish, boring, strange or even violent. They do not understand how to communicate with their boyfriends or girlfriends. These people listen to others, but they do not hear them. So, there are a lot of different pieces of advice, which you should follow if you want to live without problems and create perfect relationships with your girlfriend or boyfriend. We are going to consider some of these tips and if you are really interested in this topic because you have some serious problems, we can recommend you to read this article as soon as possible. Let’s start!

5 useful pieces of advice for newcomers how to find the common language with your girlfriend

Of course, each situation is unique and there are no golden and universal rules how to save your relationships but there are several recommendations and pieces of advice, which can help you to avoid these problems. So, we are going to consider these hints a little bit closer.

  • Spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Of course, we understand that you are probably a very busy person and you do not have a lot of free time but you should also understand that it is impossible to create ideal relationships with somebody if you do not spend your free time with this person. We are sure that even despite the fact that you go to bed at 2 a. m. you probably can find several hours of your free time. Just optimize your schedule! For example, if you are very busy because you want to study well, you should refer to special services, which can help you with some tasks. For example, if you have to write a good essay, you should keep in mind that this task is not really useful but it takes more than 10 hours to write something special and exclusive. Are you sure that you want to spend your free time on this task? In most cases, students decide that there is no need to waste so much time, that’s why they refer to special essay writing services if they have to write a synthesis essay outline. Fortunately, these companies provide high-quality help for students from all over the world. Their authors are professionals who understand how to make you interested in any topic. They also know hidden tactics how to create interesting and impressive texts within tight time frames. It is really cool that we have this possibility.

  • Listen to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Many people do not understand that it is extremely important to hear their boyfriends or girlfriends. They do not pay attention to this factor, that’s why these people always have a lot of problems. If you really want to create tight relationships, you should hear your partner and try to turn his or her wishes into reality. For example, if your partner doesn’t like bowling, there is no need to invite her or him every time to play bowling with your friends. Your partner will not be satisfied. We can recommend you to figure out more about his or her preferences or hobbies and only after that, make your final decision.

  • Do not hurry up

It is a common problem for young people in the US. There is no need to live together after several months of dating even if you understand that you really love this girl or boy. Just keep calm and continue communication with your partner, go on dates and do other traditional activities at the beginning of your relationships.

  • Privacy

Of course, partners usually know each other almost everything but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about privacy. All tight and reliable relationships are based on mutual understanding and trust. Even despite the fact that you love each other, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your free time together. In addition, it is a very bad idea to check his or her mobile phone, email, social media and so on. It can kill your relationships forever!

  • Talk about your problems

It is probably one of the most important rules which you should remember! You have to talk about your problems. We are sure that you will never manage to improve your relationships if you ignore your mutual problems. What are you waiting for? It is impossible to change this situation without real actions, that’s why you have to talk with your partner. Discuss your opinions and try to find a common language.


Therefore, it is really difficult to create tight relationships if you do not know about these rules. If you want to become the best boyfriend or girlfriend for your partner, you should follow abovementioned recommendations. It will make your life significantly better!


Useful Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester

Staying active is essential during pregnancy but many pregnant mums are cautious about overdoing it. With this in mind, HARTMANN Direct take a look at what exercises and activities can suit during the three trimesters of pregnancy.

The importance of staying active

Staying active means staying fit and toned, something that you will rely on during labour and the birth itself.

But there are other reasons to exercise. Staying active helps to keep the pelvic floor muscle toned, the muscle we need to retain control of the bladder and bowel but is commonly stretched during pregnancy and birth.

And then there is the dark cloud of depression, something that can hand over pregnant women and new parents for weeks or even months.

But there is a balance needed. On one hand, you need to stay active and that can feel like a monumental effort on some days! And then, there is the importance of taking plenty of rest.

The First Trimester – Slow and Steady

The first trimester lasts from conception to week 12. It is the time your body will go through incredible changes.

With surging pregnancy hormones playing an important part in ensuring the fertilised egg reaches its proper destination, you can feel sick, lethargic and under the weather.

Or you may feel on top of the world!

Even if you are no feeling uncomfortable, slow and steady is the mantra when it comes to exercising in the first few months of pregnancy.

If you already visit the gym work out, run, cycle, swim and so on, most pregnant women are OK to continue but always seek the advice of your doctor.

As well as being more aware of your body changing – and your emotional needs too – exercise experts suggest being aware of fluid intake and your core body temperature too.

As well as working out, why not take up pregnancy yoga or Pilates to help stretch and tone key muscle groups.

Key points


  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Don’t allow yourself to get too hot when working out


The Second Trimester – Stay Active

The second trimester runs from week 12 to 27. Most pregnant women find this is the time they ‘bloom’ in pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones have peaked and settled down, nausea has passed and apart from the occasional restless night and bit of heartburn, most pregnant women find this a pleasant time.

