Ahhh Pancakes

Well I was a good girl today…. and I didn’t have pancakes! Basically, my boyfriends on a diet and I’m on a fitness kick so I’m trying to be as supportive to him & as good to me as I can.
However, my boyfriend treated me to a little something:

How sweet of him! He knew we wouldn’t have pancakes so got me him as a treat instead 🙂 Just filled my chocolate fix too! I’m going to have to be very good for the next few days!

I didn’t go for a walk with my friend tonight, as I’m suffering with my back today, however I shall be carrying on again tomorrow!

What did you have on your pancakes(lucky people!) ?

For now,


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  1. Gotta love pancakes <3 I made some pesto pancakes and had salad because I'm on a diet but my boyfriend had lots of sweet things on his. The heart ones featured on my blog was one of my boyfriends pancakes.

  2. my fiance always buys me sweets and chocolate even though i'm trying to diet, its just hard to say no, it doesn't help does it?lol!


  3. Aww that is lovely.

    I totally forgot it was pancake day, perhaps because i was travelling back up to Scotland.

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