Week In Pictures

I’m still amidst piles of baby clothes, boxes and rubbish bags as I struggle to get everything unpacked! Yet again, stuff is still at my parents – lucky I don’t have to rush to get them, isn’t it? Amongst all my possessions, I have found plenty of unused makeup and unworn clothes – thinking about doing a blog sale, would anyone be up for that?
Until then though, here is an insight into my life this week:
Dominos Pizza//The yummy Full House pizza with Dominos with PLENTY of extras – Pepperoni Melt sub, Mozzarella Dippers & Cheesy Garlic Bread//Dogsitting for Steves parents on his Dad’s 60th birthday//Playing around with different apps on my phone//Watching WWE like the geek that I am – the Y2J thing was definitely one of the worst kept secrets in their history!
Cadbury Creme Egg Splats – had to have them after seeing them on someones Twitter pics – love them already. Have you tried them? // Mummy & Daddy buying yet more clothes for Jack //Trying out my Lush Bath Bomb at my parents house – lighting was extremely poor 🙁
I love seeing Week In Pictures posts, so I thought I’d start doing them again! If you’ve recently posted something similar, be sure to link me up, I’d love to see it!

Jack: One Month On

A short but sweet post today, seeing as I really should be packing for the big move over the next couple of days.
A few of you have been asking how Jack has been getting on, and the answer is pretty great. He lost some weight after birth (perfectly normal in newborn babies) but the past few weeks has been progressing at an astounding rate, putting on 6 1/2 ounces last week!
There are certain milestones to watch out for, and I am happy to report that he has already smiled for us! He is incredibly advanced for his age, and trying to fly before he can walk, so to speak.
We’re anxiously waiting to see what milestone he hits next, but I’m dreading his immunisations – I don’t want to see him in pain from all the injections!
Have you got a child? How were they at one month of age?

The Futures 2011 Blog Awards

Seeing as 2011 has been and gone, I thought it’d be fun to write up a little lighthearted awards post, giving ‘awards’ to my favourite blogs over the past year.
There are a few categories (not many) and plenty of honourable mentions.
Check below to see if you are on the list 😉
Best Beauty Blog 2011
 Fee from Makeup Savvy
Fee’s blog incorporates some great reviews with fantastic photography. She also blogs about both high street and high end beauty products, setting her apart from most other beauty bloggers.
Best Fashion Blog 2011
Vix from Vintage Vixen
Vix is my idol. Her style is simply her. It may not be ‘on trend’ so to speak, but if it suits Vix, then that’s that. She always look fabulous in her outfits, mostly sourced from charity shops and jumble sales, and she often customises her own clothes to make them unique. Definitely worth checking out.

Best New Blog
Jan-Jun – Charlotte from The Only Exception
Charlotte is the reason I started blogging in the first place. I saw her link posted up on the More! magazine Facebook page back in January, and became an avid reader.
Jul-Dec – Am & An from The Beauty Dosage
I’ve been talking to these girls a lot recently on Twitter, and for very new bloggers, they are doing extremely well for themselves, posting some great posts and networking with fellow bloggers through mediums such as Twitter.


Best Lifestyle Blog
It couldn’t be anyone else but Rachel. She posts about a little bit of everything: beauty, fashion, food, her boyfriend, little updates on her life. Her blog content is always fresh and interesting, and she is a lovely girl, one of the kindest hearted people I know.

Best Mummy Blog
This had to be Emma. She gave me so much advice during my pregnancy, and funnily enough, I was debating whether to have pethidine during labour. I happened to be looking in one of my pregnancy magazines and up popped Emma’s face talking about her experience with it! She has definitely been one of my go-to girls during my pregnancy, and I’m grateful for all her help. Although her blog isn’t ALL about her son like most other ‘mummy’ blogs, Emma earns the title of Best Mummy blog because her mummy posts are always adorable!

Best Food Blog
The only food blog I read regularly. I’m planning to cook a lot more during 2012, and Em’s blog will definitely be my go-to guide for new recipes to try out!


