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I’ve always loved reading Rebecca from Mum of A Premature Baby’s monthly competition wins posts and I have occasionally posted my own. However when it comes to entering competitions, I seem to go through phases. I’ve recently got back into comping, mostly in the last couple of months and have been lucky to win some amazing prizes. I thought I would share with you my wins for December – and hopefully I will be making this a monthly post too.

I’ve also recently written my prize wishlist for 2017 – a holiday, an Apple watch and a new laptop are just some of the things featured – and set up my prize spreadsheet for 2017. I’m so excited to see what I can win next year – but for now, here is what I have won this month…

  • A Tomy Toys bundle from School Run Shop – Jack had the Paw Patrol Aquadoodle as a Christmas present and we’ve put the bath toy away for next Christmas for baby girl
  • Slice Shades from the Win Slice Shades promotion from Chicago Town – we’ve been lucky enough to win three times in recent months (purchase necessary)
  • A set of knitting & crafting books from GMC Books on Twitter – I gifted these to my friend Clare as they’re much more her thing
  • In The Night Garden calendar from In The Night Garden Live – this is now in Jack’s room
  • A copy of The Missing Hours by Emma Cavanagh from Dead Good Books on Twitter – I gifted this to my father in law
  • £120 on Tombola – I actually logged into the site to enter the Advent Calendar competition when I noticed I had some bonus credit – so I played it and won!
  • A photo frame from Be Personnel on Twitter – gifted this to my mother in law
  • Some fresh cream from my local Co-Op – they had a promotion going on if you scanned your membership card
  • Some kid’s pyjamas from Lily’s Little Learners – we’d already picked up a couple of pairs for Jack for Christmas so I got these for baby girl instead

  • Some cans of Cinnamora from Cinnamora Drink on Twitter – I had been wanting to win these for a while. I love cinnamon flavoured things and have been loving these since they turned up!
  • Batiste hair minis from Perfect10 on Twitter – these are going to be SO handy with a newborn and no time, haha!
  • Lindt chocolate hamper from The Ana Mum Diary – Yup, kept this all for myself, Steve and Jack!
  • Thermo Non contact thermometer from The Oliver’s Madhouse – I’ve been trying to win something like this for ages. This is going to be so helpful for baby girl and Jack!

Some really good wins this month – have you been entering any competitions?

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10 thoughts on “Recent Competition Wins | December

  1. That’s such a good month of competition wins! I go through phases with entering comps too, but I’ve been terribly unlucky so far… maybe 2017 will be my year 🙂 x

  2. Well done. It is such a buzz to win, however large or small the prize. I’ve not entered anything for months, I just can’t find the time other than the odd one here or there. #thelist

  3. Wow you’ve done really well! I picked up with competitions again recently and had a good October, but then nothing really! I do only tend to enter the higher value ones I must admit. I’ve just written a post about my comping wish list for 2017 if you’d like a peek (blatant plug, but we obviously have a hobby in common!) #TheList

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