Jack’s First Trip To The Cinema

Would you believe that we only took Jack to the cinema for the first time this Tuesday??

We’ve had a few people ask why it has taken this long to take him. After all, he is 5 – he’ll be six in December. I don’t feel that we really should have to justify ourselves but I simply wasn’t going to waste money when he didn’t have the attention span to sit through a film. Once he actually started sitting through films at home, we realised it was now time to take him – and so we did.

My Mum kindly came round and looked after Olivia so we could both enjoy this experience with him. Olivia had a lovely time with her Nanny and it was great to get some time with just Jack – I think he liked it too as it has been almost 7 months since he last got us to himself!

We booked in advance on the Cineworld website so all we needed to do when we got there was pick up our tickets and grab our snacks for the film. We picked Despicable Me 3 in 3D for Jack to see as his first ever cinema experience as he absolutely loves the film series and has been begging to see it! We also got him the Despicable Me 3 bucket and cup that Cineworld were offering at a discounted price with a Munch Box. Armed with a Munch Box (popcorn, water (we had a choice of water or Capri-Sun) and raisins (choice of chocolate or raisins), a hot dog, a Tango mixed Ice Blast, 2 Diet Cokes, some Milky Way Magic Stars and some Pick & Mix, we headed into the film.

Before the film had even started, Jack mentioned two films he wanted to see next just from the trailers – Captain Underpants and The Emoji Movie! So we will be heading back again soon apparently! So how was Jack’s first time at the cinema?

He absolutely loved it! He spent the film giggling away and couldn’t take his eyes of the screen. He loved seeing Gru, Lucy, the girls and the minions again and loved meeting Dru. Of course he couldn’t stand Balthazar Bratt! Even Steve and I chuckled a few times – it really is a great family friendly film.

 We will definitely be taking Jack back again soon – and even going just the two of us for date nights. Our local cinema has recently had a revamp and it is incredible! So many screens, so much to see, there’s even a Starbucks there too! I’m so glad Jack’s first experience was a positive one and he loves the cinema just as much as we do!

How old was your child when you first took them to the cinema?



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He recently released a new book called ‘Mind Body Cleanse: The 12 Day Plan to Heal Your Body and Re-Energise Your Mind ‘ {affiliate link}, which is quoted as “The perfect antidote for stressed and busy lives, Chris James’s unique holistic plan will restore energy, acuity and cleanse your whole body, starting with the seat of all health – the gut.” The book contains vegan menu plans, delicious cleansing recipes and juices and teaches you how to use mindfulness to help you focus on your body’s specific needs. There’s also simple yoga poses targeted to improve digestion and stimulate your lymphatic system!

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Making Time For Date Nights

Until about a fortnight ago, Steve and I hadn’t been on a proper date together for nearly eight years – unless you count getting away from Jack for one night when we went to the fantastic murder mystery night last year. How bad is that? We do grab a takeaway and watch a film at home together sometimes but we really don’t make enough time for ourselves. So we have decided to have regular date nights. Whether that is to the cinema like we did recently or just popping out for a bite to eat without the kids, it is important to make some time for just the two of us.

I’ll admit – we have probably forgot how to ‘do date nights’ – its been so long. Since we first got together, the dating scene has changed so much. There’s Central dating, there’s Humberside dating and even Ipswich dating now – no matter where you are, there is bound to be a local dating site for your area. Back when I was last single, there was only a select few dating sites around and you’d have to really narrow down your search to find people in your local area. Dating was dinner and a movie. Now you can do all manners of crazy things on dates.

In the back row at our most recent trip to our local cinema

I sound so old saying this, yet I am only 27. But it is tantamount to just how much the dating scene – and life in general – has changed since I was 19. Whilst I met Steve offline at my local pub (I worked in one, he worked in the one next door), me and my friends had tried our hand at online dating before and there really wasn’t much to say about it – it was just average. With the introduction of sites like Torquay dating and Gwent dating, there is no chance of you not meeting someone from your area and going out on a unique and crazy date.

Whilst Steve and I generally stick to dinner and a movie, it would be nice to try something a little different. Making time for the two of us is something that we have decided is of the utmost importance and I’m sure that doing the same thing may get boring after a while. So what ideas have you got for a date? We need some ideas!


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Win A Rude Health Hamper

Featuring both of Rude Health’s children’s cereals, Honey Spelt Puffs and their new Banana Berry Oats; plus some of their mini almond drink, key-rings of the illustrated Mouse and Owl on the box and some Owl masks as well, could there be any better a prize for your kids this summer?

I’m keen to make sure my kids are eating healthily and this is something Rude Health are passionate about too. They are a London based food and drinks company co-founded and led by Nick and Camilla Barnard.They aren’t afraid to stand up for real honest food – and that’s great!

All Rude Health’s products are full of clean ingredients. There are no refined sugars, no artificial anythings and they are non-GM. Nick has even written a comprehensive guide & cookbook about wholesome food. There’s plenty of recipes encouraging the use of good animal fats, local and seasonal produce etc. You can buy a copy from Amazon here {affiliate link).

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