Honourable Mentions
Remember, this is a lighthearted bit of fun. Who would make your blog awards of 2011?


2011: In Retrospect

There are plenty of New Years resolutions posts, blog resolution posts and reviews of 2011 floating around the various blogging platforms, and I thought it would be a nice idea to take a look back at what has happened in the life of Futures, and in my personal life, over the past year.
– Futures made its appearance on the World Wide Web. I posted rather infrequently at the beginning, trying to find my footing on a very crowded platform, so to speak. There are so many blogs available out there, and it was quite intimidating to enter a world I knew so little about. Luckily, I kept at it, and here we are, nearly a year later!
– I turned 21 at the end of January. I held a huge party, and a photographer friend was meant to take pictures (but unfortunately couldn’t make it) so I have little paper memories of the night. My actual memory is also a little fuzzy too – I remember dancing drunkenly (and badly) with work colleagues to Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J, getting pizza at 3am and drunkenly tweeting my friend Laura who was sitting next to me but other than that, I honestly have no clue what happened! I do know I only paid for one drink that night, though!
– Steve turned 24 and we had our second Valentines Day together.
– My Mum turned 51, and we had a joint meal for her and Steves birthday down our local.
– We didn’t know this at the time, but I fell pregnant with Jack in this month.
– Not much happened this month, I spent most of the time looking after broken hearted friends and such.
– The refit started at work.
– Work reopened as one of only four stores in the country of its ilk. If you ever get the chance to visit a Clinton Cards Store of The Future…do it, you’ll love the difference!
– Steve & I celebrated two years together.
– I realised I could be pregnant, and took a pregnancy test…we all know what the result was!
– This month was spent attending midwives and hospital appointments after a little scare about Jack. Everything turned out okay, but it was a terrifying time.
– We told our parents of their impending grandparent duties.
– We went on holiday to Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately, I was ill a lot of the time, due to pregnancy hormones and changes in my body, but it was nice to have some time away.
– We returned home to the stressful news that we had to find a new place to live. At 5 months pregnant and with very little time to find somewhere new, it was a tough time. Luckily, my parents stepped in and saved the day.
– We bought our caravan in Camber Sands with an idea to living in most of the year. However, we soon realised this wasn’t practical, and are keeping it as a holiday home.
– This month didn’t hold many exciting times, we just spent the majority of our time in Camber Sands.
– We moved back in to my parents. We’re very tight on space here, and we can’t wait for next week!
– I arranged for my maternity leave.
– I started my maternity leave on the 1st of October, and very quickly got bored. I spent a lot of time entering competitions during this period, and received some lovely wins!
– My Dad turned 73 and we went for a meal at a nearby pub/restaurant. We had a fantastic time, and made plans to go again – this hasn’t happened yet!
– Jacks due date came…and went. He just wasn’t destined to be a November baby!
– I won three amazing prizes – an annual Merlin pass, a set of cookware worth over £400 and a curry hamper that could have fed at least eight people!
– My nephew turned 18 and my niece turned 21. Although I’m only 21 myself, this made me feel incredibly old!
– Jack arrived (finally) on the 4th of this month, the cheeky little monster!
– I won another amazing prize – a Christmas hamper worth £125 – full of meats, fruits, vegetables and chutneys!
– We signed contracts for our new house, getting the keys in early January.
-Finally, we celebrated our first Christmas as a family. Although Jack is too young to remember anything from the day, we took plenty of pictures for our memories.
What happened to you in the past year? If you have a blog, how has it developed?
Have you any New Years or blog resolutions? Here are mine:
New Years resolution: To lose the baby weight that I accumulated over the past 9 months. I have recently bought a Wii (for the Wii Fit of course) for this purpose, and am also planning to go running and exercising with my friend Michelle.
Blog resolutions: To make this blog as best as it can be. To post as regularly as possible, but not to feel guilty if it just isn’t possible. Keep my design fresh and up to date.
I’d love to hear what your year has been like, leave links to your posts below!
xo ï»¿