With energy levels restored, it can be tempting to exercise more and harder but this can result in discomfort for you and baby.

Exercise experts suggest;

  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Lifting lighter weight to tone key areas
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Pilates

By this time, more pregnant women find high-impact or contact sports uncomfortable.

But staying active doesn’t mean bouncing around a Zumba class or keeping up in a spinning class. It’s important to find a mode of exercise that you enjoy but you also find comfortable as your bump begins to grow.

Key points


  • Your growing bump will affect your balance – take care!
  • Vary your walking pace to keep your energy levels tip-top
  • Rest just as much as you exercise


The Third Trimester – Regular Activity

The final trimester stretches until your baby arrives and although there are times when you feel more uncomfortable and lethargic than you did previously, staying active is beneficial to you and your growing baby.

Reducing backache, constipation, bloating and swelling, staying active has many benefits. It can also help you sleep better!

But it also helps you prepare your body for labour. Exercise brings with it stamina, something that you will fall back on in the hours before you give birth.

Being toned and strong also helps you to recover well after birth, no matter how you choose to deliver your baby.

There is a key difference in exercising in this final trimester – the ability to listen to your body. Feeling faint when exercising, vaginal bleeding, headache, shortness of breath and swelling in the lower legs are signs you need to speak with your midwife and change the frequency and impact of your activity.

Key points


  • Stay active but listen to your body
  • Walking is great but slow down
  • Swimming is a welcome weightless release – but take care as your balance will change with a bigger bump
  • Don’t forget to kick back, relax and enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy


Labour and birth are both physically an emotionally challenging. Just as you would train to run a marathon, why wouldn’t you stay active and healthy to train for pregnancy?

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Celebrating The Birth Of The Royal Baby With The Baby Annabell Brother

Item sent for the purpose of review.

We recently reviewed the Baby Annabell Interactive Doll and when offered the chance to review the Baby Annabell Brother to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby, we just had to say yes.

We were sent the Baby Annabell brother doll and a celebratory package to celebrate the fact that ‘It’s A Boy!’. See the contents of the package below – it features a flag which the kids loved waving, a crown, some bunting, some gems and some sweets:

Jack was so excited to see a boy doll! I am not one for saying boys should play with ‘boys toys’ and girls should play with ‘girls toys’ and he has been loving playing with the Baby Annabell doll but he was so excited to see a boy doll, just like him. So many dolls are girls so he was eager to get playing with him as soon as possible – but he had to fight Olivia for the chance!

The Baby Annabell Brother doll retails at £49.99 and comes with the same items his sister does – a nappy, a pendant, a dummy, a bottle and a bib. He also makes real life sounds just like his sister and movement – although we noticed his movement was a little different to Annabell’s, his mouth didn’t seem to move as much which we weren’t sure if it was meant to happen or not.

Like his sister before him, Brother is meant to spark imaginative play and help encourage social skills from a young age. It has been amazing to see Olivia play with him and see her motherly instinct kick in – as soon as he starts to cry, she is there, comforting him – and she can sometimes be found trying to comfort both Brother and Annabell at once!

Baby Brother wets his nappy just like a real baby, uses the potty, sucks on a dummy, drinks from a bottle, burps, yawns, cries and babbles. This interaction is great as it really enables Olivia to role play – and she loves it when her own brother joins in with Baby Annabell so they can play all together.

As you can see, Brother has proved very popular with Olivia, especially in the wake of the birth of the new baby. She had fun celebrating, putting on the crown and trying to eat some of the sweets in the package. We’ve even put the bunting up in Jack’s room! She has also been loving taking him on the school run – everyone stops and asks her all about her baby and she loves babbling away to them, telling them all about him!

Like I mentioned in our Baby Annabell review, this isn’t the lowest priced doll on the market but it is incredibly high quality and worth every penny, even just for the interaction alone. There are so many interactive capabilities that Olivia is never left bored and he is usually one of the first toys she opts to play with every single day, she loves him that much.

You can find out more about the Baby Annabell range here but I have one final question. What should we name him? Is Louis too obvious? I’d love some ideas!

Smart Tips To Save Energy At Home

We’ve all heard the common ways that you can save energy at home; making sure your devices are switched off rather than on standby and investing in energy efficient appliances. However, there are some energy-saving tips that you might not have considered. Northern Powergrid, who can help with any electric connection around your home, have assembled this list of smart tips for saving energy that may surprise you…

Keep your fridge/ freezer well stocked

To ensure that your fridge and freezer aren’t using too much energy, it’s recommended that you keep them as full as possible, this means that they won’t be overworked. Additionally, if you have any empty shelves, it may be wise to downsize. If you decide to switch models, try to make sure that you choose an A++ model – these have been shown to save around £190 in total energy bills throughout their product lifetime.

