REVIEW: My Cocktail & Alfies

How many of you enjoy a cheeky little cocktail? How brilliant would it be if you could have your favourite tipples in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can. MyCocktail are ready to serve pre mixed cocktails, handily designed with an easy to use tap for pouring.
I was recently sent the Mojito(*) and Cosmopolitan (*) to trial and review. As a mum to a young baby, I have been sticking to soft drinks or non-alcoholic wine of late but was itching to be a little naughty and have a glass of alcohol. These more than satisfied my need. As soon as they arrived, Steve (my boyfriend) ripped open the packaging to see just what was inside. I have to admit, he was a little naughty and poured some straight into his mouth but I let it slide, preferring instead to find out his views on the products themselves.
For someone like Steve who rarely drinks, an alcoholic beverage has to be amazing for him to carry on drinking it…and that he did. I invited my friend Michelle round for a cocktail night and a catchup and he must have outdrank us on both cocktails! The Cosmopolitan is divine, just the right amount of vodka to the other ingredients and has to be my favourite. I have never been a great fan of Mojitos – after working in a pub and being made them time and time again by my boss, any love I could have ever had for the cocktail soon faded. This Mojito though is totally different, the premix is definitely right in regards to each product-each flavour compliments each other perfectly, rather than one in particular outweighing the other.
After countless glasses and numerous tastings by family and friends, I still have plenty of cocktail in each pouch left to enjoy a cheeky little drink by myself. The resounding opinion of nearly all of my fellow reviewers is that these cocktails are fabulous and some are planning on purchasing these pouches for upcoming occasions. Only one of my friends was left unimpressed, she couldn’t put her finger on why they left her feeling this way but I’m guessing she may be used to slightly different cocktails – having a cocktail made for you in a bar can easily lead to a bit more of one ingredient than the other, altering the overall taste.
I personally think these are great tasting drinks, perfect for the summer we have coming up – these are easy to carry, easy to pour and are perfect for barbecues, picnics and parties alike. These cocktail pouches currently retail online and in store at Asda for just £10 – a great price for a great product.

I was also sent a few other premixed drinks to try – Alfies Gin & Tonic(*) Alfies Gin & Diet Tonic(*) and Alfies Vodka & Orange(*). Apologies for the stock photo, my parents did not want me having all the fun and quickly snaffled these off me before I even got a look in – my Mum saved me just a drop of the vodka and orange 🙁

As mentioned above, I barely got a look in with these BUT I am now the greatest daughter ever. My Dad adores his gin and tonic but recently has found the bartenders (or the cans he buys) can’t get the mix quite right. My Dad and his best friend Mick tried a can out each and for a week afterwards, no word of a lie, they were begging me to find them more of these! They say that there is the perfect mix of gin to tonic and they definitely want more – so being the lovely daughter I am, I am going to buy some when I next see them in the shops.

My Mum tried the vodka and orange, leaving but a sip for me of course, and as a seasoned vodka drinker (that sounds really bad-you know what I mean), I eagerly awaited her verdict. She too came back with the statement that these are the perfect mix of each ingredient and has also informed me she wants more.

It seems next time I go grocery shopping, I shall be purchasing all of the above to keep everyone happy! You can purchase Alfie premixed cans at your local Spar, Nisa or Asda.

Would you try any of these? Do they seem like your kind of thing? Let me know – what do you think of premixed alcoholic drinks?


