Doing Up Our Garden For Summer

I’ve mentioned before that we have quite a small garden but we do like to give it a makeover when it comes to the summertime. Despite the size, it is important for Jack and Olivia to get out and about out there.

I’m always looking for good deals for items for the garden, whether it comes to patio and garden furniture or items for the kids to play on outside. In a perfect world, if we had a bigger garden, I just know that we’d have a massive playset in the garden, a goal for the boys to play football, a putting green for the boys and some nice garden furniture for myself and Olivia to relax on whilst the males get their sport on.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case but I can do my garden up as best as possible for us all to the summer months roll in. You know I am always keen to get a good deal – it isn’t like I haven’t mentioned it before – so I’m always looking to see what deals there are around. One such site that I always head to is Groupon – I can almost always guarantee that I will be able to find what I am looking for, usually with a vastly marked down price. When you are working to a budget, deals are vital and when you have kids, you want them to have the best quality but don’t always want to pay the prices that best quality products command.

I am still looking for the perfect playhouse for the kids – I never got one when Jack was younger but now we have the two kids, I feel it is something we need as Jack will have someone to play outside with him all summer. I’ve been looking up prices and some are so extortionate – I just cannot justify paying half a month’s rent on something that is essentially a toy for the kids. I know it is something they will enjoy and that they will get a lot of use out of but it just seems like such a lot of money!

I’m also hoping to make the garden a little more colourful too – we have this gorgeous plant that flowers every year but it is the only pop of colour our garden seems to have. It would be amazing to have a garden that I’d be happy to sit in rather than unhappy to go in unless I have to – so I am going to be looking for the best deals on plants that will stand the test of time, I don’t want to be buying some to die just a few weeks later.

Finally, I want to get some decent garden furniture. I would love to be able to sit out there on a summer’s evening with Steve when the kids have gone to bed with a ice cold bottle of fruit cider and just chat about our day. I used to do this with my friends when we first moved in six years ago but haven’t done it for so long and no longer have the furniture.

I’m hoping that come the end of May, my garden will be all done up for summer and I can enjoy it – and have kept to budget too. Do you look for deals like me when it comes to home and garden items?


The Best Wines To Pair With Chocolate Eggs This Easter

We all enjoy a chocolate egg at Easter, right? Did you know that Easter makes up for 10% of the UK’s annual chocolate spend? 80 million eggs are sold annually! Jack and Olivia have two each already – we haven’t actually bought them any ourselves – and they have some little ones for an Easter egg hunt – and there’s even an Easter egg hunt at the school after they break up for the holidays tomorrow! Chocolate overload, much?

Whilst the kids are happy with just some chocolate, we as adults may like indulge in a glass of wine with ours. GiftsOnline4U have created an infographic that show the best wines you can enjoy with chocolate eggs – you can see it here. They have covered a variety of different brands and different price points – there’s a few more they’ve talked about on the website as well as the four in the infographic below!

Easter Egg and Wine Pairing InfographicWhat egg are you planning on having this Easter? Do you have a favourite wine that you’re looking to pair with it? Why not check out GiftOnline4U’s guide and see what the perfect pairing is?

I’m still yet to open my Mother’s Day Rose Moet, I wonder which egg would be best to pair with that? GiftsOnline4U have a great range of personalised wines that would go perfectly well with a chocolate egg – why not check out their range?


Destressing At Home

They say that home is your haven and I find this to be true. Home is meant to be at a place where you can go and destress. It is the place we go to when we need to reenergise and recharge our batteries. We go there when we need to unwind. But how can we destress at home?

Rattan Direct have a great guide which you can find here. You must have heard of Hygge, the Danish concept. It is all about being warm and cosy. So how can we make ourselves feel better?

Get in some home treats and make it into a ritual. Perhaps run a bath with a bath bomb fizzing away, light some gorgeously scented candles, pour yourself a nice cold glass of wine and chat to a good friend. All these things can help us to relax that little bit more.

