A ‘Shocking’ Card Game

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As an Arsenal fan and someone who loves the occasional card game (responsibly played, of course), I was intrigued to see former Arsenal star Ray Parlour (a man I idolised in my childhood) and ex TOWIE star Amy Childs (filmed before her recently announced pregnancy) play a game of Electric Blackjack. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? The game saw Parlour punished with some electric shocks when he made the wrong moves.

Many think card games such as blackjack are based on pure luck but you’d be wrong – there are some skills that can be easily learned to help turn the game in your favour and armed with these tips from national online casino 888casino, the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide could have helped Parlour sit at the table with confidence and avoid a potential electric shock!

Following tuition from blackjack master John Scanlon from Aspers Casino paired with the knowledge from the 888Casino guide, the celebrities were invited to the blackjack table – but in order to up the stakes and increase the challenge, electric pads were applied to their chairs – one wrong blackjack move would be punished with electric shocks controlled by the eagerly watching master. With the stakes raised, Parlour and Childs had quite different experiences. Parlour was more cautious and ended up punished by a series of electric shocks, whereas Childs seemingly took more naturally to the blackjack table.

After the game, both Childs and Parlour felt that they had discovered a new found appreciation for the game of blackjack. Parlour talked about ‘making quick and rash decisions’ under pressure which may have hindered him.

I come from a family of card game lovers and Steve himself loves them too. We’re always responsible as you should be when playing these games but its interesting to know that there is more to it than pure luck – I like to think I’m quite a lucky person but if there are some skills I can learn, I am more than willing to!

Do you ever play blackjack? Would you ever dare sit down for a game of Electric Blackjack?

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