Whether you decide to stick with your current model or invest in a new one, make sure that you defrost on a regular basis as this prevents ice buildup – causing increased energy expenditure. You should also clean any dust from around the condenser coils at the back of your fridge, as the dust buildup can lead to using yet more energy.

Be a smart cook

Cooking can use up a lot of energy and you could be using more than you need. When cooking vegetables or rice, remember to only use enough water to keep them covered on the hob and make sure that you use the correct size of pan– cooking a small meal in a large pan wastes energy as you have to wait longer to heat up the contents.

When baking in the oven, you can save on time by baking more than one meal at a time. Each shelf in your oven will be being heated, so you should make the most of the free space and save some meals for later to heat up in the microwave.

It’s sometimes even a good idea to swap your oven for a pressure cooker instead. Cooking chicken using a pressure cooker actually takes about half the time as it would to make the same meal in the oven.

Get smart when showering

You can save energy in the bathroom too, especially if you have a shower. You could start by investing in a more water-efficient shower head if your shower uses hot water from a tank or boiler, as opposed to it being electric. Doing this will mean that you can still enjoy a powerful shower but will reduce the amount of hot water that you are using. It has been calculated that you can shave up to £75 a year off your bill by using this handy tip!

No matter what type of shower you own, it is also recommended that you get a shower timer fitted. By reducing the time that you spend in the shower by just one minute per day, you could see a saving of £7 a year per person in your household.

Use your phone more efficiently at home

Did you know that you can buy plug sockets for around £20 which have been designed so that they can be switched on and off via your mobile?

These will definitely be handy if you suddenly remember you forgot to switch off your TV at the wall and have already left the house. By turning your gadgets and devices off at the plug instead of leaving them on standby, you can save an average of £30 a year for your household!

Get a smart thermostat

You could save up to £80 a year on energy bills simply by turning the heating down by one degree. Investing in a smart thermostat takes a lot of the hassle out of monitoring your household devices. Although these can sometimes come with a large price tag (with some devices costing a few hundred pounds), they could take up to a third off your heating bills long-term. This is because the devices learn how much time it takes to heat up your home and adjust your heating so that it comes on at the exact right time to heat up your home to your required temperature.

Smart thermostats are also designed so that you can control them via your mobile phone even when you aren’t at home – so you needn’t worry about coming in to a cold house.

Use a lower temperature when doing the washing

Your washing machine can also help you save energy. Around 90 percent of your washing machines energy use comes down to heating up the water, so you can help by washing your clothes at a lower temperature. Turning the temperature down from 30 ºC to 40 ºC can save you a third of the cost of running the cycle. Just remember to use a hot wash every now and again to keep your washing machine clean.

Reducing the amount of times you use your washing machine by just one cycle per week can save you £5 a year on your energy bills – which is something to think about the next time you fill up your washing machine to just half way!

You should also try not to try your clothes and garments on the radiator, as doing so means that your boiler will have to work harder than necessary.


Do You Believe In Lucky Numbers?

Do you have a lucky number?

You may not realise it right away, but you probably have a lucky number. It’s surprising how many times numbers appear in our daily lives and how often we use them without realising it. Whether it’s calculating the cost of our morning coffee or checking how many unread emails we have.    

Are you choosing the right lucky number?

Having a lucky number isn’t always a conscious decision, sometimes we have subconsciously decided what our lucky numbers are.This can be influenced by myths or legends we’ve learned from our culture and from stories as children.

The guys over at Betway recently took a look at some of the world’s luckiest and unluckiest numbers and explored the reasons why these superstitions existed. Take a look at the infographic below and see if your lucky number has a good reputation in other parts of the world!  

I’m one of the 25% who counts 7 as a lucky number. What’s yours? I must admit I do have a few lucky numbers that I always tend to veer towards when needing to pick a number for something. Some of mine don’t feature on this list but some do – 7 has always been lucky for me but so have 11 and 20!

67% of people having luck because of believing in the number 3 is really interesting to me because everyone knows the saying that bad things come in threes – and in my case, they certainly do! Everyone I know always seems to experience bad luck in threes so I’d love to believe in the number and get some good luck for a change! My dad always used to opt for 3 though and had good luck from it – so who knows?

I also find it really interesting that many people have specific lucky numbers because of certain superstitions such as skipping the 13th floor in US tower blocks because of superstitious beliefs and the Chinese superstition of four as the Chinese word for death is similar to the Chinese word for four.

What is your lucky number?

Collaborative Post