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Items sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions are our own.

I mentioned in my goals for 2017 that I want to help Steve build on his niche Instagram. Some of you were wondering what that was and it is actually a vaping Instagram. With that in mind, Steve is reviewing some of the Arcadia Gran Reserva e-liquids available from VIP, the premium e-liquids and vaping store.

The Arcadia Gran Reserva range of e-liquids is made up of 12 unique and distinct flavours that make it extremely hard to choose from. Claiming to give you an amazing vaping experience that is high in flavour with cool clouds of vapour, could these match up to the claims?

Retailing at just £4.50 per bottle, these are definitely of the more affordable price range that we have seen for e-liquids but these are affordable without compromising on quality. We were sent four flavours:

  • Night Screamer – lemonade, vanilla ice cream & strawberries
  • Aphrodite – strawberry, brown sugar & vanilla custard
  • Holier Than Thou – sweet apple, kiwi & black grapes
  • Ecstasy – raspberry, creme brulee & cheesecake

Steve is a big fan of the fruity flavours and the dessert flavours – he can’t stand the coffee or tobacco flavours – so it was nice to see the varied bunch he received which all fitted the bill of his tastes quite nicely. With his nicotine strength of choice (3mg), how did he get on with them?

Steve tested all of these e-liquids on a GeekVape Tsunami at 0.47 ohms. The e-liquids childproof caps are definitely secure – even Steve struggled with them at one point – this is key for us with a five year old (and soon to be a newborn) in the household.

His thoughts:

Night Screamer -Very lemonade in both scent and flavour. Out of the four liquids, this is was the easiest liquid with which to discern every separate flavour – you get a lovely strawberry lemonade on the inhale and a vanilla lemonade/cream soda style flavour on the exhale. He was surprised to find that this was his favourite of the four.

Aphrodite – You can really smell the vanilla of the vanilla custard but strawberry is probably the more dominant taste on the inhale. The exhale gives a smooth creaminess – perhaps the brown sugar element – there is a slight hint of vanilla too.

Holier Than Thou – The sweet apple definitely dominates the scent of the e-liquid. The taste is very nice and fruity but it is quite difficult to pick out the individual flavours of each fruit. Very sweet in flavour but this is not unpleasant.

Ecstasy – Being a lover of cheesecake, Steve was looking forward to trying this one but unfortunately the raspberry overpowered the other flavours – this didn’t make it unpleasant, just an unexpected taste sensation. The raspberry was very nice and tart however.

All four liquids produced a decent amount of cloud – not surprising as they are 70VG fluids. Having bought VIP fluids before and having been impressed and with a store close by, Steve will definitely be checking out some of the other flavours available.

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