My Business Aims For 2018

2018 is fast approaching and I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in my working life in the next year. There has been a lot of changes this year and I’ve had my most successful year to date but there is so much more I want to achieve in the year ahead.

Grow my socials

My social medias have grown exponentially this year and I would like to continue that growth, especially on Instagram. I am starting to see some referrals from there and I have even managed to gain some business from there through word of mouth. I’ve even had a few people contact me asking me to host giveaways and publish sponsored content on there which is brand new this year and very exciting.

Interact more

This includes networking more and attending more events. I also plan on taking advantage of my local co working office spaces. I know plenty of people in my local village community business group have been using them and rave about them. Using an office space like Signature Works would be perfect – businesses of all sizes can come together, work together and help each other grow. Networking is so important so I believe this would be really beneficial for my business – and it would get me out of the house! There are so many advantages to Signature Works as an office space – free gym membership, a free privilege rewards card, access to an Incubator panel and so much more. Hopefully my local area will provide such a great space too.


Increase my income

Who wouldn’t want to do this?? My income has grown plenty this year and I am so excited to see what I can achieve in 2018 as well. I’ve lost clients – as do we all when your priorities change – and gained many new ones – plenty who are regular and pay well. As well as blog work and freelance writing and proofreading, I have now branched out into virtual assistant tasks and have quite a few happy people (mostly fellow bloggers) on my books. I love working for them and hope for it to continue into 2018 and more.

Add another string to my bow

I’ve been thinking about what else I have to offer and I am hoping that 2018 is finally the year I write a book – whether it is the fiction one I’ve been writing for years or a non fiction one I’ve been thinking about -, that it is finally the year I place somewhere in writing competitions and add another string to my writing repertoire bow, perhaps branch out into something new entirely. Who knows? I’m excited to learn new skills too and put them into use for the benefit of myself and my family.

These are just a few of my business aims for 2018 – do you have any that you would like to share with me? I’ve had such a great 2017 business wise (although 2017 could have been a little better personal wise, but that is a whole other story) and I’m hoping 2018 is much the same, if not better!

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Win The Very Merry Christmas Game

Welcome to day 4 of mine and Life in a Break Down advent giveaway! How’s your December going, I hope you all have had some good wins?!

Today we are looking to have your Christmas Day fun sorted by giving away a copy of the fantastic Christmas board game – The Very Merry Christmas Game. Aimed at ages 10+ this game is the perfect Christmas game for the family and suitable for multiple players, each game includes 42 x Cracker cards, 32 x Present cards, 4 x playing pieces, 2 x dice, game board, party hat and rules.

So what is it all about?
Filled with all the Christmas spirit you will need, you’ll find presents, crackers, festive songs and even sprouts(?!) hidden within this game.
Gather the family together, as it’s time to see who can gather the best presents for their stocking, some will be nice and some will be naff. However, you may not find out what the others are holding until the very end of the game. But beware as the cracker cards sometimes let you steal a present from someone else’s stocking and you may just have to sing a festive song to stop someone snatching from yours. While those sprout cards may just have a bad effect. What more could you want from a game this festive season?

The Very Merry Christmas Game can be bought from Debenhams or Amazon {affiliate link} where it has an RRP of £30 (however both are selling it cheaper at the time of writing).

Of course, I mentioned we are giving away a game for free and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning yourself a copy of The Very Merry Christmas Game is let us know:
What is your favourite Christmas Day activity?

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Life: An Update

Life has been a little strange recently. Work has picked up massively but it seems like just as soon as we are getting somewhere, something comes to bring us down again. I’ve had a few end of year bills come in and have paid them with the excess money I have been earning – however this means I haven’t been saving as much as I would usually do.

We finally found two properties in our area that suited our needs. I’ve mentioned before that the rental we are in right now is a little too small for our needs and we need to move but stay within this area due to Jack’s schooling.One property is perfect, the other almost perfect – but we encountered a problem. With my savings almost depleted, Steve’s inheritance still pending and our deposit in this place tied up until we move out, we couldn’t work out just how to get the deposit for one of these other places.

We finally hit on an idea and searched for online personal loans to see if we could find one that would help in this situation. The plan is to pay it back as soon as the inheritance comes through or my savings start rising again. We finally found one and now we are just waiting on hearing about the properties, to see if we can move out after all. Unfortunately we were in a Catch 22 situation – if we didn’t raise the funds, then we definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford the deposit. If we don’t get the property, we now have funds for no reason. But decisions have to be made and that’s what we decided. Hopefully it works in our favour!

pina messina

If we don’t actually move out just yet, we will keep it in savings until it is required – finding a property that suits our needs in this area isn’t that easy due to really high property prices, both to rent and buy. Of course, if the money comes in to pay off the loan before we need it for anything, then of course we will pay it off.

