School uniform tips for budding sports stars

There’s only one thing at school that comes close to rivalling Jack’s love of hot dinners and that’s playing sports. He’s a typical boy after all, but I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there too who can’t wait to be mini athletes at break times.

While I love the fact that he’s getting plenty of exercise and having a ball at the same time (pun intended), it did mean that to begin with he was constantly coming home with messy clothes and scuffed shoes. Over his year of being at school I’ve come up with a few ways of combating tired uniform that I wanted to share with you. I hope you find these school uniform tips for budding sports stars useful.

Spare shoes

The thing that gets the most wear is definitely Jack’s shoes, with wear from kicking a ball about and skidding on the floor. There are a couple of things you can do – first is to get a good quality pair of school shoes, a lesson I learned the hard way. But boys’ school shoes needn’t break the bank as you can pick up a good-looking leather and scuff resistant pair from the selection at Tu shoes and plimsolls.

What I’ve also taken to doing is packing a spare pair of trainers (with Velcro fastening) in Jack’s PE bag that’s always at school and I’ve asked his teacher to remind him to change into them at lunchtimes. They completely understand as I’ve explained how he loves his sports and that I want to keep his nice school shoes in good condition.

Uniform fit for the job

Now that the shoes are sorted, it’s on to school clothes that stand up to grass stains and sliding in the mud. Fortunately there’s lots of hard-wearing uniform options out there with teflon-coating and reinforced knees that don’t cost much more.

We’ve got into the habit of Jack taking his uniform off when he gets home before it gets any messier in the garden. I’ve also bought an extra set of uniform that I keep as a spare until after school photo day, so it’s good as new.

Freshly laundered clothes

Keeping on top of washing is much easier with coated trousers or skirts, but shirts need a little more focus – especially white ones that turn grey over time. Lemon juice works wonders as a natural and gentle whitener, for example. Either run half a lemon over the shirt before washing or, to refresh a full load of whites, add 100ml of lemon juice to your detergent when washing.

If you have kids who are becoming more fragrant as they get older, you might also have to take extra measures. In this case, always air-dry the uniform rather than tumble drying as the dryer will lock in odours. If the smells are lingering, pop some white vinegar in a spray bottle and squirt it on the underarms and collars of shirts before they go in the wash. For more tips, take a look at this handy guide on making clothes last.

What do your little or big sports stars get up to at school, and what tips do you swear by for keeping their uniform good?

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