What I Got For Christmas

The main aim of this post is to show what some of my blogging buddies got me – not all of my other presents are featured as some are stocking fillers, I haven’t taken pictures of them or they haven’t even turned up yet! 

I received this lovely stuff from Lisa aka Lisahh-Jayne – she knows me too well! I’d run out of my favourite body scrub – the Champneys Distant Shores scrub – and almost bought it from the Boots website the other day! Glad I didn’t though! She also knew I wanted the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss too! Good friend that one. She also included some goodies from The Body Shop and a small tin of lip balm – love her!
These were my stocking fillers from Steve as my main present hasn’t turned up yet – he got me a Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Bath Box and a Barry M lipstick in the shade 162.
My Mum is actually taking me to a concert next year that she has paid for so I knew I wouldn’t be getting much for Christmas or my birthday in January. However, she did buy me the two books I really wanted – these two men are my favourite British actors so I was always going to want their books!
Proof that a certain Sarah-Louise knows me far too well – I actually got a little emotional about this present! Sarah actually reviewed her Doctor Who coasters here and we’d discussed at length how much I liked them! I almost bought them there and then, however kept putting it off! When I saw that she’d bought these for me, it was really lovely because I knew how much thought she’d put into it and she’d chosen something that suits us and our friendship. 
Some random items here: my Dad randomly got me a flask that I’d been asking for – my home office is upstairs so if I want a hot drink, it means running up and down the stairs! Although him and Mum had already bought me concert tickets and the books (plus lots of chocolate and biscuits!), this was a nice thought as it is definitely something I will use.
Another present I got emotional about was the photo album Shona got me – she’d bought a photo album and actually got some pictures printed out to put inside. Some of these haven’t even been shared on my blog which means she took the time to go through my Facebook and Instagram too – I needed a photo album as I had tons printed a while back so this was so handy and just at the right time – I’ve almost filled it up already!
I recently took part in the Poundland Secret Santa Challenge and I got the lovely Helen – we, along with Sarah, are both admins in the UK Bloggers group and found it quite funny when we got each other! We even got each other the same thing! Haha!

Jack got me these wonderful comfy slippers and they haven’t been off my feet since apart from showering, sleeping and leaving the house! They are so snug and I love them! Steve’s parents got me this beautiful bag as well as some lovely little stocking fillers – I’ve used it everyday since!

As I said before, this isn’t everything and I will probably post about my main present from Steve when it arrives. This post isn’t to brag – as you can tell, I didn’t actually get that much but this doesn’t bother me – when it comes to parenthood, your child comes first when it comes to presents! I love reading these posts but I know some people don’t- however, this is here for the readers that are interested plus to show some love to my favourite blogging buds!

What did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Those coasters are brilliant! I might get those for my Doctor Who-loving OH (even though his birthday isn't til July…). Some lovely presents there!

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