March Empties

I actually have quite a collection for my March Empties! I was really beginning to think I’d have nothing to show this month, then I managed to finish all of these products within days of each other. Now will I repurchase any?
Hold tight for some mini reviews…
Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts cleansing wipes*
I received these through the Glamour Reader Panel (you can register here – I would advise doing so – I’m a member of both the Glamour panel and the Elle {currently closed unfortunately} panel and have received some fantastic products to trial before they are properly released in the UK). I received these with some of the other range of products and whilst I love the other products in the range, I’m afraid the jury is definitely out with these ones. The first time I used them, I broke out in spots and had awful dry skin in places, although it never happened again after that first time. They do feel rather scratchy when used though, but I cannot fault the cleansing abilities of the wipes, they certainly do the job. Would I repurchase? Probably not.
Grace Cole Moments Revitalising Body Wash*
I received this as part of a gift set for Christmas from my friend Laura. I’m still using the other products in the range, but I go through shower gel like wildfire, especially if I haven’t got any bubble bath to hand! The smell is quite nice and light, not too overpowering and the wash lathers up well. This wash left me feeling refreshed and as claimed in the name, revitalised. This wouldn’t be my first choice in shower gels or body washes however, I do have my firm favourites. Would I repurchase? Only if I could not get hold of my favourites.
Lush Colour Supplements Multi-Purpose Colour Base in Light Yellow*
I originally got this free from Lush with a coupon that came in More! magazine. I hadn’t stepped foot inside Lush before this time and I had no idea how much I would grow to love the brand. I’m sad to say that even though I’ve had this quite a while, I haven’t totally finished it but it has gone way past the use by date and I’m not going to risk putting it on my skin. The product creates a fantastic base and is perfectly matched to my skin. Would I repurchase? Yes and this time I would make sure to use it more often as I think the product is great.
So..? Kiss Me Tease Me Shower Gel*
I won this in a competition from the So..? Facebook page and my oh my, did it remind me of being a teenager! I think my first little perfume collection comprised of the whole So..? range so winning this brought back some memories. This lathers up well and smells divine which is pretty much all you can ask from a shower gel, isn’t it? Would I repurchase? Depends on how reminiscent I was being, normally no, if in a good mood, yes.
Johnsons Extra Protection Baby Wipes
Okay, I cheated a little bit with these ones as Jack helped me out a little bit! These are amazing at taking off makeup though and feel soft against your skin. The subtle scent is nice too. Would I repurchase? I use these anyway for Jack, so in that sense, yes. For myself, not unless I run out of my normal cleansing wipes.
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in ‘Ivory’
You already know my feelings on this one, since it is a staple of my makeup bag. This is in the older packaging – I must say I do prefer the newer look although when looking for it in the stores, I was looking for this tube! This foundation provides me with great coverage and is easy to remove at the end of the day. You can see how loved this product is, due to how battered the tube looks! Would I repurchase? Time and time again.
Klorane Nourishing Treatment Shampoo (with Mango Butter) sample*
Recently, Klorane were offering samples on their Facebook page and having heard a little about the brand, I thought it would be worth trying out. You get barely any product in this bottle, but I found my hair a lot smoother and shinier after use, really nourished. I got the sample for dry/damaged hair and this shampoo really brought my hair back to life. Would I repurchase? Only if I couldn’t purchase my Herbal Essences products.
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara x10 in ‘001 Black Extreme’
This used to be my staple mascara, although I have recently started trying other brands. I’m a Rimmel junkie as you can probably tell. This mascara is amazing, making my lashes look much,much bigger and I always repurchased, however since trying other brands, I have to say it’s one of many I would pick. Would I repurchase? Yes, although I’d use it intermittently with other mascaras.
Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Lash Building Mascara in ‘Black’
A fab mascara, cheap and cheerful too. Lengthens and defines my lashes, although like the Rimmel mascara above, it is one of many that I would choose. Would I repurchase? Maybe.
Burberry Body perfume sample*
Plenty of us received these samples from the Burberry Facebook page and were pleasantly surprised at the size of the samples we received. I am devastated at finishing this sample as I had grown to love the perfume somewhat and cannot justify the full size price tag right now. Such a fantastic scent and shall be on my wishlists for months to come.
Have you finished any products recently? I’d love to read your empties posts!
An asterix (*) by an item means I either received it as a PR sample, ordered a sample from a brand, received as a member of a reader panel, won in a competition or received as a gift. More information can be found in my disclaimer here

What’s In My Bag?

Yes, the post every blogger writes in their blogger lifetime. I recently posted about the contents of my makeup bag so I thought it was time to include an updated What’s In My Bag? post too. I have posted one before, back when I’d just started Futures, but the pictures are awful and I was a total newbie! If you’re really interested, you can find it here. I also completed a guest post for Louise here. 
It is quite interesting to see just what has changed in a little over a year.
My current bag is this gorgeous purple number. I was bought it by my friend Michelle for my birthday and it’s great! It’s just big enough to fit in everything I need without having to use the changing bag to store my stuff. I cannot find a brand name on it, so I unfortunately have no clue where it is from.
Top: Cuticura Citrus Antibacterial hand gel, makeup bag, charity badge for the Co-Operative variety club, purse, HTC Radar phone
Bottom: Building society book (my savings account – actually old style, I have to go into the branch to withdraw any money), Kindle in pink case, keys & keyrings – how cute does Jack look?
Top: makeup bag, purse & phone again, Challenge 30 sponsorship form
Middle: ELF professional brushes, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream hand cream
Bottom: Keys again, Neals Yard Remedies energising roll on, hot pink Tangle Tamer brush
Not pictured is my Blackberry which was on charge and all the random receipts/rubbish that were floating around the bottom of the bag…
What are you currently carrying around in your bag?


Dress Me Up: Missguided Wishlist

Dress Me Up
All items can be found here
If you hadn’t guessed by the pretty lame title, this Missguided wishlist is based around the dresses currently available on their site. I casually took a look at their website, trying to find a pretty pastel coloured dress for spring and was confronted by all these beauties. Is it really that bad that I want them all? Of course, no look would be complete without a pair of killer heels and these hot pink heels definitely need to become part of my wardrobe!
What are your Missguided musthaves?

hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Apologies for possibly the most cringeworthy title (and possibly picture-sorry for the boobage) I’ve ever given a post. However, I felt like I haven’t really kept you all updated on my life and upcoming posts for quite some time now, so what better time to do it than now? Grab a cuppa and a biscuit and lets have a chat…
I won’t talk about Jack too much as I do A LOT and I want to leave some stuff for his monthly updates – however, he is starting to giggle ALL THE TIME which is quite amusing but he’s also developed a high pitched squeal too – it goes right through me if I’m not expecting it!
I’ve spent FAR too much money on blog sales and Ebay recently – although I’ve got a lot to show for it! Look out for some hauls: Ebay & blog sale wise. I’ve also increased my lipstick collection too – bad girl, I know, considering I was bemoaning how much I had a couple of weeks back. However, I now feel that with me using my lipsticks on a regular basis rather than an occasional thing, I can reintroduce Lipstick of the Month back into my regular features.
I also want YOU! If you’d like to appear on Futures, either in a guest post written by yourself or any of my features such as Why Do You Blog? or A Picture Tells A Thousand Words, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, either by commenting here, emailing me at or tweeting me here.
Have you got any requests of posts you’d like to see? Let me know.