3 Tricks for Ditching the Junk Food

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Healthy eating is central to overall health, fitness, and wellbeing. If you find yourself feeling down, the cure may be in your diet, just as if you’re after a cosmetic enhancement, lip fillers might be the way forward.

An old saying, often attributed to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine, says; “let food be thy medicine.”

But where to start in achieving and sticking to a healthy diet, when there’s so much that can seem to get in the way, ranging from a hectic schedule to the constant temptation to just eat something sugary?

Here are a few easy tips to get you started on the right path.

Keep only healthy foods in the home

Removing temptation is one of the most time-tested and effective ways of making a positive change in your lifestyle. This is true with anything. Someone trying to quit cigarettes should by no means have an “emergency” pack hidden away in their cupboard, and by the same token, someone trying to adopt a healthier approach to eating shouldn’t keep a “treat” cupboard full of chocolate or candy.

By only keeping healthy foods in the home, you create an immediate barrier to poor eating habits. If you get struck by a craving for a massive helping of milk chocolate and toffee, but there’s none at hand, you’re forced to make a decision. Are you going to consciously get in your car and drive down to the local shop for the express reason of violating your diet?

While you might lapse now and again, that simple “pause” is going to keep you on the right track more often than not.

Always have some healthy snack options on standby

Hunger pangs throughout the day are perhaps the number one enemy of good eating habits, as being hungry diminishes our resolve and self control, and drives us to seek out the closest and most satisfying fix for our cravings.

When out in public this often manifests as popping into the nearest shop and picking up whatever looks tasty and easy to eat. At home, if we haven’t yet emptied out our cupboards of junk food, it can lead to binging on things we’d really be better off avoiding.

The easiest way of counteracting this is by keeping a supply of healthy snacks in the home, primed and ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Packets of nuts or trail mix can be a great example.

Cook your meals the night before

As just mentioned, hunger reduces patience and dents our willpower. If you wait until you’re starving before preparing your healthy meals, you’re likely to find that you put minimal effort into making them, and put in just enough effort to create something vaguely edible, but not necessarily tasty.

Over time, this leads to dissatisfaction with the diet, and sooner or later, you can expect to just give up on the whole idea.

Instead, cook your meals for the next day each evening, and put real effort into making them delicious, and following proper recipes.

This way, the food’s ready and waiting when you’re next hungry, and you’re that much more likely to actually enjoy it.


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