OOTD 24/02/12

Not the greatest pictures ever, but I think I’ve found my place to take OOTD’s! I did ask Steve earlier to take a picture as his golf tournament got cancelled and we were going out to lunch – however, last thing I know, he was still down the pub playing darts with our mate who’s down for the weekend. Ah well, timers work just as well as long-suffering boyfriends!
So, down to the outfit basics:
Leather Jacket, stolen from Mum
Blue floral tunic top, Ebay
Leggings, Primark
I purchased a few of these tunic tops in different colours from Ebay recently. For £2.99 a pop, they’re definitely worth it! Spent a little bit too much money on there and Everything5Pounds the other night though, I’m going to have to reign my spending in a bit!
What’s been your best bargain on Ebay? Vix, this question is especially for you!

February Empties

I haven’t got much in the way of empties this month, and this is my first ever empties post – so please be gentle! Here is what I’ve used up this month:
♥Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Conditioner sample (£3.36 for full size here) – This isn’t my most favourite conditioner, but nor is it my least. I got given numerous samples of this in my Bounty packs whilst pregnant and I’ve used them intermittently since I’ve had Jack. Probably wouldn’t purchase myself, as I’m a Herbal Essences girl. However, definitely a worthwhile conditioner.

♥Oral B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection toothpaste sample (£3.49 for full size here) – Another free sample, this time from the Oral B website itself. I’m signed up to all the freebie websites, because free toothpaste, cosmetics and haircare products are always handy and welcome. I loved this toothpaste – I normally buy Colgate but am considering purchasing the full size of this product.

 ♥Mama Naked Calming Bath Foam/Soak (£4 for 300ml of product here) – This product is divine. It leaves skin feeling soft and the bubbles it creates whilst you’re in the bath are mind blowing. A special present to myself when I was pregnant, I would buy this over and over again.

♥Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder Anti-Ageing Moisturiser sample (£14.29 for full size product here) – Another goodie from the freebie websites, I completely forgot I had this until a couple of days ago! As you can only get two applications from it, I finished this product in no time at all. It left my skin feeling moisturised and super hydrated, but I couldn’t possibly comment on the anti-ageing properties of the product as I don’t think I’m ready for those products just yet.

♥The Body Shop Strawberry shower gel (60ml bottle;part of a gift set – find 250ml for £4 and 750ml for £12 here) – My favourite Body Shop product ever! The smell of this shower gel is absolutely gorgeous and lasts on the skin for ages afterwards. I received this little bottle in a giveaway win from Jen’s blog and I finally used it up. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I have an array of shower gels to get through and I finally finished this little one, only to be given the 250ml size bottle by a friend the other day! Lucky I love this product, I suppose! This leaves my skin feeling super soft and lathers up something lovely. Definitely worth a repurchase.

Have you recently done an empties post? Leave your links below, I’d love to read them!


REVIEW: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

I recently posted a review of the Lush Think Pink bath bomb, which I bought as part of a Lush haul with a few other goodies. This bath bomb was one of those ‘goodies’. I’d seen a lot about the Space Girl bath bomb around the blogging community and wanted to see what the fuss was about.
It was Gemma-Louise’s review, which you can find here, that became the deciding factor in which bath bomb I would choose, and I soon had a Space Girl bath bomb winging its way to me.
About Lush
I won’t bore you too much with details of the company behind these luscious bath bombs, I’m pretty sure we all know who Lush are by now. However, if you aren’t so knowledgeable about the brand, here are a few things you may like to know:
Lush will only buy ingredients from companies who do not test on animals. They invent all their own products and fragrances by hand and try to use as little packaging as possible. They also like to make their customers happy & they believe the customer is always right. You’ll always find a happy face beaming back at you from your product – that’s the person who made it!
The Packaging
Not much can be said about the packaging. As mentioned above, Lush try to use as little packaging as possible, instead focussing on the quality of their products. The bath bomb turned up in a little air-tight plastic bag, just big enough for the bath bomb to fit inside. Not pretty but practical and as environmentally friendly as they can be. It gets the thumbs up from me.
The Product
The product is extremely pretty – a mixture between a lilac and pale blue colour. Shaped like a planet, the name Space Girl definitely makes sense. After letting it fizz in the bath for a few seconds, it looked like this:
As you can see, it is starting to foam up nicely and the water below is starting to turn a lovely shade of purple. I then dropped the bomb back in to see what would happen…
I was astounded by how beautiful the colour of the water was. Some people have said that they find this bath bomb to be one of the faster dissolving ones, but I can honestly say that this fizzed away merrily for quite some time. The smell that emitted from the bath bomb was unbelievable too. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the scent was at first, but after a little while of racking my brain, I believe it smells of Parma Violets, the sweets you used to be able to get from old-style sweet shops. Can you still get them?
If you listen carefully, you can also hear the popping candy that is inside, although I did have to strain to hear mine.
The bath left me feeling refreshed and in a much happier mood, the smell of Parma Violets really lifted my spirits and I got out of the bath with a spring in my step.
Would I repurchase?
Without a doubt, yes. This bath bomb smells divine, looks beautiful and just generally put me in a great mood!
The only downside was having to get out of the bath, unfortunately. With water as beautiful as the above picture, why would you want to?
What’s your favourite product from Lush? Are there any you’d recommend to me for my next haul?

My Collection: Lips

You may recall me recently moaning about the amount of lip products I seem to have acquired (find the post here). Also, after seeing a few other bloggers talk their readers through their own makeup collections, I thought it would be a nice idea to do the same – and where better to start than my lip products!
I also have a few extra items not pictured – some I have misplaced in one of my many handbags and I also bought some ELF goodies the other day which aren’t pictured. However, even without these products, my collection is quite vast!
♥From L-R (from afar & closeup): Collection 2000 True Moisture lipstick in Creme, MUA lipstick in Shade 2, Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Glamorous Pink, No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Tangerine Touch, RVB T&B Collection lipstick in Rouge, Astor Shine Deluxe lipstick in Nude
♥From L-R (from afar and closeup): Markwins lipstick in #00024, Constance Carroll Glossy Colour lipstick in Raspberry
♥From L-R: (1) Lip Rock Designer Lip Fashion gloss in Rose, Models Own gloss in Lacquer Red, Models Own gloss in Glossy Pink, Rimmel Volume Boost liquid lip colour in Kiss Me, Barry M Limited Edition gloss, Ciate London gloss.
(2) Marks & Spencer un-named glosses x4, 2True Crystal lip gloss in No.1, MM un-named glosses x2
♥From L-R (from afar &closeup): Vaseline Lip Therapy balm in Aloe Vera, Vaseline Lip Therapy balm in Rosy Lips, Boots lip balm in Toffee Kisses, Parfums Love luscious lip balm in You & Me
♥From L-R (from afar & closeup): Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream lip protectant stick, Pretty Smile lipbalm in Nourishing Honey
So there you have my lip collection, I know I have more, but they’re probably at my parents house, eek!
Would you like to see more My Collection posts in the future?
Hope everyone is having a great start to the week – Happy Monday!

Week In Pictures

[1] I swear Jack has more clothes than we know what to do with – a gift from my cousin.
[2] We put a deposit down for a city break to Rome in September – I’ve never been abroad before, I can’t wait!
[3] Cutting & sticking more recipes into my makeshift recipe book – I’m not the only one that does that, right?
[4] Spending time playing the Wii as always!
[5] A (very late) but much appreciated baby boy card from my cousin
[6] I made a new blog button (you can find it in the sidebar)
What have you done this week?
If you’ve done a week in pictures post, please leave your links below!