6 Important Things You Need To Consider If You Have A Big Wedding!

It’s always a hard decision working out how many people you are going to invite to your big day. For some people, they choose a smaller number so that their wedding is more personal. And it can also be a lot cheaper if you are working to a budget. But for others, they love the idea of being surrounded by all the people they care about. And a big wedding can often bring plenty of memories. However, there a lot of things to think about if you are going to have a big do. Therefore, here are six important things you need to do if you decide to have a big wedding.



How will you transport everyone to the wedding reception?

Although most guests will transport themselves from your ceremony to the wedding reception venue, it might not always be possible for everyone. After all, if they are coming alone or if they can’t drive, it can make it harder for them to get from A to B. Therefore, you might need to consider how you will transport a large number to your wedding reception. One thing you could do is look into the costs of hiring a minivan. You can get one guest to drive it, and it’s a good way to get your guests from the ceremony to the venue. Or some people go for something quirky like a double decker bus to get their guests to the wedding venue. Not only will this look funky, but it can also fit a lot of people! And remember to always ask your other guests if they have space in their car. After all, if you have a few couples, they might not mind allowing another guest make the journey with them!


Will it make the ceremony less intimate?

It’s so important that when you are planning your big day that you remember the wedding day is meant to be about you and your other half. After all, you are making a huge commitment to each other by getting hitched. And it should be a special moment between the two of you. Therefore, you need to consider if having a large wedding could jeopardise this. If you think it might do, you should think about having fewer people at your ceremony. You could have just close friends and family at the actual ceremony, and then have everyone else meet you at the venue. They can still enjoy the wedding breakfast and be featured in the photos. But it ensures the whole importance of the two of you getting married doesn’t get overshadowed by all the guests!


Will there be enough space in the venue?

As much as you might want 100 or even 200 people at your venue, it might not even be possible. Therefore, before you get your heart set on a particular place , you need to ask them about their number limit. If they can’t fit as many people in, it’s worth considering asking people to come later on in the day. Or you could consider moving your venue to a different location. For example, you could hire an outdoor space where you could hold your wedding. That way, you won’t be limited for space when it comes to guests. You will just need to hire a marquee and get some chairs similar to wood Chiavari chairs for your wedding day. And having a unique venue with a tonne of space could make your wedding even more special. Just remember that if the venue isn’t licensed, you will need to get your marriage legalised at a registry office before or after the actual day!


Will it affect your photos?

It might make your photographer’s job harder if there are a tonne of guests at your big day. After all, it can be a lot harder to get people to stand together for photos. And some guests might wander off and miss the group shot! Also, when it comes to wedding photos, your photographer might need to plan where exactly they want to take particular shots. And this might change if there is a large number. Therefore, tell your photographer early on about the number so that they can make arrangements, so you still get amazing photographs of your big day!


Will the cake be large enough for everyone?

It’s so important everyone gets to enjoy some of your wedding cake. After all, it’s one of the highlights of the day for guests. Therefore, you need to make sure you go for the right size if you are having a tonne of guests at your wedding. Talk to the company who are creating the cake about the size you require. It would be a good idea to go slightly larger than you think, just so that you feel happy that everyone will get a slice to enjoy on your wedding day! And if you are hoping to keep the top section, make sure you don’t take this into account when planning your wedding cake.


How can you make the favours cheaper?

Of course, the more guests you ask along to your wedding, the more favours you will have to make. But these are not always the cheapest thing in the world to make. In fact, it can cost a few quid each per favour. And if you are having a tonne of guests, it might blow your budget quickly. One way you can do it cheaply is by just making one per couple or family. After all, if it’s some form of souvenir, they are only going to need one to put in their home! Or if you do want to make them something individually, choose something you can create for a low price at home. For example, you could bake cookies yourself at home. It will be a lot cheaper than buying them ready made!

And remember the main thing you need to worry about is whether you can afford it. After all, a lot of the venues charge per guest. Therefore, make sure you don’t leave yourself out of pocket when it comes to your wedding day!


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