Thinking Ahead

Myself and Steve have been talking quite a lot recently about our plans for the upcoming months. Whilst we are not altogether in the right financial situation right now, we are working really hard towards getting out of it and eventually want to add to our family. Jack is desperate for a brother or sister right now – he keeps saying he wants an Ardo (Youtube fans will know what I mean), but the thing is..we really don’t have the space here.

Babies take up a lot of room as do toddlers so to have two would mean having to move after a while. Of course, a new baby would be in our room for the first few months and if we had a boy, they could move in with Jack – although it would be a tight squeeze!

Jack’s room currently is quite small but will hopefully be a little bigger when we have had a good clear out of stuff in there. If we move into a bigger place though, we already know what we want and have spent ages perusing property websites! We have always had a soft spot for three storey houses where you have the living quarters on the ground floor, 1 or 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor and another 1 or 2 bedrooms on the third storey. 

When I was younger, I always wanted to move out into something similar and have an attic room with a roof window so I could lay in bed at night and gaze up at the stars. Of course, this would not be practical with young children as they would probably stare at the stars all night so a VELUX roof blind would definitely be required – I have a son who will do anything to get out of going to sleep at night!

Whilst I know moving out into a new place and adding to the family isn’t going to happen just yet, it is something we can work towards and keep dreaming about until it happens, right?

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