That’s not the only thing that has been going on recently. Steve’s searching for a part time job to go alongside his studies, work (as I mentioned before) seems to have perked up quite dramatically the past few weeks and life is very busy. However I sometimes find the life working from home a little lonely at times so with the prospect of a few new businesses in the village in the New Year, I might take on a few hours at one of those, just to get out of the house and have some time to myself. Sounds silly but I know plenty of mums who do actually go out to work, not for the money but the time to themselves!

Jack has just turned six and Olivia is about to turn one. With so much in the pipeline for 2018, I had better get preparing. Life has been a little bizarre recently – taking turns I am just not used to – but hopefully these twists and turns will all work out for the best. Fingers crossed we manage to get one of these properties – I’ll let you know.

What has been going on in your life lately?

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Our Experiences with the Heritage Range From Nisa

We were sent some items from the Nisa Heritage range to try for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I live in a little village which only has a few shops, one which includes our local Nisa store. I visit this store very often so when asked if I would like to become a Nisa Heritage ambassador, I was very happy.

The Heritage range is exclusive to Nisa and has a variety of products in the range that you can try. We were sent a couple of their pizzas and some bottles of wine from the range to try and see what we thought of them.

We were sent a stone baked three cheese pizza and their spicy chicken pizza (£3.29 each or 2 for £5) plus a bottle of their white wine and a bottle of their red wine (£4.99 each but down to £3.99 until the end of December) for a quiet night in together. Steve and I don’t often get a chance to eat dinner and have a drink and relax just us so it was nice to put the kids to bed and settle down to watch some TV together, just the two of us.

We are big fans of pizza so a pizza needs to be really good to impress us. All too often, store bought pizzas seem to be missing that special something that you just can’t quite put your finger on. We decided to cook both pizzas and enjoy them together with a glass of white wine. They cooked well and evenly. The three cheese pizza had an even spread of cheese (this doesn’t always happen with store bought pizzas) and was very tasty. The spicy chicken pizza was a surprise. I don’t handle spice too well so was a bit dubious about trying it but it was the perfect level of spice for me. Steve is a bit of a spice fiend though so it could have perhaps done with being a bit spicier for him! It was packed full of flavour and very tasty.

The wine was also a revelation. Wine is an occasional treat and we usually opt for a higher priced bottle. However we do enjoy the odd bottle of cheaper wine and we were very impressed with the white and red wine available from the Heritage range. I don’t drink red wine so I let Steve do the taste testing as he really likes it and he was very impressed with it. It is good quality and affordable too. White wine is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks and the Nisa Heritage white slipped down very easily, it didn’t take too long to finish off the bottle with some help from Steve.

All in all, we have been extremely pleased and impressed with the items we have tried from the Heritage range so far and will definitely be popping down to our local store to pick them up again. Pizza is one of our family treat meals so I can’t wait to see what Jack thinks of the three cheese pizza.

Have you ever tried anything from the Heritage range?

Win a Handmade Soap from Natura Siberica

Welcome to day 3 of mine and Life in a Break Down’s run of advent competitions! Once again we have a great prize on offer for you!

One of the great things about being a blogger is getting to try new products and brands, this year Sarah was lucky enough to come across Natura Siberica, a wonderful brand from Siberia that offers natural & organic, who source a number of their ingredients from Siberia itself. They are in fact the first certified organic company to utilise the beautiful unspoilt land of Siberia for its products.

Natura Siberica own the largest organic farm in Siberia and from this they wild harvest many of the herbs used in their products as well as try and help the local indigenous people. When it comes to acclaim, the brand has won a number of awards for their beauty products and has a range that offers something for everyone.

The amazing people over at Natura Siberica have offered up the chance for 10 people to win a surprise handmade soap from Natura Siberica and believe me no matter which soap you get you are in for a treat.

Propolis Soap
Propolis soap is made to help combat skin imperfections while helping facilitate deep purification and hydration of the skin.
This particular soap includes herbs from Siberia, alongside propolis and Juniper oil. If like me you don’t know much about propolis, it is a natural antiseptic, as well as having healing properties.

Snow Soap
Snow Soap is a gentle soap that is made to cleanse and moisturise the skin.
Once again this soap, of course, uses the oils of wild harvested Siberian herbs and adds in Snow Cladonia extract, which helps with the regeneration of cells, while Wild Milford helps to soften the skin.

Pine Soap
A gentle soap which helps to delicately cleanse the skin, while also nourishes and enriching.
Using a blend of Siberian herbs, wild beeswax and Siberian pine oil. Siberian pine oil has long been used by natives of Siberia to help with the healing of wounds and burns. It helps to calm the skin, while relieving puffiness and redness.

So how can you be one of the 10 lucky winners? Well, all you need to do is pop over to the Natura Siberica website and let us know:
Which Natura Siberica product would you most like to try?

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