Make sure you have comfy furniture. You will find it incredibly hard to relax if your living room furniture is tough to sit on or your bed and mattress are rock hard. You want to be able to sink down into them and really chill out so make sure you have only the comfiest furniture in your house.

Keep your home neutral – they say that patterns can give us a headache so if you want to keep your home a stress free zone, try to avoid them and keep things as neutral as possible – let in as much light as you can, natural light is so important. Also clear up your clutter – having clutter lying all about the place will only add to your stress and that is something you don’t need. Store things away neatly.

There are so many things that you can do to make your home stress free – what are you going to do today?


Thinking of leasing a car? Here’s what you need to know.

Be it for business or personal use, car leasing provides an affordable and convenient way to have a vehicle. Afterall, repayments will be much less costly than a loan, the car will often be covered by a warranty, and there are even tax advantages for business-owners.

Leasing a car is typically a quick process, however, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you do so. Read on to find out the main things you need to know before leasing a car.

Car Leasing Details and Costs

Your leased car will come with a set of specifications and regulations that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read them carefully and discuss your options with the dealer, so you know clearly where you stand. Quite often you will be required to pay a deposit as part of the lease program.

This deposit will secure your vehicle for the duration of the lease, providing that you keep up with the repayments. In some instances, there may be a special no-deposit offer. Some dealers will charge a delivery fee if you want the car to be shipped to your home or place of work and ready to drive.

There will also be mileage limits in place for your vehicle. Prior to purchasing you will be asked to estimate the number of miles that you expect to do over a certain period. You’ll then have a mileage cap. Make sure you estimate wisely to start, as running over your mileage allowance will often result in a additional fee per mile.

Other potential fees include document fees, tire fees, and extra insurance costs. If it’s for an employee, you will need to make sure that they are properly insured. If you think other people will be using the vehicle then you also need to mention that to the dealer. It worth noting that you may be able to avoid extra fees by negotiating your lease. You may want to brush u a little on your negotiation skills before you sign a lease.

When and How the Car Lease Ends

Once you choose to lease a car, you should decide how long you want to lease it for. This will be clearly stated in your contract, and provided that you make the repayments on time, you will be able to use the car up to that time. Some cars require a disposition fee at the end of the lease, while others will offer a purchase options where you can choose to buy the car. Some will also enable you to extend your lease should you decide that you want to use your car for longer.

Find car Leasing Deals on the Intelligent Car Leasing Website

With thousands of different car leasing options, it can be tough to know where to start. The fastest way to find your perfect lease is to use Intelligent Car Leasing. Stay entertained and informed with our blog. Good luck.


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Our #OreoCookieQuest Adventure

This post is an entry for BritMums #OreoCookieQuest, sponsored by Oreo

Have you seen the recent promotion from Oreo? Their on pack promotion is The Great Oreo Cookie Quest and anyone can pick up a pack and have the chance to win some awesome prizes. These include a once in a lifetime trip to California and the Googleplex. We were sent a couple of packs from Oreo so we could spend time together as a family and have our very own Cookie Quest adventure.

With The Beast From The East constantly battering us in the UK, we got out and about in the snow for some family fun. Steve and Jack had plenty of fun building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other whilst Olivia wasn’t too sure on the whole shebang.

Playing in the snow can be awfully tiring work so we decided to have a pick me up – a quick snack. What did we pick? Some Oreo’s – the perfect serving is 2 so that is exactly what Jack gobbled up to get some energy back after exhausting himself in the snow.

After a while, it got a little too cold to stay outside so we came in and had a quick cookie hunt round the house – Jack is very good at sniffing out Oreo’s apparently – before sitting down together as a family to watch a film together – which then transpired into a couple of films. I introduced Jack to the classic that is Bedknobs and Broomsticks, I have never seen him so quiet!

Why not have your own go at the Great Oreo Cookie Quest? It is a fun and exciting way to win some great family prizes – if you like to treat yourself occasionally, then Oreos are the perfect treat for this, they are a fun and tasty occasional treat for the whole family.

How would you spend time together as a family – what would be your perfect Cookie Quest? What joyful family moments have you been enjoying recently?